Real Name Julia Eugenia Cornwall
Portrayed by Sarah Carter
Gender Female
Place of Birth Los Angeles
Date of Birth
Age 28
Aliases Spider-Woman II
Origin Altered Human
Current Location Manhattan
Occupation Hero
Team Avengers, Thunderbolts, Marvel Knights
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Rachel Carpenter
Significant Other
Known Abilities

Character Details

*Born Julia Eugenia Cornwall in Los Angeles, California. Her childhood was uneventful, she went to college in Denver, Colorado, married (Larry Carpenter), had a child (Rachel Carpenter), quit college, got divorced.
*While living in Denver she ran into her former college friend Val Cooper who asked her to participate in an 'athletic study.'*The study turns out to be more of an experiment and Julia is the guinea pig. The scientists inject her with a mix of spider toxin and plant extracts which have the side effect of giving her powers.
*With these new powers and much convincing from Val, she does some work for the government, working along side a variety of independent heroes, including Spider-Man.
*She is then pulled into Battle World by the Beyonder, when he takes part of her Denver suburb, and works side by side with all kinds of heroes, Avengers, F4, some X-People, Spider-Man, etc.
* When everything gets back to normal she joins up with Freedom Force which has her tangling with Magneto, the X-Men and Avengers as well as other groups.
*Due to Julia's lifestyle and peculiar absences her ex-husband has sued for custody of thier child and wins.
*Freedom Force manages to capture the Avengers (they were framed), but Julia feels guilty and helps them escape. Leading to her leaving Freedom Force and going back to freelance work.
*The freelance work causes her to leave Denver and head to California looking for a specific group of villians.
*While in California she meets up and assists the West Coast Avenger's on several occasions, becoming a part time member with them, cutting ties with Val Cooper for the time being.
*After time spent with WCA she goes to NYC, regains custody of Rachel, and recontacts Val Cooper for work.
*IC: Does some freelance work for Val Cooper, mostly having to do with Hydra.
*IC: Is made a full-time Avengers member when Ultron tries to take over all the computers on earth. She takes part in the final battle and the heros win the day.
*IC: Does some freelance work with Black Panther and Night Raven against a Chinatown gang.
*IC: Is approached by Ares to join the Thunderbolts and act as his second in command. Successfully completes a mission to North Korea with the Thunderbolts.
*IC:Ares departs for unknown reasons, USAgent takes over the Thunderbolts.
*IC: Julia takes a leave of absence to deal with stuff and is now back with her teams to deal with whatever bad guys comes her way.


Name Relationship Notes
Rachel Carpenter Daughter Attends Xavier's School
Larry Carpenter Ex-Husband Deceased
Elizabeth Cornwall Mother
Walter Cornwall Father

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Date Title Characters Summary
05/03/2013 2:5 Sandman and Arachne Combat Robots: 0 Arachne & Sandman: 5
06/05/2012 Stop! Theif! Wolverine and Arachne Julia's daughter gets her backpack stolen, Wolverine gets it back
07/26/12 Marvel Knights: Prologue 2 Black Panther and Arachne Black Panther continues to recruit
07/26/2012 Reserve Activation American Dream and Arachne, NPC: Jarvis With most of the Avengers depowered, the Reserves are called in for active duty
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 1: Washington, DC Black Panther, Nightcrawler, Ultragirl, Astraea, Arachne, Ares, NPCS: Doctor Strange, Ariel, Wong, Red Ronin, Iceman, Black Goliath, Wasp, Gargoyle, Falcon, Sunflower, Angel, Screaming Mimi An ecclectic smattering of heroes are gathered in a time of need and sent to help stop the 100-foot behemoth of the Red Ronin under Ultron's control.
08/06/2012 Nearly An Argument Ares and Arachne Ares and Arachne nearly have an argument, but don't and have another conversation entirely
08/07/2012 10:00 Today's Word, Culprit Arachne, Black Panther, Blacklash Blacklash goes after a hit, is stopped by Arachne an Black Panther
08/08/12 13:00 Roster Pains American Dream, Mockingbird, Arachne, Ms. Marvel Some of the Avengers gather, and end up discussing the much-reduced Avengers roster and the team's needs.
08/14/2012 It's Been a Slow Night Spider Man and Arachne Spider-Man and Arachne have had a slow evening, short conversation ensues.
08/15/2012 Attack of the Klaw Ares, Ant Man, Bride of Nine Spiders, Arachne, NPC: Klaw The Klaw is in New York and attacks.
08/16/2012 Going...Going... Boom! Black Panther, Night Raven, Arachne, NPC: Yi-Yang Black Panther, Night Raven and Arachne bust up an illegal auction.
08/17/12 Adjustment Black Panther, Arachne Black Panther helps Arachne with some injuries
08/29/2012 They Didn't Stand A Chance Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Mockingbird and Arachne HYDRA gets its butt handed to them by the ladies of the Avengers.
09/11/2012 You're An Option Ares and Arachne Ares tracks down Arachne to discuss a potential opprotunity
09/12/12 01:12 Hug It Out Arachne, Scorpia and Black Panther Arachne engages Scorpia.
09/12/2012 14:30 Three Spiders and Pym Hank Pym and Arachne Pym's experiments escape, it is up to him and Arachne to recapture them.
09/13/2012 It's Impressive Alright Richenda Gray and Arachne Richenda comes to the Avenger's residence to return something
09/14/2012 Clandestine Meeting Ares and Arachne Ares and Arachne meet to discuss further details about his uber-secret team.
09/23/2012 Six More Arms...No Thanks Spiral and Arachne Spiral and Arachne meet
10/04/2012 Party Pooper Spider-Man and Arachne Spider-Man ducks a party and Arachne chides him for it…amoung other things
10/09/2012 First Mission Briefing Ares, Elektra & Arachne The Thunderbolt's get their first mission
10/10/12 03:45 The Rhino Charges Arachne, Dagger, The Rhino, Lilith Drake, Scarecrow, Porcupine (emitted by Black Panther) and gets cash back on his Discover card.
11/07/12 Eavesdropping Arachne, Madame Masque, Madame Hydra/Viper (emitted by Black Panther) Arachne eavesdrops on Madame Hydra and Masque
11/15/12 New Blood Elektra, USAgent and Arachne USAgent comes to join the Thunderbolts, acts all patriotic
11/19/12 11:16 The Hostess Gang Strikes Again Arachne, Ant-Man II, Black Panther, The Hostess Gang The heroes are confronted with angry members of the Hostess gang as they pass out Hostess pastries
11/27/12 What if... 2 Mirage, Havok, Uatu (the Watcher) Cable, Sabretooth, Maverick, Arachne, Wildchild, Mr Fantastic, H.E.R.B.I.E., Invisible Woman, The Thing, Iron Fist, Power Man, Mysti Knight, Wonder Man, Domino, Colossus, Cyclops, Beast, Thor, Tigra, Firebird, Daredevil, Spider-Man, What if? Ultron, and his Heavy Metal Horde, had defeated the heroes and won the war?
11/30/2012 Recruitment of Night Raven Night Raven and Arachne Arachne brings Night Raven into the Thunderbolts
2012/03/16 Civil War: The Chase is On Jean Grey, Armand, Spiral and Arachne SHIELD is after Arachne. She gets some unexpected help


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