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* A brilliant man, Tony is the son of Howard Stark, he enrolled in MIT's electrical engineering program at the age of 15, graduated and inherited Stark Industries from his father after both his father and mother were killed in a car acccident. By the age of 21, Stark turned the company into a giant multi-million dollar company largely in support of the US Military.

* On a trip for a field test of a new weapon he was injured ( metal lodged near his heart ), captured, and effectively blackmailed with is life to create a weapon for Wong Chu, communist leader there. With the help of another scientist Tony created the first Iron Man suit, a grey transistorized armor that also served to prevent the metal fragment from reaching his heart.

* The new Iron Man escaped the with the help of James Rhodes, then a Lieutenant chopper pilot.

* Returned to the US Tony created the fiction of Iron Man being his body guard, only allowing those closest to him to know the real truth.

* In the following years Iron Man became a force to defend the security of first America and then the world as a whole, playing a key role in the creation, startup, and arming of SHIELD as well as being a founding member of the Avengers.

* Tony's an alcoholic, a weakness that will hit him in moments of high stress, the most 'important' time he'd gone so far as to leaving the role of Iron Man, lost all his armor, fortune, Stark International, personal apartments, all his personal accounts made inaccessible at the direction of a relatively (then) mysterious Obediah Stane.

* James Rhodes took over the role of Iron Man at this point, had issues with the interface that made him violently angry and hostile to Tony. Eventually Tony with a crude set of armor he'd been working on as therapy for his recovery had to subdue Rhodes and fix the interface for the other man.

* Rhodes's two friends Morley and Clytemnestra Erwin created a new company Circuits Maximus along with the help of Rhodes himself and Stark.

* Obediah, concerned with Stark's turn around blew up Circuits Maximus, killing Morley and injuring Rhodes. Stark donned a new set of untested armor he was working on for the West Coast Avengers and went after Obediah. Obediah had crated a set of armor himself, becoming Iron Monger, and the two battled until Stark won, at which point Obediah committed suicide.

* The events with Stane and Circuits Maximus made it clear to Tony that he needed to remain as Iron Man despite the constant battle that he would always have with his alchoholism. After recovering access to his fortune he decides to found Stark Enterprises as opposed to re-purchasing Stark International, basing it in Los Angeles.

* Joining the West Coast avengers as Iron Man, Stark also founded a new company focused on space tech.

* From a young age Tony's been brilliant, to this day is nearly unsurpassed in his understanding of theoretical physics, mechanics and science in general has allowed him to continually re-design and improve the armor from it's original transistor based systems to a light weight magnetically enhanced system driven by cybernetic interfaces and integrated circuits.

* As Tony Stark he's a rich industrialist at the forefront of the world, he has a close personal assistant: Pepper Potts that has been an on again, off again rommantic interest - one of those things that never quite works. His personal chauffeur Harold 'Happy' Hogan is also one of those few that long with Pepper Tony reveals the truth of his identity as Iron Man to.

* The Armor Wars was named as such because Tony became concerned that others were stealing and misusing his designs for armor and weaponry. Deciding to take action he goes on a hunt to disable other armored villans -and- heroes that are using suits based on his designs for the Iron Man armor. Spymaster was the primary 'leak' for this information, having stolen the designs at various points. Defeating several armor wearers including Stilt Man and Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man accidentally kills Titanium man when his boot jets cause the other's armor to over heat. Such was his determination to hunt down and disable derivative works Tony attacked and defeated Stingray only to learn that the other's armor didn't use any of his designs. Publicly firing Iron Man to save face he continues his hunt, taking on and defeating the SHIELD sponsored Mandroid's before Iron Man is declared an outlaw by the US Government.

* Firepower is the US's answer to Iron Man and they send him after Tony who finds that he's unable to beat Firepower in a direct confrontation. Faking his death and destroying his Silver armor, it takes Firepower going rogue to convince Tony to build a new suit of armor to take on and defeat Firepower while claiming publicly that the new Iron Man is a new person than whom was killed earlier. With Firepower dealt with the Armor Wars come to a close, Tony realizing that it's more important that he continue his work as Iron Man than to completely stop developing and advancing the technology because of fear of it's misuse.


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Date Title Characters Summary
06/10/12 15:00 Asgardian Prisons and Dates Ms. Marvel, Tony Stark Carol meets with Tony about developing a means to imprison Loki. Tony hits on Carol. Again.
06/22/12 Manhattan Under Siege Finale Iron Man, Black Panther, Havok, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, Ares, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Night Raven, American Dream Hades returns, Heroes battle the Shadow Army
06/24/12 13:00 Gods Have Points of View, Too Ms. Marvel, Vision, Iron Man, Sif, Ares Sif summons the Avengers to talk about Ares. Tempers flare. Then Ares shows up. Things do not get better.
06/24/12 19:30 Flirtation and Competition Suzanne Endo, Tony Stark Suzanne and Tony both end up taking an evening off from helping to rebuild NYC, and encounter one another in the posh confines of the Hellfire Club. Imagine that.
07/16/12 15:00 MGH: Who in the World is Aaron Kelsey Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Sandman, Iron Man The Avengers follow up on the Mutant Growth Hormone problem, researching one of the now-identified mutant children recovered from the facility and in SHIELD custody


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