Real Name Josef Saint
Portrayed by
Gender Male
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Age 20something
Aliases The Needle
Origin Altered Human
Current Location Los Angeles, California
Occupation Villain
Team Night Shift
Alignment Villain
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Paralyzing Gaze

Character Details

The true identity of Needle is unknown but he was an elder man who used to work as a tailor. One evening he was mugged and attacked by a number of young hoodlums. He was hospitalized for a few weeks and suffered numerous injuries which included bruises, broken bones and lost sight from his left eye. As he laid in the hospital bed with futile rage, he felt an electric presence and discovered he could release that force from his one good eye. The elder man was a mute when he was released from the hospital and discovered that his business had died. It did not matter to him anymore, he decided not to become a victim anymore and would strike back as a vigilante. This tailor created his unusual attire and ventured out at night to exact his revenge. One evening after a date with Jessica Drew, her boyfriend Jerry Hunt finds a young woman in an alleyway being terrorized by the Needle. The Needle stares at Jerry with his single eye and the former SHIELD agent is unable to move any muscle. The Needle sewed his lips shut as he stood helpless in a paralyzed state.

Jessica decided to investigate after seeing Jerry in the hospital. Spider Woman was on the prowl for the Needle and Jerry decided to help her after he recovered. The two would split up until she hears a gunshot. The Needle has paralyzed Jerry again so Spider Woman shoots a venom blast at her skinny foe. The Needle dodged the first blast was struck with the second one. He laid motionless as Spider Woman cautiously approaches. The Needle suddenly slashes her glider-wing with his giant needle and grabs her wrists. The Needle's mind numbing force builds up and is released into the face of the crimson clad beauty. The Needle rolls his paralyzed opponent off him and begins to remove a tiny needle and thread from his gauntlet. The Needle is so intent on his task, that he does not notice a trembling hand toward his chest. He is struck with a powerful venom blast at close range and is incapacitated. Spider Woman's power of paralysis was similar to the Needle and made her immune to his gaze. The police shortly arrived and placed the Needle into custody.


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Date Title Characters Summary
03/15/2012 End of Times Needle, Shroud, Gypsy Moth, Brothers Grimm The gang talks about Spider Woman and how to dispose of her.
03-16-12 Enter the Needle Needle Staff A working Test of Log template with character template


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