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*The Vision was created by Ultron, whom in turn was created by Dr. Hank Pym. The Vision's creation was a means for which Ultron sought to destroy his creator and the Avengers.

*The Vision is dispatched to lead the Avengers into a trap. However, since he was created with his own morals and beliefs, he turned against Ultron and joined the Avengers rather than destroy them. Ultron is defeated.

*The Vision joins the Avengers officially, after a trial in which his powers are tested by the Avengers.

*The Vision, not in control of himself, betrays the Avengers when he steals Adamantium from SHIELD. He uses this metal alloy to rebuild his creator, Ultron, into an unstoppable machine. The Vision regains control of himself and his senses but only in time for Ultron to escape. Ultron seeks to use a nuclear device to destroy New York. The vision, in an effort to attone for his actions, disarms the explosive devices.

*The Vision first meets Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, after the Avengers encounter Arkon and stop him from destroying Earth.

*After saving the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, the trio seek to rescue Captain Marvel. The heroes arrive at the Baxter Building, home of the Fantastic Four, and witness Captain Marvel rescueing Rick Jones from the Negative Zone. Annihilus is released from the Negative Zone and the heroes are forced to push him back into his own dimension. Captain Marvel is seriously injured by the radiation of that dimension and the Vision uses the building up Solar Energy to reempower Captain Marvel and save his life.

*Captain Marvel gets captured by Ronan the Accuser and a Kree Sentry during his recovery. The Avengers track them to an odd tropical island in the arctic. Half the team gets de-evolved into ape-like creatures and turn against Vision, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Rick Jones. Vision and Scarlet Witch get captured during the melee and during their capture they express their budding feelings to one another. The two of them are rescued by Quicksilver and Rick Jones and everyone is saved when Ronan retreats.

*The Vision is overwhelmed by Alien mechinations, Kree activity in the Arctic, alien hysteria on Earth, Government hearings and a Skrull Plot to disband the Avengers. Upon returning to the Mansion, the Vision collapses. The Avengers, with the help of Dr. Pym in his Ant Man guise, struggle to repair the Synthezoid. Vision explains Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were captured by shapechanging beings. Vision and the Avengers went to rescue them.
*Three Skrulls are captured and the Avengers learn it is the Super Skrull that took the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. With Captain Marvel's help and SHIELD's resources, the Avengers make a rescue effort for the captured Avengers in the Andromeda galaxy. Upon learning of the threat to Wanda, the Vision nearly beats a Skrull ship captain to death. The Avengers learn that they are smack dab in the middle of the Kree and Skrull War. Rick Jones manifests incredible powers and uses them to end the War… at the expense of draining himself of most of his life force. Vision and the rest of the Avengers sacrifice a portion of their own life forces to save Rick Jones.

*The Vision is summoned by the Villainous Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper believes the Vision to be his brother, due to his mental and emotional matrices being developed from his actual brother, Wonder Man. He seeks to enlist the Vision's aid to get revenge on the Avengers for Wonder Man's death. The Vision refuses. Back at Avengers Mansion, a Sentinel arrives and abducts the Scarlet Witch, despite the Vision's best efforts to stop it.

*The Avengers track the Sentinels to their base in Australia and fight their way inside. The Vision frees Wanda from a device that is meant to power the Sentinel's weapon and Wanda attacks the lead Sentinel. With the Sentinels defeated, the base is destroyed and the Avengers head home.

*The Vision continued to brood over and ponder Grim Reaper's offer. This became nearly all consuming in Vision's mind and it was starting to become apparent to others that something was up. Meanwhile, The Grim Reaper and Space Phantom have teamed up and have taken most of the Avengers as captives. Grim Reaper reveals his plan to the Vision and asks again for him to join with him. The Vision agrees only as a means of getting close to the villains. The Vision's ruse is only semi-successful as it allows Captain America an opportunity to attack when Vision pits The Grim Reaper and Space Phantom against each other. The Space Phantom attacks Avengers Mansion with Hydra soldiers and is defeated by Captain Marvel. The Grim Reaper escapes and the Avengers return home, where Vision and Scarlet Witch once again rekindle their relationship.
*After a public display of affection with Wanda, the Vision is attacked by a terrorist group known as the Living Bombs. The Vision is critically injured but is saved by the Avengers. Tony Stark succeeds in stablizing him at Stark Industries and the Vision recovers.

