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An Asgardian goddess by birth, little is ever said of those who birthed Amora. Not an unusual circumstance for the gods and goddesses of Aesir. But from the time she was very young, Amora has always been focused and ambitious. While still a young girl, she had her sights set upon becoming the greatest sorceress in all of Asgard. But to accomplish that task, she had to learn from those who knew better than she.

So it was that Amora went to apprentice herself to the Queen of the Norns, Karnilla. A woman of amazing power, she accepted Amora under her mentorship and began to tutor her in the ways of Asgardian mystical arts. From Karnilla, Amora got the basis of her arcane education. However, it wasn't long before the Queen cast her off and declared that she wasn't disciplined enough to keep up with the practice of sorcery.

But even then, as now, Amora was not someone to be so easily denied.

Instead of giving up, Amora instead refocused her efforts and began to travel the realms of Asgard seeking to further her knowledge and talents. She would seduce and cajole acceptance from some of the foremost mages to be found, and when she had what she needed, she would move on to the next. It wasn't long before she began to gain in power and prestige, and it is here that we see the beginnings of the woman who was already beginning to become known as: The Enchantress.

She was famed throughout Asgard for her sorcerery, charm, beauty, and singing. Though there are few who are her peer, there are fewer still who can be termed a true rival. But the sweet song of the Enchantress is indeed rivaled by that of the mortal, Dazzler. When Enchantress lost to Dazzler in a contest of song, to say she was livid is putting it mildly. She has vowed vengeance on Dazzler for her outrage. No mortal will outshine her and soon enough, Alison will learn the price of her defiance.

As ever, she was also in off and on conflict with her sister, Lorelei, who was perhaps her closest rival in terms of beauty and charm. Though the divide between them would run deepest when Lorelei would refuse to give her aid to Asgard when under seige by Surtur and his minions.

Though Amora herself had run afoul of Odin and his wrath, she defied her exile status in order to come and defend her homeland. Then to punish her sister, she devised a plot in which Lorelei would fall for the heartless Loki. She had hoped it would destroy her sister's spirit to be cast into such a situation. Though it didn't work quite in the way she had hoped as Loki actually returned Lorelei's affections for a time.

Due to her loyalty to Asgard and her heroic achievement, she was allowed once again back into her homelands. This was a loyalty she showed once again when it came under attack by Karnilla.

For centuries, Amora had her own designs on ruling Asgard. First, her desire was to be the sole ruler. Over time she recruited many toward her cause, personal warriors who acted as her right hand in her machinations. As well as allies who helped to further her cause, and she theirs. Though none would hold a candle in her esteem, nor such an important role to her, as Skurge, the Executioner. He was her willing slave, desiring only to please her. And she would take advantage of feelings time and again as she sent him off to do her bidding.

Many of his tasks involved actions against the Thunder god, Thor. The son of Odin, he had spurned the advances of the Enchantress on more than one occasion. Such a slight could hardly be tolerated by her, and it was one of these many acts of revenge she indulged in that had ultimately caused her to cast from Asgard in the first place. But being sent away did little to quelch ambitions. When she met Baron Zemo, her ambitions would soon be realized as they joined forces with Doom to found the Masters of Evil. They would be the terror of the Avengers and devising such plots and schemes that kept running. Though with Baron Zemo's death, Amora would once again change her game plan focus and go solo...even without Skurge.

It was during this time that Amora would encounter Erik Josten. With her power, guidance, and favor, he would truly be transformed. She gifted him with powers and he became known as Power Man. It was with Power Man, now Atlas, that Enchantress had some of her greatest success against the Avengers, but the team still perservered and held strong against her schemes.

Though the Masters of Evil wouldn't be the only group Enchantress had a hand in forming. She would assume the identity of her own creation, Valkyrie, a being that came into existance when she was trapped with Dr. Strange and others and they needed a way out. As 'Valkyrie' she would form the Lady Liberators! Black Widow and Medusa can be counted as members, and the Wasp and Scarlet Witch weren't far behind. The male Avengers would hardly know what hit them. Though the group was unfortunately short-lived. So, it was back to regroup and plot further.

But in her alternately seductive and vengeance laden relationship toward Thor, her quests against the Avengers, and choosing and discarding one helper or ally or another, Amora had committed a cardinal sin. She ignored the man right beneath her nose and in the end, he could no longer deal with her indifference. Skurge left Amora, tired of her manipulations after all those years, and ended up dying at Thor's side during a battle in Hela's realm.

The entire incident left Enchantress devastated.

It's not surprising that most who knew her were taken completely off guard by her reaction. Indeed, Enchantress never paid much heed to Skurge when he was alive and doing her bidding, but now she had fallen into a complete state of depression. She isolated herself on her Estate, refusing visitors, and fluctuated between being completely morose and a crippling fear of danger. Heimdall forced her out of her Estates in a good-natured attempt to try and snap her out of it, but in the end it was an unlikely source of salvation that finally drew her out of her mood.

Recently, Amora has remained quiet and unobtrusive. For her, anyway. She has spent much of her time away from Asgard, building a power base on Earth. As a favor to Loki, she distracted Doctor Steven Strange during the so called "Acts of Vengeance". Beyond that, Amora has stayed away from the spotlight. What she may or may not be up to is, for now, anyone's guess.


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Date Title Characters Summary
06/03/12 I'd like beef and bacon on that Tanya, Armand, Loki, Phantasm, Seth, Amora While Loki observes hidden away within a pizza place, others move about grabbing their pizza.
06/05/12 18:24 Manipulations. . . Armand, Empath, Enchantress, and Loki Empath attempts to alleviate Armand of his connection with Loki. Things go awry.
06/07/12 1AM Hellfire Induction Amora, Sally, Sebastion Shaw, Empath Sally and Amora are inducted as Inner Circle members
06/21/12 From On High Enchantress, Ares Enchantress hassles poor innocent Ares
07/09/12 19:00 Everyone Likes Ice Cream Vaughn, Armand, Blindfold, Seth, Enchantress, Namor Interesting conversation in the park
07/17/12 10:30 Manufacturing Madhouse Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Amora the Enchantress What at first appears might be another attack by the Ghost turns out to be some of the manufacturing robots in a clean room going dangerously nuts. Suzi has to save her workers. Sally and Amora help. Weird, hunh?
07/18/12 16:00 We Are a Team? Really? Suzanne Endo, Sally Blevins, Amora the Enchantress Suzanne wants to meet with Amora to figure out what is going on with these crazy people. Still crazy.
07/30/12 14:00 Heavy Metal Horde: Nimrod Cometh Sebastian Shaw, The Enchantress, Suzanne Endo, Armand, Alchemy, Richenda Gray, Empath, NPCS: Nimrod, Bishop Shaw and Amora take Suzi to see the school and the Hellions program. Armand and Tom are about thanks to the summer program. Richenda (Amelie) is under cover, checking things out under escort with Bishop. The time-displaced Sentinel arrives, and begins to malfunction. Empath re-appears to help out.
08/05/12 21:00:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale: Conference Call Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nicholas Fury, Carol Danvers, Amora the Enchantress, Doctor Strange, Sebastian Shaw The heroes - and the not-so-heroic - gather following Ultron's ultimatum to the world, to plan for resistance.
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 3: The Hellfire Solution The Enchantress, Cybermancer, Ballista, Skids, NPC: Sebastian Shaw, The Ghost, Ultron, Sentinels Shaw has assured the heroes that he and his connections can and will take care of the Sentinels standing deadly watch over most of the major cities around the world. Now it's time for them to deliver.


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