Real Name Flint Marko
Portrayed by Thomas Haden Church
Gender Male
Place of Birth New York City, NY
Date of Birth 10/4/1977
Age 35
Aliases William Baker
Origin Altered Human
Current Location New York City
Occupation Hero/Villain
Team Avengers, Sinister Six, Outlaws, Outlaws, Frightful Four, Wild Pack, Intruders
Alignment Other
Known Relatives Floyd Baker, (father); Keemia Alvarado (daughter)
Significant Other Topaz
Known Abilities Pssamic Abilities

Character Details

*William Baker was born in Queens and was abandoned by his father at age 3. His mother did her best
to raise young William and would always take him to Coney Island where he would play with the sand.

*He was very great with arts and crafts and he was encouraged by his teacher, Miss Flint. She would
have an impact on his life.

*While he was younger, he was bullied and learned to use his bullies move against them and he was
known to "slip through their fingers like sand."

*William would be very angry, but focused that channel into football and played very well. He took the name Flint on the field and would defeat and crush opposing football teams.

*As Will, he befriended his bullies but with no father figure. He would go out and commit small crimes as Flint, but when home with his mother, he was young William.

*When one of his bully friends incurs a large mob debt, Flint purposely loses a football and incurs the wrath of his coach. His coach berates him and Flint lets loose an insatiable rage nearly killing the coach.

*His criminal activity finally catches up to him and he ends up in prison where he meets his father. Taking the name Flint Marko, he eventually escapes.

*It is during the escape that he flees to a nuclear testing site in Georgia. He comes into contact with irradiated sand and suddenly his body changes. And thus the birth of Sandman.

*Immediately after gaining his powers, he comes New York City and commits crime after crime, but he finally encounters the super-hero and nemesis would Spider-Man.

*Defeated and escaping from prison, he fights numerous heroes including the Human Torch, the Hulk, and Thor.

*But facing defeat after defeat, he realized he needs allies and joins the Frightful Four with brings him into constant battle with The Fantastic Four.

*It was during one of his partnerships where Sandman began to question the idea of villainy. While working with Hydro-Man against Spider-Man. The two villains were merged and became a muddle-headed mud monster.

*They were eventually separated, but the experience left William Baker depressed.

*It was during this time, he befriended The Thing and he worked with heroes working with the Thing, Silver Sable, and Spider-Man.

*He is coerced by Dr. Octopus to rejoin the Sinister Syndicate, but he turns against them.

*He even works with, The Outlaws, a group of reformed villains and aids Spider-Man.

*It is through his actions as a hero, he is able to receive a full presidential pardon and he is invited to join the Avengers, where he impressively takes down Dr. Doom.

*However after an argument with Capt. America, he leaves the team.

*He joins Silver Sable's Wild Pack in Symkaria. Enjoying his place on the Wild Pack.

*William rises among the ranks and even leads the Intruders going on international missions with his teammates.

*However working for the Symkarian government and spending so much time outside the United States, William Baker misses his home and opts to return to the United States.

*IC He rejoins the ranks of the Avengers. With time, he hopes to make amends for the crimes he committed as Flint Marko and this journey has only just begun. Though there always remains the chance that Flint Marko can return.

*IC Upon rejoining the Avengers under probationary status, Sandman finds distrust amongst his teammates, but he begins to see Doc Samson regularly.

*He maintains strong friendships with Mockingbird, the Vision and the Thing and a new friend in rockstar, Mick Drago aka Mike Hannigan.

*IC Sandman develops a strong rivalry with Hydro-Man.

*IC Sandman becomes a full-fledged member of the Avengers.

*IC Sandman is kidnapped by the Sinister Six. Doctor Octopus injects Sandman with a serum that returns him to Flint Marko.

*IC Sandamn acts out committing crimes, but only against other criminals.

*IC Sandman fights his friends and teammates, eventually leading to the death of Flint Marko.

