Black Mamba
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Tanya Sealy was born in Chicago, IL. Attending public school, she took to the streets and became a call girl.

Tanya was recruited by Roxxon Oil as part of a group of special covert agents. At Brand Corporation, she has gills implanted in her neck and circuitry implanted in her forebrain which gives her access to new powers.

Along with the Serpent Squad, Black Mamba goes to search for the Serpent Crown for Roxxon Oil, using an oil derrick in the Pacific as a base. They find the crown, and Sidewinder escapes with it. The group encounters Ben Grimm and confine him, before Stingray intervenes.

Mamba and more of the Serpent Squad break into the Long Island Zoo, looking for a Stark microscanner to power a weapon. Mamba kills several people along the way, but Iron Man foils the attempt and recovers the device.

Sidewinder organizes the Serpent Society, with Mamba as one of the charter members. The Society splits into smaller groups for initial missions.

Mamba and other Serpents encounter Captain America while on a mission to kill MODOK. Mamba uses her power on Cap, until Asp blasts him and knocks her out as a result. Mamba is imprisoned with others, but Sidewinder breaks them out. After recovering MODOK's corpse, the group is paid for the job.

Mamba, Diamondback, and Asp form B.A.D. Girls, Inc. after Diamondback is put on trial by the Society. The mercenary trio work a variety of jobs, some of which include working alongside Captain America and Paladin.


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11/06/12 10:15 Snakes At REI Mirage, Havok, Nightcrawler, Fer-de-Lance Anaconda, Coachwhip, Black Mamba Dani gets cut by Snakes


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