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Simon Williams was born in Queens New York to Sanford and Maria Williams, Simon has an older brother, Eric. Sanford was a very wealthy man as he was the founder of Williams Innovations, an advanced mechanics company that rivaled Stark International at the time. Sanford wanted his sons to take an active roll in the day to day operations of the company so that they would be ready to take it over upon his retirement. Eric wanted nothing to do with his father as he wanted to simply live off of his fathers wealth, Simon also was not very interested as he was still very young and wanted to do the things that young people do. Sanford became very abusive towards his two sons when they showed no interest in the company that he had built from the ground up as he would often strike them whenever they refused to take part in the company. Eric became sick and tired of being his fathers punching bag and ran away from home, leaving Simon to be forced to follow their father. Simon learned what he could from his father, which was not very much as his heart was not into working with his father.
When Simon was 22 his father died of a heart attack, leaving Simon to run the company. When Eric heard the news of his fathers death he returned home in hopes that Simon would share the wealth of the business with him. As it turned out Simon was not prepared to take over the company and it quickly began to loose money. Simon blamed the failure of the company on Anthony Stark, as it was at this time that Stark International began to grow to become what it is today. While Eric was away from home he had made many criminal contacts, one of them was with the Maggia, a New York based criminal family. Eric convinced Simon that the only way to save the failing family business was to embezzle money, and invest the money within the Maggia. Simon did as he brother suggested and all went well until the board of directors of Williams Solutions found out about the embezzlement and brought Simon to trial.
Simon was found guilty of embezzlement and was facing years of imprisonment. While Simon was awaiting his sentencing, the female Asgardian known as Amora, the Enchantress was sent by Baron Heinrich Zemo to break Simon out of jail and bring him to his secret lair. The Enchantress used her Asgardian magic to persuade the authorities into releasing Simon and instead convict Eric on the embezzlement charges.
Once Simon was brought to Zemo, the baron seemed to agree with Simon on his claim that Stark was responsible for the failure of Williams Solutions. Zemo offered Simon a change at revenge against Stark and his personal bodyguard Iron Man. Zemo told Simon that he could give him the power to take on Iron Man and the Avengers, just in case they interfered with his vengeance on Stark. Simon agreed with Zemo‘s plan and allowed himself to be exposed to an Ionic Ray treatment that would increase his strength and durability.
After the treatment was completed Simon began to realize that he had made a serious error in trusting Zemo and the Enchantress. Zemo ordered Simon to befriend the Avengers and once he gained their trust, he was to lead them into a trap that Zemo had planed. If Simon was to refuse to do Zemo`s bidding he would die as Ionic Rays would kill him unless he took an antidote that only Zemo had. Not wanting to die Simon agreed to Zemo`s plan and staged a battle with the Masters of Evil. The Avengers arrived and witnessed Simon defeat the villains in their mock combat.
Simon was invited by the Avengers back to their mansion where he told them that he was dying. The Avengers used all of their resources to try and save Simon`s life, but even the great science of earth’s mightiest heroes could not find a cure. Seeing no way to save his life other than lead the Avengers into the trap, Simon fulfilled Zemo‘s plan. In the course of the battle that Simon had lead the Avengers into, the masters of Evil were on the verge of victory when Simon had an attack of conscience and attacked the Masters of Evil, saving the Avengers. Simon began to succumb to the effects of the Ionic Rays, as he was dying Simon told the Avengers he was happy that his last act was a noble one. Simon fell still as he showed no vital signs.
The Avengers believed that Simon had died and returned his body back to the US for identification and burial. Simon was not dead, but instead his body had gone into a death like coma, that was caused by the still unstable mutagenic changes triggered in his body by the Ionic Rays.
Months later, Simon’s brother Eric, who had managed to escape prison had become known as the costumed villain known as the Grim Reaper. As the Grim Reaper Eric battled the Avengers many times as he blamed them for his brothers "death". Eric wanted revenge on the Avenger known as the Vision, as the Vision was an android who‘s artificial brain patterns were based on Simon’s. Eric tried to convince the Vision that his computerized mind could be transferred into Simon's body, giving the Vision a human form. When Eric realized that he would not be able to transfer The Vision's computerized mind into Simon, he offered the Vision Captain America's body instead of Simon's. The Vision agreed with Eric's plan only to lead the Avengers to him so that he could be stooped.
