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Thousands of years ago Odin, ruler of all Asgard, mated with the earth goddess Jord and then bore for him a powerful heir who he named Thor.

Thor was taken from Jord just after his birth and given to the goddess Frigga who acted as a surrogate mother until Thor grew to adulthood. The true nature of his birth by Jord was concealed from him.

Odin adopts the son of the Frost Giant chieftain who he slew in battle. The child was named Loki and raised alongside Thor. Loki was jealous of the favoritism Thor was shown and sought to constantly bring ruin to his adoptive brother.

As a child Thor travels with Odin to the mountains of Nidalvellir to meet the master dwarven smiths Brokk and Eitri. Odin orders that they create for Thor the hammer Mjolnir from the most powerful metal in all of Asgard. Thor would not be allowed to wield the weapon until Odin believed he was worthy.

Thor saves a young Sif from Hela by offering the death goddess his life in exchange for hers. Hela is so impressed that she lets them both go unharmed. Now having faced death and survived Odin deems Thor as worthy to possess Mjolnir and for the first time Thor lifts the legendary hammer. He is allowed to eat the golden apples of Idunn and thus takes his place amongst the gods of Asgard.

Thor continues for hundreds of years battling the monstrous enemies of Asgard.

Thor visits Midgard for the first time seeking to see the world of his mother. The Norse people impressed by the Asgardian prince begin to worship him. The religion spreads and worship of the entire Asgardian pantheon begins.

Loki, angered by the worship of his brother, tricks the Norsemen into attacking and burning a monastery of the fledgling Christian religion killing innocents in the name of Thor. Thor, angered by this, withdraws back to Asgard.

Odin orders Thor back to Midgard to live as a mortal.Thor lives two mortal lives as the Germanic heroes Sigemund and Sigfried. He slays the giant Fafnir and falls in love with the Valkyrie Brunnhilde. Siegfried is murdered and Thor is reborn. Ordin wipes his memories of these events.

Thor's arrogance grows and he violates a long standing treaty with the Frost Giants bringing about an era of renewed conflict. Angered by his son's pride and blatant disregard for his orders Odin sends Thor to Mirdgard again his spirit hosted by a medical student named Donald Blake.

Blake completes medical school and becomes a doctor.

Ten years after unknowingly receiving Thor's spirit Blake witnesses the landing of the alien species known as the Kronans. Blake flees in fear to a cave where he finds a cane and unknowingly strikes a rock. The cane had been planted by Odin and the impact frees Thor's spirit. In a flash of lightning Thor is reborn on Earth. Thor then drives off the aliens.

Thor begins to live a dual life both as a human in the form of Donald Blake and as an Asgardian god turned superhero in his true form. Thor falls in love with Jane Foster who is one of Blake's nurses and refuses to return home at Odin's request due to his love for her.

Loki becomes aware of Thor's presence on Midgard and begins to take an active roll in thwarting him there. Loki's manipulations bring about several recurring villains and play a role in the formation of the Avengers.

Thor joins with Hulk, Ant-Man, the Wasp, and Iron Man in founding a group which is initially called The Avengers because "it sounded good". Captain America signs on within weeks and the name is formalized with the introduction of a charter.

Loki's continues to plot against Thor who then draws help from Asgard to battle several foes on Earth in a "Trial of the Gods". This further exacerbates the fact that he is not simply a meta-human hero and forces him to take a self-imposed leave of absence from the Avengers.

Thor encounters the demigod Hercules and rescues him from Pluto. The duo become fast friends.

Thor aids the Avengers against Kang and the Super Skrull. He learns the true origins of Galactus.

Odin summons Jane Foster to Asgard and presents her with a test which, if passed, will earn Thor's love of her his blessing. Jane fails the test and her memory of her love for Thor is completely removed by Odin who then sends her back to Earth. Thor is forced to retain his love for Jane Foaster and suffers for it. Thor remains in Asgard for a time.

