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Helmut Zemo came from a long line of Baron Zemo's. His father, Baron Heinrich Zemo, was an early enemy of Captain America prominent member of the Nazi Party during World War II. Heinrich raised Helmut according to the ideals of Nazism, particularly where the genetic superiority of the Germanic people was involved. Helmut was taught to view everyone with contempt.

A brilliant scientist, Heirich had constructed a "death ray" that was destroyed by Sergeant Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos. The incident left Heinrich so vilified that even his wife came to despise him. She took Helmut and went into hiding. Heinrich began wearing a cowl to disguise himself. It was pretty distinctive.

After creating a permanent adhesive known as "Adhesive X", Heinrich got into a scuffle with Captain America. The incident had left Heinrich with a mask permanently stuck to his face. This made him cranky.

Heinrich seemingly got his revenge on Captain America and his partner Bucky when he managed to dumpt them both into the freezing ocean. Bucky died, but Captain America was put into a state of suspended animation.

After the fall of Hitler's Germany, Heinrich went into hiding. During this time he invented "Compound X", which preserved his youthfulness and vigor despite his rapidly advancing age.
While in hiding with his mother, Helmut became something of a superscientist in his own right. It wouldn't be fitting for a Zemo to be anything less than perfect, so his education was her top priority. In addition to constantly learning, he was also instructed in the art of fencing. He proved to be a very skilled swordsman.

After the passing of his mother, Helmut regained contact with his father. Exposure to Compound X granted Helmut the same delayed aging as his father, keeping him perpetually in his mid-twenties.

When Captain America was discovered and unthawed, Heinrich became obsessed with defeating him once and for all. He concocted multiple schemes to do this, but was defeated at every turn. Eventually, his obsession proved to be fatal. Although Heinrich's death was his own fault, Helmut swore vengeance on Captain America.

Helmut took the guise of The Phoenix and attempted to kill Captain America. Trying to kill Captain America is always a stupid career move, and Helmut was no more successful than his father had been. Helmut was thrown into a vat of chemicals, which melted his skin and disfigured him horribly.

Helmut survived the experience, but had been driven a bit mad. He renewed his dedication to destroying Captain America, and began to scheme and plot from the shadows.

Eventually, Helmut reemerged as the thirteenth Baron Zemo. He quickly started a new Masters of Evil, and was just as quickly defeated by the Avengers. However, he did manage to acheive a nominal victory by infiltrating Avenger's mansion and taking over all of their stuff temporarily. It was at the time the closest thing to a true defeat that the Avengers had suffered.

From his rebuilt Castle Zemo in Sierra Madre, Mexico, Baron Zemo continues to seek the downfall of the people that he hates.


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