*IC Sandman is remade and given a new 'body' by Iron Man, Mockingbird, Moondragon, and SHIELD.

*IC Sandman meets Topaz beginning a new friendship.

*IC The Celtic gods attack England, leading to a confrontation between the Avengers and the Fomor.

*IC Captain America returns to the Avengers, leading to bad blood between him and Sandman.

*IC Sif joins the Avengers and Sandman befriends her and assists in some Asgardian drama involving Ulik, The Enchantress, Loki, Beta Ray Bill, and Kelda.

*IC Sandman helps investigate MGH with the Avengers.

*IC Ultron has technology across the world go crazy and attack people. Sandman encounters Jocasta developing a distrust of technology and negatively affecting is friendship with the Vision.

*IC Sandman leads an unusual team of heroes in Paris and defeats Dagard Ace. During this time, Sandman learns Mike Hannigan is really the Phantasm.

*IC Sandman develops a close friendships with Beta Ray Bill, Namor and the Scarlet Wtich, and resumes his friendship with the Vision.

*IC The Avengers and the X-Men form a school. Sandman becomes a teacher, forming a close bond with the students, and mentors Mercury.

*IC Sandman, feeling that he is not on par with the Avengers, secretly joins the Thunderbolts.

*IC Sandman and Topaz begin a romantic relationship.

*IC During the Mad Gods War of the Anasazi, Sandman is 'killed' by an alternate version of Mirage.

*IC In reality, Sandman used his death to discover more of the inner-workings of the Thunderbolts.

*IC Upon the return of Genosha from the Negative Zone, Sandman experiences reality shifts, though most seem centered on Topaz.

*IC Upon his return to life, Sandman and Topaz further their romantic relationship and Sandman moves in with Topaz.

*TJ Sandman is kidnapped by the Wizard and using mind control, Flint Marko returns.

*TJ Returning fully to his villainous ways, Sandman denounces the Avengers, his friends and his time as a hero.

*TJ Flint is captured and placed in a super-human prison, but encounters Alma Alvarado. A super-villain groupie. Upon his release, Sandman has relations with her, which leads to the birth of his daughter, Keemia, who lives with her mother. Sandman is unaware of his daughter's birth.

*TJ Flint forms and leads the Sinister Six, but in a fight with Venom, he is bitten. His body destabilizes and he falls into the sewer believed to be dead.

*TJ Sandman's body had ended up on Jones Beach, where he developed different sand bodies which were 'eating' beach-goers.

*TJ Sandman's body develop different personalities typically going from Flint Mark to Bill Baker and back. Spider-Man uses this to his advantage to free the 'eaten' beach-goers.

*TJ Ultimately the sand bodies unify and Flint Marko retains control.

*TJ Flint Marko works with others villains to find the Identity Disc.

*TJ Momentarily returning to Bill Baker, Sandman finds out his father is alive and wrongfully accused of murder. With Spider-Man's assistance, his father is cleared of charges.

*TJ Flint Marko becomes aware of Keemia's existence leading to an existential crisis. Flint Marko kills Alma and others connected to her and kidnaps Keemia.

*TJ Creating a giant sand castle on Governor's Island, Spider-Man arrives to confront Flint Marko. He is defeated and the girl is placed in foster care.

*TJ Sandman rejoins the Sinister Six under the premise that he will gain enough money to take custody of Keemia.