Odin sends Thor's childhood friend Sif to aid him while battling the Unknown. Thor, so impressed by her skill in battle, begins to fall in love with her.

Thor battles the Asgardian troll Ulik and joins with his allies in a battle against the Enchanters Three. He defeats the death goddess Hela and battles Mangog who sought the Odinsword.

Him attempts to kidnap Sif but is stopped by Thor. This encounter further fuels Thor's love for Sif.

Loki takes possession of Odin's ring and seizes control of Asgard. The fire demon Surtur is then unleashed upon Asgard. Thor defeats the demon and then deposes his step-brother.

Having rectified his feeling about Jane Foster, Thor begins returning to Midgard again when summoned by the Avengers to do battle with their greatest foes.

Thor defeats Mangog who attempts to take the Odinsword and is ultimately embroiled in a fight with the Midgard Serpent. At the moment the serpent is to strike and poison Thor his father intervenes placing a mortal in the path of the snake and thus bringing about a false Ragnarok as Thor does not die.

Thor rallies with his father to stand against the Celestials. In the battle that follows Thor learns not only the history of Asgard but also his true history in that he is the half-son of Jord, known as Gaea, the goddess of Earth.

Knowing now why he is drawn to Earth he begins to return to it more frequently. He battles several notable foes including Heralds of Galactus and Mephisto. Thor learns of the God Eater who is the embodiment of the energies of the death gods of several pantheons and does battle with it. He learns of the creature's connection to Gaea and that its destruction is also therefore the destruction of his half-brother.

SHIELD sends Thor to intercept an approaching space vessel and encounters an alien known as Beta Ray Bill. The two clash and Bill proves to be the superior combatant but his intentions are made clear by his ability to lift Mjolnir who can only be hefted by a worthy individual.

Beta Ray Bill travels with Thor to Asgard at the behest of Odin. There he battles Thor for possession of Mjolnir but is ultimately granted Stormbreaker a hammer whose powers are identical to Mjolnir and aids the Asgardians in battling a demonic horde led by the demon Surtur. In the fight Odin and Surtur disappear into a rift and are presumed dead. Bill returns to Midgard.

With his father dead, Thor remains in Asgard driving off Hela and eventually freeing a number of mortal souls she had trapped.

Thor returns to Earth and is turned into a frog by Loki but eventually convinces his half-brother to reverse the enchantment. While aiding X-Factor in a rescue of one of their own Hela, furious for the previous theft of souls from her realm, curses Thor so that his bones are as brittle a glass and unable to heal while granting him true immortality such that these wounds could not heal him.

Thor dons a protective set of Asgardian armor to protect his bones. Ice Giants uncover the Midgard Serpant who had been masquerading as Fing Fang Foom and send it to battle Thor. Thor engages the creature and time stops on Earth for all mortal creatures as they battle for the Ragnarok appears to be at hand. Thor defeats the serpent but Hela's curse prevents the Ragnarok from occurring as Thor cannot die from the Serpant's to signify the end.

Loki then intervenes and uses the Destroyer to finish the Ice Giants before setting it loose on Thor's weakened state. The Destroyer cannot destroy Thor either and thus Thor is able to take control of it and uses it against Hela. The death goddess is thus convinced to restore Thor and lift his curse.

Thor participates in Operation: Galactic Storm on the Shi'ar Team led by Captain Marvel. Following the capture of the Supreme Intelligence he votes that the creature should be killed for its acts of genocide. The vote to do so is not carried and Captain America orders that the creature be spared.

Iron Man leads Thor and the other dissenters against the Supreme Intelligence ultimately killing it. This creates a great divide amongst the Avengers and Thor, feeling responsible, shifts more attention to Earth until the matter is resolved so that there will not be further suffering for his action.


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06/01/12 17:39 A Son Returns Sif, Thor, and Odin Thor and Sif return to Asgard to seek Odin's permission to live on Earth.
10/10/12 08:04 NEWS - Interview with the Avengers Now Magazine Spider-man Exclusive
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