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Earth #982
* Shannon Carter's dad was a small-town cop. Her mom was a teacher. Everything was, quite frankly, idealic until she was in her early teens. There was an accident. Both Shannon's parents died and Shannon herself lost the use of her legs.

* Shannon was taken in by her "aunt" Peggy Carter. For months, Shannon was listless and mired in depression. Hoping to cheer the girl up, Peggy gave Shannon the journals of Sharon Carter. Sharon, Shannon's aunt, was an agent of SHIELD and Captain America's lover. In reading Sharon's adventures, Shannon found inspiration and a goal.

* Shannon underwent intensive physical therapy but didn't stop with merely regaining the use of her legs. She pushed further, training herself in gymnastics, combat, endurance, and strength. She pushed her body to the limit.

* Peggy knew Shannon had reached the limit of what she could do on her own. So, she did two things for her charge. First, she got Shannon a job at the Avengers Museum as a tour guide. Now, Shannon could be near her inspiration every day. Second, Peggy introduced Shannon to Clint Barton, who was now blind and acting as a mentor to the next generation of heroes.
* Shannon trained hard with her fellow students. It was intense and more demanding than even re-learning how to walk. Shannon loved it. She thrived... and when it came time to graduate, she refused the costume Clint Barton picked for her. He had intended for Shannon to become the next Nomad. Instead, she chose the colors of her idol, Captain America. Shannon Carter became the masked heroine known as... American Dream.


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Date Title Characters Summary
04/11/2013 Iron-O Attacks (MGH) American Dream, Network and Topaz Another victim of MGH attacks
04/19/2013 MGH Update American Dream, Network and Topaz American Dream calls Network and Topaz together to tell them nothing is new
04/23/13 12:30 Just Another Tuesday Night...(MGH) American Dream, Hawkette, Network and Topaz After the bar has closed for the evening Topaz has unexpected company
06/08/12 13:00 Avengers Play Tag Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Vision, Sandman Ms. Marvel, Vision and eventually Sandman join American Dream in the simulator room for some 'fun' exercise.
06/15/12 04:00 After Party in Singapore Cybermancer, American Dream Suzanne Endo and Shannon Carter meet by chance at a party and chat for a bit.
06/17/12 21:30 Welcome to Our Parlor, Black Widow Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Black Widow American Dream comes in from patrol, and Black Widow returns to the Mansion, as Carol is going over intel reports on the MGH Investigation.
06/21/12 Manhattan Under Siege pt. Deux Black Panther, American Dream, Mirage, Night Raven The heroes defend the city and some aid workers during the attack.
06/22/12 Manhattan Under Siege Finale Iron Man, Black Panther, Havok, Mockingbird, Ms. Marvel, Ares, Wolfsbane, Mirage, Night Raven, American Dream Hades returns, Heroes battle the Shadow Army
06/22/12 21:30 The Clown Will Eat Me Ms. Marvel, American Dream Carol checks on Shannon after the crisis has past. Sleepless in medbay.
06/25/12 21:00 The Letters to be Written Ms. Marvel, American Dream Shannon is still in medbay due to inability to sleep. Carol checks on her, and takes a step towards her rocky recovery.
06/26/12 14:40 Figurative Codenaming American Dream, Ms. Marvel, and Night Raven American Dream and Night Raven recover from Invasion of Manhattan, Ms. Marvel checks in.
07/16/12 15:00 MGH: Who in the World is Aaron Kelsey Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Sandman, Iron Man The Avengers follow up on the Mutant Growth Hormone problem, researching one of the now-identified mutant children recovered from the facility and in SHIELD custody
07/26/2012 Reserve Activation American Dream and Arachne, NPC: Jarvis With most of the Avengers depowered, the Reserves are called in for active duty
08/06/12 12:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale 5: Omega Squad Assault on Ultron American Dream, Morbius, Human Torch, Hercules, Cyclops, Sunpyre, NPCS: Wasp, Giant Man, Ultron The last and in many ways most vital team to the concerted, coordinated efforts of all of the heroes on this fateful day, the Omega Squad bring together every major hero team and more. Their job is to reach the originator of the Heavy Metal Horde and put an end to this threat to all life on Earth. They must face … ULTRON!
08/08/12 13:00 Roster Pains American Dream, Mockingbird, Arachne, Ms. Marvel Some of the Avengers gather, and end up discussing the much-reduced Avengers roster and the team's needs.
08/13/12 12:00 Welcome Aboard Ms. Marvel, American Dream, Ant-Man Ms. Marvel invites Ant-Man to active roster
08/15/12 15:00 I Scream, You scream ... Carol Danvers, Shannon Carter Carol and Shannon come up with an idea for a celebration.
08/15/12 20:30 We All Scream For Ice Cream Ms. Marvel, Ultragirl, American Dream, Captain America, Beta Ray Bill, Mockingbird, Wanda, Seth, Blindfold, Scarlet Witch, Sandman Carol and Shannon's planned celebration brings in plenty of help.
10/18/12 19:00 Animated Nose Art Rampage American Dream, Ms. Marvel Two Avengers face animated super-strong cartoon creatres animated from nose art illustrations.


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