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* (6/22/87) Anna Marie Ritter is born to Boris and Nina Ritter in San Diego Ca. Boris is a plumber in the Navy. Nina is a mechanic.

* (10/3/90) Boris and Nina divorce with irrevocable differences. Anna stays with Nina.

* Nina goes through a long progression of jobs and men. Despite never being financially secure, Nina always provides a good home for her daughter.

* Anna is a solid B+ student. Puberty hits her before any other girls in her latest school, with good results. She is pretty and popular.
* Annie continues to get bigger. Not just taller, but adding muscle. Sophomore year she passes six feet in height.

* While touring Nurad Industries, there is an explosion. Annie and several of her classmates are seriously injured and exposed to a toxic cloud of experimental chemicals. Annie is something of a hero, saving several classmates.

* Annie and her fellow classmates are changed by the chemical exposure; their skin turns orange along with other changes that are different from student to student.

* Because Nurad is the main employer in the area, and responsible for the bulk of the local economy, most families accept settlements. Although Nina Ritter doesn't want to accept a settlement, she caves in to pressure and does so once it is hinted that testing has revealed that Annie is a mutant and that Nurad will use that information ruthlessly in court.

* Annie continues to get bigger, though now unsure if it is because of being a mutant or being exposed to the chemicals at Nurad. When she graduates she is over seven feet tall.
* She attends Oregon State University and continues to get larger. Her pinkies wither and in a grotesque bathroom moment, she pulls them off. Her nose soon follows. Although Oregon is fairly progressive towards mutants, and while she is considered a victim of an industrial accident, Annie suffers from mutant hate, and doesn't complete her sophomore year.

* Annie gets an apartment and becomes a recluse as her transformation continues, living on her settlement. During this time she works her way through depression and into acceptance, then pride in her new self. She attends some mutant support groups. At one of these meetings she meets Big Bonnie, a mutant who encourages Annie to join her in a small time wrestling organization.

* Annie tries out wrestling and finds it a lot of fun, and she enjoys the company of fellow freaks. She goes out on the road, wrestling as "Orange Crush"

* During a gig in Chicago, she helps out clearing debris left by supervillains. She likes this new application for her strength and starts looking for jobs where she can use her strength to help people.

* Her wrestling career gains momentum, and she goes to NYC to try to join the big leagues...and possibly see about doing something more productive with her powers.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/19/13 00:40 Hotamini Hoedown Deadpool, Gogo, Hawkette, The Phantasm, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, & (emitted) Hotamintanio, Black Crow, Puma, Nanabozho and Calumet Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)
04/30/2013 Unplugged Performance Rex Gregson, Armand, Sandman, Blindfold, Radiance, Gogo, Lyra, Scarlet Witch and Topaz, NPC: Storm The elvish Rex Gregson performs
05/05/13 12:00 They really liked the exhibit Night Thrasher, Lyra, Gogo Night Thrasher, Gogo and Lyra run afoul of the Serpent Society; Two members of which ransacked an art studio in SoHo.
08/16/12 11:00 Yishi in Orange Xiu Lin Tseng (Yishi), Annie Ritter (Gogo) Xiu Lin is being held on murder charges. Anne comes to check on her.
2012/02/05 The Sweet Side Gambit, Gogo Phantasm Talk of random things. Primarily about how politicians stink
2013/06/03 13:25 Petites and Rhino Energy and Gogo Rhino tries to make a withdrawl. Energy and Gogo object and interfere.
2013/06/12 Let Them Eat Cake in Chelsea Armand, Phantasm, Gambit, Gogo Armand's charity hosts a charity dinner to raise funds for St. Mary's Orphanage
2013/06/15 09:00 H.A.M.M.E.R. Time Gogo, The Vision Vision and Gogo are alerted to a mysterious presence in the Upper West Side. It turns out remnants of HAMMER are up to no good.


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