*The Vision is sent back in time by Immortus as a means of revealing the Vision's past to him. He is sent back to the late 1930s and learns that he is, in body, the original Human Torch. In his travels through time, the Vision witnessed his creation by Ultron and learned of his body's origin and how Ultron used the brain patterns of Simon Williams to create his consciousness and emotions.

*Upon returning from his trip through the past, the Vision is transported to the Dark Dimension. It is here that he discovers that The Scarlet Witch has been abducted and taken prisoner by Dormammu. The Vision rescues Wanda and the two of them defeat Dormammu. Once they are transported back to the mansion, The Vision expresses his love for Wanda and proposes. The Wedding is held in Vietnam and presided over by Immortus. Kang crashes the wedding and abducts a space Phantom who is in the guise of Mantis.
*After the honeymoon, the Vision and Wanda buy a house in New Jersey. The two take time away from Superheroics and try to live a normal life. However, they find themselves drawn to the home of the Inhumans with Wanda's brother, Quicksilver. This is when and where Magneto arrives and reveals to Wanda and Quicksilver that he is their natural father.

*After an encounter with an energy barrier, the Vision was injured. During his time recovering, the Vision interfaces with ISAAC, the super computer of the moon Titan. He does this in an effort to gain knowledge that would help in his self repairs. He uses this new knowledge to improve the Avengers' effectiveness.

*The Vision began thinking through the expansion of the Avengers to extend their influence and improve upon their ability to respond to a crisis. Relaying his ideas to Hawkeye, it led to the founding of the West Coast Avengers.

*Wanda, using her magical abilities, became pregnant. She gave birth to their twin sons: William and Thomas.
The Vision became chairman of the Avengers during a time when most were off fighting in the Secret Wars. ISAAC's influence began making the Vision obsess about Earth's defense and he concocted a plan to take over all of Earth's computers so that he could more efficiently protect and monitor Earth. He was convinced that his behavior was erratic and he removed the control crystal in his forehead, which became corrupted by ISAAC.

*In a direct response to the Vision's aborted attempt to take over the world's computers and defense systems, rogue agents of the U.S. Government subdued and abducted the Synthezoid. The Vision was dismantled and was no more. The Avengers eventually recovered his pieces, but Hank Pym had no way of duplicating the emotion matrix. Simon Williams refused to allow his personality and emotions to be used in the Vision again. So the Vision was rebuilt without it. The Vision was brought back into being, but as a completely emotionless and stark-white being.

*The Vision and wanda seperated after it was revealed that their children were actually shards of the demon Mephisto. They disappeared from existance when they were reabsorbed into him. The seperation was a result of the Vision's emotionless state and wanda's temporary insanity over the loss of their boys.
The Vision serves with the main Avengers team while Wanda serves with the West Coast Avengers after their seperation. The Vision, still completely white in appearance, does eventually regain some of his old emotional abilities. The Vision also adopts the brain patterns of deceased scientist, Alex Lipton which allows him to further his emotional growth.

The West Coast Avengers are disassembled and disbanded and Wanda returns to the main Avengers team. When this happens, Wanda and the Vision reconcile and continue their relationship as just friends.

*The Avengers are propelled into a galactic conflict known as Galactic Storm. The Vision is assigned to a team of Avengers that goes to the Shi'ar side of the conflict to negotiate with their leaders to end the hostilities.

*Just as peace negotiations are ready to begin, Skrulls steal a powerful weapon of mass destruction from the Shi'ar known as the Nega-Bomb. wonder Man and the Vision attempt to stop the bomb's detonation, but the bomb explodes and devestates Kree Space and kills billions. Wonder Man is saved by the nature of his ionic body and the Vision is spared because he becomes intangible and is unharmed by the explosion. The result of the conflict is that the Shi'ar will annex the remaining Kree territories. With the conflict over, the Avengers return to Earth.


