Real Name Clint Barton
Portrayed by Jeremy Renner
Gender Male
Place of Birth Waverly, Iowa
Date of Birth
Age 31
Aliases Br'er Hawkeye, Archer, Goliath
Origin Skilled Human
Current Location Avengers Mansionq
Occupation Avenger
Team Avengers
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Barney Barton
Significant Other Mockingbird
Known Abilities Archer

Character Details

Clint Barton was your average young kid. Really there was never anything overly special about him at his early ages. He went to school, played with his older brother sometimes, but since the brother was 3 years older, there were some differences between the two of them. But they were family, and did like to stick up for each other while they were growing up, and were close. Of course the only other thing about their time was their dad was butcher, and drunk, who used to hit the kids occasionally. But one day the drinking got the best of him.
When Clint was 8 years old, his parents were killed in a car accident, thanks to his dad's drunk driving. And since Clint and his brother Barney had no living relatives left, they were sent off to an orphanage. The problem with that is they were both too old; really no one goes to an orphanage looking for a pair of brothers that are 8 and 11, respectively. So they stayed there, and Barney unfortunately tried to take all his frustrations out on him. Clint tried to please him by being the best brother possible, but well that never seemed to work. And then one day Barney decided that he had enough with the orphanage.

So 5 years after they stayed there, they both just ran away, and never bothered to show up to the Orphanage ever again. They spent some time in the woods that were in the area, just trying to decide what they would do with themselves now. And then they saw it, a traveling carnival that was getting ready to pack up and leave the area. Both Clint and Barney decided they would stall away with the carnival, and when discovered they would be accepted and start working with them.
So when everything was getting packed up, they ran and found themselves onto a truck that was just about the closed up. A day later when the Carnival was getting unpacked the kids were discovered and of course had to their own explaining. When they talked about the orphanage and how they hated it there, and wanted something better. Well the owner of the place was an orphan himself, and actually had a heart for their story and gave them jobs to do. Of course at first it wasn't anything special, until Clint was discovered.

The star of the carnival's show, the Swordsman needed a new assistant, his old one just quitting after one of the swords got a little too close to her. And well Swordsman needed a new assistant, and Clint volunteered. After the Swordsman saw that Clint had a good eye and sharp reflexes he started to train him in the art of knife throwing. But during that time, Trick Shot showed up at the show and became the new star. And then fate smiled on Clint as well. The Swordsman and Trick Shot were playing poker one night and Trick Shot lost badly. Swordsman agreed to forget the debt, if Trick Shot taught Clint archery. See Swordsman knew Clint could be a better archer then Trick Shot, and since Swordsman wanted Trick Shot gone, it was a match made.
And so Clint practiced with Trick Shot, for 8 hours each day, until he started to get good, heck he started to get great. But then he discovered something about the Swordsman. It turns out the man let himself get into heavy debt with gamblers, and needed money fast. So one day he stole all of the money that the Carnival has made, and was going to use it to pay off the gamblers. But Clint saw the money, and when Swordsman offered him to make him a partner, he turned him down. That's when Swordsman went after the kid. He ran, but found his way in the tent and on a high wire, thing the Swordsman wouldn't follow. He was wrong the Swordsman cut the line out from under Clint, who fell to the ground below.

Now both Barney and Trick Shot heard the commotion and came running to see what was going on, and Trick Shot was able to scare the Swordsman away. But it was when Barney heard Clint's story he got mad, see he figured Clint should have taken the money and kept his mouth shut. Well Clint was taken to the hospital, and Barney disappeared that night. Trick Shot that made Clint an offer; he would continue the train the kid in archery, for a price to be named later.
So Clint learned from the man, who even introduced him to the concept of the gimmick arrow. And so Clint learned some more, and practiced some more, until he was almost as good as Trick Shot. But then game the time for the price to named, and it was going to be something Clint didn't want to pay. See Trick Shot was also an assassin, and he brought Clint along on a job, to watch his back. Clint did what he was told, not sure what exactly Trick Shot was doing in there, but then he was shot from behind. The bullet only grazed him, and reacting on instinct, he turned and fired an arrow, at a man who turned out to be his own brother.

Then Trick Shot showed up and was going to drag Clint away, but he refused to leave his brother who needed help. Trick Shot pinned Clint to a tree, with a warning, one day he would come back, to kill Clint for turning on him. Clint got himself free and eventually arranged to get himself and brother help, but he never did hear from Trick shot again. And after that, he went on to work back at the carnival.
He stayed there for several more years, and became the star of the show himself. His archery was a big hit with the people for a while anyway. But then the heroes started to show up in the world, and what would you know, Clint even got to see one in action himself. Of course at the carnival no one even paid attention to him when Iron Man showed up, and Hawkeye just went and decided to become a hero himself. Of course things worked out exactly the opposite of that. Clint on his first outing was mistaken for a villain, and then conned into fighting Iron Man. He lost of course, but was able to get away, though Black Widow kind of abandoned him then. He did a few more things as a villain, and then when members of the Avengers were leaving, Clint decided to send his resume, in the form of beating and tying up Jarvis of course. Surprisingly he managed to make the team.

So Hawkeye joined the Avengers, and of course he instantly butted heads with one Captain America. Of course no one can constantly butt heads with Captain America, and through actions Cap earned Hawkeye's trust. Clint still yelled at Cap every now and then, and Iron Man as well, hey someone hat to put those fancy people in their place after all. But he had a few adventures with the Avengers, but like anyone else he left the team a few times, but always came back to them.
One of the times that Clint left the Avengers, he meet the lady known as Mockingbird, whom he eventually married. Of course he went back to join the Avengers, and brought his lady with him, and what do you know that Hawkeye was asked to lead the new team of Avengers being formed, a West Coast branch of the Avengers. Hawkeye lead the team for a while, eventually got into a fight with Mockinbird. She left the team and came back, he left when she did and worked with the Great Lakes Avengers...yeah that was a downpoint. He rejoined the Avengers, West coast branch was disbanded. Came back to NY team, left again and went on walkabout. Realized he was a freaking jerk to his wife on the trip decided to come back to apologize, plus the Avengers need him, not the same without him or something like that.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/03/13 20:00 Two Arrowheads Are Better Than One Hawkeye, Hawkette During routine patrols, Clint runs into an amateur crime-fighter.
01/06/13 19:00 Training Day Hawkeye, Hawkette Hawkette meets Hawkeye per prior instructions and is tested.
12/26/12 12:00 The Apology Hawkeye & Mockingbird Hawkeye comes back after time away to apologize to his wife.
12/28/2012 20:00 Dinner Date Hawkeye & Mockingbird Hawkeye and Mockbird have a Dinner Date to try and get things back to normal


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