*TJ Sandman leaves the Sinister Six, but now he has developed Multiple Personality Disorder, struggling between Bill Baker and Flint Marko.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/05/13 19:47 Bad Santa Mercury, Sandman, and Wolfsbane Sandman runs a Danger Room session for himself, Mercury, and Wolfsbane fighting a deranged Santa and reindeer
01/12/13 17:00 Second Chances Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Kisha, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, and Shadowcat Everyone talks about fighting and second chances
01/19/13 00:40 Hotamini Hoedown Deadpool, Gogo, Hawkette, The Phantasm, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, & (emitted) Hotamintanio, Black Crow, Puma, Nanabozho and Calumet Hotamintanio continues with the attacks of the Anasazi (Native American gods)
01/20/13 13:51 Secrets The Phantasm and Sandman BIll and Mike discuss his secret identity
01/26/13 16:19 Cookout Aurora, Mercury, Radiance, and Sandman Sandman has a cookout some students and Aurora attend.
01/31/13 14:00 Welcome to the Thunderbolts, Sandman! Fireband, Sandman, and USAgent & Hydro-Man and the Wizard Sandman joins the Thunderbolts and their first mission is to take down his former teammates, Hydro-Man and the Wizard
02/03/13 18:30 Supers Bowl Blindfold, Blink, the Phantasm, Sandman, and ShowStopper Sandman and Mike chaperone some Xaviers students bowling and watch the Super Bowl. A small riot breaks out which is quelled without violence.
02/05/13 10:00 The Voodoo That You Do, Oh So Well! Sandman and Topaz Sandman and Topaz have a chat.
02/06/2013 The Voodoo She Does So Well Sandman, Spiral and Topaz Bill and Topaz finish the conversation from the previous day. Spiral has bad timing.
02/07/13 15:58 Sandman and His Temple of Doom Blindfold, Mercury, Sandman, and Aquatica & Ultragirl (emitted by Mirage and Sandman) Sandman runs an extreme training for the four students.
02/08/13 16:05 Getting to Know the Thunderbolts Sandman and Spiral Sandman and Spiral chat
02/19/13 09:41 Breakfast Date Sandman and Topaz Sandman and Topaz meet up for breakfast
02/21/13 17:14 Unexpected Resistance La Sombra and Sandman Sandman and La Sombra stops some criminals.
02/27/13 10:34 Look Past Your Past Ms. Marvel and Sandman Sandman and Carol chat.
03/20/13 Dinner and Dancing - Part 1 Sandman and Topaz The first date went well so why not another
03/20/13 Dinner and Dancing Part 2 Sandman and Topaz A continuation of the previous scene
03/22/13 22:13 The Fixer Broke It Black Panther Mirage Sandman The Fixer Firelord Human Torch Invisible Woman The Thing Mr Fantastic The heroes kick the Fixer's butt and send Firelord packing.
03/29/13 14:01 Not So Good Friday Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Firestar, Gamibt, Mercury, Mirage, and Sandman The X-students have a field trip to the Avengers mansion and encounter an alternate version of Firestar and Mercury. An alternate Black Crow possesses Mirage and they fight the heroes. Black Crow and Mirage are taken by the Anasazi.
04/08/13 09:20 Our True Selves Sandman and Topaz An alternate reality Sandman visits Topaz and reveals the true Sandman.
04/22/2013 Happily Ever After Sandman and Topaz Sandman (alt) tells Topaz of what is life is like in his home dimension
04/29/13 09:30 Self-Serving Romance Sandman, Topaz NPC: Ian McNee The mage, Ian McNee, tries to get in with Topaz so he can get to Dr. Strange. Sandman returns and takes offense.
04/29/13 10:00 Sealed with a Kiss Sandman and Topaz Part 2 of Self-Serving Romance
04/30/2013 Unplugged Performance Rex Gregson, Armand, Sandman, Blindfold, Radiance, Gogo, Lyra, Scarlet Witch and Topaz, NPC: Storm The elvish Rex Gregson performs
05/03/2013 2:5 Sandman and Arachne Combat Robots: 0 Arachne & Sandman: 5
05/14/2013 Learning Curve Sandman and Topaz In which we learn how far Topaz is behind the curve when it comes to fighting skills.
