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The story of the Eternals — as they understand it — is this: The First Host of Celestials experimented with mankind and created divergent races: the genetically and atomically unstable Deviants, the humans (who would later birth their own divergent breeds), and the Eternals. The Second Host came to check up on their experiments and subsequently destroyed Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu after being accosted (ineffectually) by the Deviants. The Third Host came and went without incident. The Fourth — and final — Host, however, remains to be seen. Stories exist of a Dreaming Celestial on the west coast … but, Sersi isn't really the one to ask about /that/ nonsense.

She's the daughter of the Eternals Helios and Perse and one of (if not the) youngest of the fourth generation of Eternals — most specifically, those born after the coming of the Second Host and the resulting Great Cataclysm.

She is the originator of the legends of Circe, the legendary transmuter of men to pigs, and her adventures among mankind are legendary. She was present in Rome during Nero's reign … and, later, was an aid to Merlin in exposing an imposter. She was in France for a while during the Revolution and was even friends with Thomas Chatterton, an English poet. Her adventures throughout life have taken her practically everywhere at least once or twice, though she might have trouble remembering from time to time. After over twenty thousand years, though … can anyone blame her for not remembering who was at that one party in Camelot?
She has fought a cosmically-powered mechanical Hulk, all manner of Deviants, and many more threats over the years. She grew affectionate toward an anthropology professor and saved the life of a man pursuing suicide; but her strange nature was enough to eventually set the former adrift and the latter to die in Lemuria during an ill-fated mission into the Deviants' domain.

Much time has passed since then. Where the others seemed set to play out their Eternal soap opera, she preferred the one among humans; at least they didn't have the pretense of being 'better' than all that nonsense. She has since more or less estranged herself from her fellow Eternals in recent years, with the greater threat of the Deviants now well behind them. While she keeps up on the family gossip from time to time, she prefers to spend her days in the here-and-now, focused on the lovely people she's acquainted with more. They aren't liable to beg her to rush off to some obscure place and go into battle; that's just not /her/ style.

She has come to know most — if not all — of the world's elite. Superheroes, supermodels, celebrities … all the big names know Sersi and Sersi knows them. While few might believe she's /really/ an Eternal, the Avengers know her quite well. She's spent some time gallivanting around with them and has been involved in some crazy shenanigans.

Such shenanigans weren't entirely harmless, however. After entering Uni-Mind with the Brethren Leader — a forbidden act among her kind — her psyche seemed to be compromised.

During her involvement with the Kree-Shi'ar war, she was one of the Avengers who disagreed with the order not to kill the Supreme Intelligence. She, with others, ostensibly took care of the threat, but things just haven't seemed the same since.

She's finally back to settling into her old ways as a part-time Avenger, full-time party girl. Or trying to, at any rate. The already 'off' Eternal is a bit more off-kilter these days.


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