Eric managed to escape the custody of the police, and he also stole Simon's seemingly dead body taking it with him. Eric had become obsessed with bringing Simon back to life, so he took Simon's body to New Orleans with the hope that local Voodoo Priest would be able to resuscitate it. Led by the Black Talon, the Voodoo Priest used their magic to reanimate Simon, the results were lest than perfect as Simon was nothing more than a walking zombie. Eric was outraged at his brothers lack of life, but he thought he could use him as an effective way to destroy the Vision and the Avengers. Eric instructed the Priest to employ Simon to attack the Avengers, and accuse the Vision of stealing his mind. Eric packaged Simon into a large crate and shipped him to Avengers Mansion. When the Avengers opened the crate, Simon attacked them, but since he was slow and "zombie like" the Avengers easily defeated him. The Avengers took Simon's body back to new Orleans where they investigated what had happened to his body. As the Avengers battled Eric, Simon's body began to twitch and move! The Avengers once again defeated Eric and sent him to prison and they took Simon's body back to New York with them.
A few days after returning to New York, Simon had returned from his death like coma, Simon was now conscious and fully functional once again, much tom his surprise. The Avengers examined Simon and learned that his body was in a cocoon like coma and it metamorphosed from a body of flesh and bone, into one of an unspecified flesh like substance that was partly composed of ionic energy.
Simon suffered considerable psychological damage as he tried to adjust to the changes his body went through. During the first few weeks of returning from his coma, Simon lived at Avengers Mansion as he would often lend his aid to the team. Simon had come to fear death and despite his great strength and invulnerability he would often become paralyzed with the fear of dying. In a battle with the being known as Korvac, Simon managed to over come his fears, even though Korvac defeated the combined might of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Simon had defeated his phobia. However Simon was not fully cured of his phobia as he still had bouts with his fear, as he was unable to fully over come it.
When the Avengers had their next membership drive, Simon was elected to serve as an Active Avenger. As an Avenger Simon became very good friends with Hank McCoy, better known as the Beast. Simon and Hank would often go out on the town together as they both had a party spirit inside them.
When Eric heard the news of his brothers return to life, he broke into Avengers mansion, subdued the team and held a mock trial to determine if Wonder Man was really Simon. Once Eric was satisfied that Wonder Man was in fact Simon, he then tried to kill the Vision as he felt the synthoid was a mockery to Simon's name. Simon defended the Vision and eventually defeated Eric, once Eric was beaten he was sent to a mental institution. Eric escaped from the institution and tried to once again kill the Vision, and this time he also tried to kill Simon as he felt there was no way that he could be his real brother. Again Eric was defeated and he was yet again sent to a mental institution.
While living at Avengers Mansion Simon wanted to do more with his life than be an Avenger, he felt that he needed a personal life. Simon's first thought was to try his hand at business again, but he had second thoughts about it as it was his live as a businessman that almost killed him. Simon decided to try his hand at acting as he felt his whole time with the Avengers the first time was nothing more than an acting job. Simon received a few small parts in movies and even landed a few commercial jobs. Simon's big break in show biz came when he was given the role of a strongman on a kids show, the children loved Simon and he quickly became a regular of the show.
When the TV show that Simon was on got canceled Simon was very depressed as he loved his job as an actor. When the Avengers once again reshuffled their roster, Simon steeped down as an active member to peruse other options in his life. Simon was unable to find steady employment as an actor so he took a job as a troubleshooter and consultant at Cordco, one of the nations leaders in home security. Simon did not like his new job much and soon left as he wanted to return to his love of acting. Simon Moved to California and began a career as a stuntman.
As a stuntman Simon became very popular as his invulnerability gave him a huge advantage over other stuntmen who simply could not do the stunts that Simon could. Simon could have easily monopolized the stuntman industry, but he choose to allow other stuntmen to also earn a living as he would often turn jobs down so that other stuntmen could find work.
Simon became active as a hero while he lived in California but he still had his bouts with his own confidence, Simon has several doubts about becoming a active hero once more as he could recall his earlier bouts with his fear. Simon, in the end choose to once again take on the role of Wonder Man and helped form the West Coast Avengers with Hawkeye.
Simon began to establish himself as a very popular hero as he seemed to finally have found his lot in live. Simon gained victories over Graviton, Ultron and his own brother, the Grim Reaper. Simon's confidence began to soar as his heroic life and personal life both began to blossom. In this, Simon saw no end to the road that was paved with gold.
Then came Operation Galactic Storm. Simon did his part. He fought bravely alongside the heroes. Followed the orders of Captain America until the end. It was in the end that Wonder Man chose to side with Hercules, Thor, Sersi, Black Knight and the Vision in direct conflict with Captain America's orders; and took it upon themselves to kill the Kree Supreme Intelligence.
Upon their return to Earth, Simon resumed his role as West Coast Avenger, yet there would be much interpersonal conflict which would follow.
And that's where we pick up our story.


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