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Date Title Characters Summary
02/16/13 15:00 No Dinner in Chinatown The Vision, X-23 Chance encounter at a restaurant in Chinatown. X-23 and Victor Shade bemoan the lack of service.
04/05/13 Post Civil War before its time The Vision, Network, Black Panther Some Realities seem to be really mad and dystopic. Like the one where an alternative Network comes from
04/06/13 Disassembe! I Network, The Vision, AIM-Henchman When Network reveals information about some corrupt politician, the Vision arrives to stop an AIM-Henchman who uses a Data Disassembler in the libraries server rooms, and Network joins in.
04/06/13 Disassemble! II Network, The Vision, AIM-Henchman Conclusion of Disassembe!
04/13/13 17:30 A Saturday the ol' Job Site Vision, Juggernaut, X-23, Rhino (Emitted) Rhino was hired to wreck a construction site, Juggernaut and X-23 try to stop him as Vision arrives
05/11/13 09:00 Morning "Coffee" Break Scarlet Witch, The Vision Wanda and Vision run into each other in the Library. They discuss briefly what has happened to them and a "date" is briefly proposed by one of them.
06/08/12 13:00 Avengers Play Tag Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Vision, Sandman Ms. Marvel, Vision and eventually Sandman join American Dream in the simulator room for some 'fun' exercise.
06/19/12 21:30 MGH Plot: Who Would Do Such a Thing Ms. Marvel, Black Widow, Vision Black Widow and Vision catch Carol up on what they've found so far on the MGH investigation.
06/24/12 13:00 Gods Have Points of View, Too Ms. Marvel, Vision, Iron Man, Sif, Ares Sif summons the Avengers to talk about Ares. Tempers flare. Then Ares shows up. Things do not get better.
06/24/2012 Thinking of then, Thinking of now Black Widow, The Vision The Vision and Black Widow speak about past teams and current affairs.
07/07/12 15:14 Saturday Afternoon Blindfold, Cyclops, the Phantasm, Seth, and the Vision Saturday afternoon at the diner.
07/14/12 14:15 She. . .Not It Sandman, the Vision, and Jocasta, SHIELD scientist Jocasta awakes and is greeted by Sandman and the Vision
07/28/2012 "Day time" Simulator Room Run In Hercules, The Vision The Vision is working on the computer in the simulator room when Herc walks in and speaks with the "Not quite right" Vizh.
07/30/12 14:00 Heavy Metal Horde: Rogue Vision Unleashed Vision, Ms. Marvel After the incident with Hercules in the Simulator, Vision has gone rogue. He has to be stopped.
08/13/12 22:00 Re-Introductions Vision, Scarlet Witch, Ms. marvel Three Avengers in down-time, getting reacquainted.
08/31/12 11:30 Backhand for the Win The Vision, Blacklash The Vision practices a backhand he learned from Dr. Pym on Blacklash
09/28/12 10:00 Random Act of Violence Exodus & The Vision Exodus threatens innocents.
10/13/2012 Life: A Discussion The Vision, Scarlet Witch The Vision and Scarlet Witch run into each other in the Library and a discussion breaks out!
11/30/12 15:04 Friendly Teasing Dagger, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Topaz, and The Vision Teasing all around
12/01/12 15:20 One Skrull's Space-Trash Vision, Sandman, Super-Skrull (as Captain Kree) Vision and Sandman encounter a disguised Super-Skrull
12/24/2012 14:00 Holiday Plans Scarlet Witch, The Vision Wanda and Vizh talk about Christmas and New Years plans
12/31/12 22:30 Quiet New Year Vision, Ms. Marvel Vision and Ms. Marvel avoid going to parties by taking patrol and monitor duty while everyone else is out having fun. And … nothing happens. Seriously. NOTHING!
12/31/2012 15:00 Sanity on a Subway Train? Oblique, The Vision (emitter only) Oblique wanders onto a subway car that just happens to get delayed between stops. Unfortunately, a crazy person starts ranting and raving when the train is stuck.
2013/06/15 09:00 H.A.M.M.E.R. Time Gogo, The Vision Vision and Gogo are alerted to a mysterious presence in the Upper West Side. It turns out remnants of HAMMER are up to no good.


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