06/08/12 13:00 Avengers Play Tag Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Vision, Sandman Ms. Marvel, Vision and eventually Sandman join American Dream in the simulator room for some 'fun' exercise.
06/12/12 14:00 War's Portents of Doom Ms. Marvel, Ares, Sif, Sandman Ares stops by and delivers a warning to Carol. Sif drops by with a stein. Sandman sifts through.
07/06/12 19:36 Jocasta Unleashed. . . Beta Ray Bill, Firestar, the Phantasm, Sandman, and Jocasta Jocasta, inexplicably appears and beats the crap out of Sandman. She is stopped by Beta Ray Bill with a lil assist from Phantasm and FIrestar
07/08/12 20:00 Central Chat Astraea, Blindfold, Sandman, Tanya, and Vaughn Astraea, Blindfold, Sandman, Tanya, and Vaughn are all in Central Park at the same time and chat.
07/14/12 14:15 She. . .Not It Sandman, the Vision, and Jocasta, SHIELD scientist Jocasta awakes and is greeted by Sandman and the Vision
07/16/12 15:00 MGH: Who in the World is Aaron Kelsey Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Sandman, Iron Man The Avengers follow up on the Mutant Growth Hormone problem, researching one of the now-identified mutant children recovered from the facility and in SHIELD custody
07/19/12 14:19 Damaging Dreadnought Darklight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, Vaughn and Dreadnoughts Darklight, Ms. Marvel, Sandman, Vaughn take on Dreadnoughts attacking the UN.
07/27/12 20:32 Aquanoids Attack! Armand, Blindfold, Namor, the Phantasm, Sandman, and Aquanoids Aquanoids attack at the East River. Namor, the Phantasm, and Sandman defeat them while Ruth and Armand watch.
07/27/12 21:00 Aquanoids Aftermath Armand, Blindfold, Keith, the Phantasm, Rex Gregson, and Sandman Armand, Blindfold, Keith, the Phantasm, Rex Gregson, and Sandman gather for a chat after the attack
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 2: Paris, France Sandman, Radiance, Blindfold, Phantasm, Sir Newton, NPCS: Doctor Strange, Wong, Ariel, Nova, Blue Diamond, Sabra, Arabian Knight, Beetle, Docteur Q, Dagard Ace, Ultron Another team of heroes is gathered and sent half-way around the world, to help face Dagard Ace and contain or subdue the giant robot threatening Paris, France, while the battle rages to stop Ultron's bid to take over the world.
08/15/12 20:30 We All Scream For Ice Cream Ms. Marvel, Ultragirl, American Dream, Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, Mockingbird, Wanda, Seth, Blindfold, Scarlet Witch, Sandman Carol and Shannon's planned celebration brings in plenty of help.
09/01/12 00:00 King of the Fishes Namor and Sandman Sandman and Namor chat
09/02/12 22:15 Kelda's Grand Entrance at Avengers Mansion Kelda (Emitter), Hercules, Namor, Scarlet Witch, Ultragirl, Sandman Kelda has a hiccup in her transport to Midgard. Brings a giant with her. Big fight.
09/07/12 14:37 Story Time with the Avengers Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, Namor, and Sandman Sandman reads, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, and Submariner stop by and chat.
10/27/12 18:12 Armand's Goodies Armand, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, and Spiral Sandman and Wanda do some outreach work in Mutant Town and Spiral taunts and Armand saves the day with his goodies.
10/27/12 20:26 Sand in Your Eye Ambrose and Sandman Sandman saves Ambrose from a pushy doorman and the two share a meal.
11/03/12 13:16 Not a Day at the Beach Mercury and Sandman Sandman meets Mercury and teaches her a lesson in the Danger Room.
11/03/12 20:01 Life at School Mercury, Sandman, and Scarlet Witch Mercury, Sandman, and Scarlet Witch chat about life while dining.
11/09/12 14:38 Jocks Versus Nerds Havok, Iceman, Nightcrawler, and Sandman Sandman meets some of the X-Men and shares his view on Avengers versus X-Men status
11/10/12 16:07 A Real Pain Lyra, Sandman and Tigerstripe & Avandalia (emitted by Sandman) Avandalia entrances Sandman and they attack Lyra and Tigerstripe
11/11/12 18:01 Simulated Struggles Sandman and Scarlet Wich Sandman and Scarlet Witch battle a simulated Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and then chat and share on personal struggles.
11/12/12 15:12 Gym Discussion Ant-Man, Namor, and Sandman Namor, Scott, and Bill chat in the gym.
11/13/12 06:00 The Difference between Humans and Korbinites Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Sandman, and Showstopper Beta Ray Bill, Blindfold, Sandman, and Showstopper discuss New Korbin.
11/30/12 15:04 Friendly Teasing Dagger, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Topaz, and The Vision Teasing all around
12/01/12 15:20 One Skrull's Space-Trash Vision, Sandman, Super-Skrull (as Captain Kree) Vision and Sandman encounter a disguised Super-Skrull
12/02/12 14:00 Race Mercury and Sandman Mercury and Sandman share and race.
12/04/12 16:55 Moving Past the Past Psylocke and Sandman Psylocke and Sandman meet and share
12/04/12 20:00 Rooftop Run-Ins Psylocke, Beta Ray Bill, Sandman, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Jean Gray A few people meet each other on the roof, and then somebody brings up the wrong name around Psylocke.
12/05/12 15:07 You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Eye-Scream Mercury, Sandman, and Eye-Scream (emitted by Sandman) Sandman takes students on a trip to the city and they get attacked by Eye-Scream
12/07/12 23:00 Long Overdue Introductions Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman Aurora, Deadpool, Mercury, and Sandman meet up and avoid a fight.
12/11/12 22:14 Kicking Sand in the Face Sandman and Firebrand Firebrand kicks Sandman's ass
2009/08/03 Jack's Pub Goes Wet n Wild Hydro-Man Sand-Man Phantasm Hydro-man attacks Mike. Sandman comes to Mike's rescue. Mike returns the favor. Kind of. (time jump converted)
2010/01/01 Never Gonna Happen Sandman, Blindfold, Phantasm Blindfold and Sandman offer help in dealing with the Order of Saint George. (time jump converted)
2010/05/10 The Order Part X: No Laughing Matter Blindfold, Phantasm, Sandman, Frank Gellar Frank Gellar wakes up from a nightmare into another one. Sandman and Blindfold show up to stop Phantasm from creating his own. (time jump converted)
2010/05/31 In Memory Phantasm and Sandman Mike stops in for a drink and a chat with Sandman
2010/08/15 Taken Sandman and Topaz NPC: Brothers Grimm and Dormammu Topaz is abducted by the Hell Lord Dormammu and his agents
2010/08/15 Taken 2 Sandman NPC: Wizard Sandman is defeated at the hands of The Wizard and Flint Marko returns
2010/12/29 Catching up with Savio Sandman, Savio Drago Flint Marko and Savio Drago have a chat regarding the Order of St. George, Mike, and the people around Mike
2011/01/01 The Capture of Flint Marko Mirage, Sandman, and the Scarlet Witch Flint Marko kills a homeless man and Mirage and Scarlet Witch take him down.
2011/10/26 Parenting Advice from Savio Drago Sandman, Savio Drago Finding out he has a kid, Sandman seeks out another parent for parenting advice. He chose to talk to Savio.
2013/01/01 May Auld Acquaintance Be Remembered Phantasm and Sandman Sandman goes to visit Mike in the hospital
2013/06/18 13:31 Flint meets Topaz Sandman and Topaz Flint attacks a social worker who is saved by Topaz
2013/06/19 16:13 A Sandman Walks into a Bar Sandman and Topaz Sandman attempts to confront Topaz
2013/06/21 16:26 Truths and Consequences Sandman and Scarlet Witch Bill Baker and Wanda meet up and talk about what has happened since they lost saw each other, but information regarding someone leads to an appearance by Flint Marko
2013/06/25 10:30 Reunion Three Years in the Making Sandman and Topaz NPC: Wong Topaz and Wong attempt to 'fix' Sandman…Bill and Topaz are finally reunited.


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