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Charles Francis Xavier began his life in a struggle and it has continued ever since, but Xavier is not a man without willpower and each challenge has only served to build his character and strengthen his resolve. He is an activist, a teacher, a philanthropist and scientist - his dream is to bring mutant and humankind together. Even when that dream has seemed impossible to fulfill, he has pressed on regardless.
While still in the womb, the son of Dr. Brian and Sharon Xavier faced his first challenge - his Mummudrai, the opposite of everything he was, given physical form in his twin sister. Although not capable of conscious thought, Charles was able to sense the inherent wrongness of his twin and instinctively lash out - using a mental blast to kill her. So, Charles Francis Xavier was born with a stillborn sister - or so he thought. He would find out some years later that this was not the case.
The Xaviers were an exceptionally wealthy family, a mixture of old wealth and the money Brian had made as a particularly brilliant scientific mind. Although the family owned a large estate in upstate New York, Charles was born and raised in Alamogordo, New Mexico, where his father was working on a secret project documenting the genetic layout of mutant infants called the Black Womb project. Brian's work with nuclear power as well as his studies into genetics would have a terrible outcome, however, when he was killed in a nuclear explosion, leaving Sharon widowed and Charles without a father. Brian's research partner Kurt Marko, however, swept in and gave Sharon a shoulder to cry on - and the pair was eventually married. They moved back to New York to live on the family estate.

While living on the estate, Charles began to develop his mutant powers - realizing that Kurt was really after his mother's money, but not sure enough to tell it to her. Kurt also brought his unruly son, Cain, into the household and Cain would often make life hard for Charles, bullying him because Kurt seemed to favor him over his own son. It did not take long before Sharon took to the bottle and Kurt took to beating her, and even though Charles used his budding powers to stop him from time to time as well as try to comfort his mother, it simply wasn't enough and she passed away not long after. It was in an explosion while he was arguing with Cain that Charles lost his only living parent, Kurt doing the only unselfish thing in his life and saving both boys from the fires before succumbing to death. Before he went, however, he told Charles that he had the chance to save Brian but had not taken it. It was with that that Charles was left alone with a fortune; Cain bundled off to his own relatives to be cared for. Charles took his newfound fortune and made something of himself.
Already an intelligent boy, Charles put his nose to the grindstone and graduated from Bard College at the age of eighteen with a degree in biology. Although in both high school and college he excelled at athletics, Charles chose to give them up in favor of academic study as he believed his telepathy granted him an unfair advantage. He left for overseas, attending Oxford where he gained his doctorates in biophysics as well as his MD. He met Moira Kinross here, wooing her away from her then-boyfriend Joe MacTaggert and starting a relationship with her. Although passionate, it was short-lived as Charles was sent away to fight in Korea.
Charles was drafted, sent to fight in the Korean war and, as fate would have it, alongside his half-brother Cain Marko. Charles was not a killer, and so he was assigned to a search and rescue team where he gained the nickname the Good Shepherd, because he would always find the troopers and bring them home safely. It was out on one such mission that his unit came under heavy fire, and when Cain fled he chased after him - trying to bring him back to relative safety. It was while Cain fled that he stumbled across the Temple of Cyttorak, and discovered the mysterious red gem within it. Although Charles warned him not to, Cain touched the gem and was transformed into the Juggernaut, the temple crashing around him with Charles only barely managing to escape. Charles somehow knew, however, that Cain would one day escape and find him. It was only a matter of time.

While Charles was away at war he received a letter from Moira, telling him that she had left him and gotten back together with Joe - and that they were going to marry. Although heartbroken, Charles resolved to travel the world and see the sights. He had had enough of war, and now wished to see what else there was on offer. He returned to Oxford where he received his degree in genetics before traveling to Africa and the Middle East, finally finding himself in Cairo where he met a young pickpocket named Ororo. He could sense something strange about her but was repelled when he tried to investigate, finding the source of this sudden attack in a man named Amahl Farouk - inhabited by the Shadow King, a powerful mutant telepath. Charles had never so much as seen another telepath before but he knew what had to be done and after a brief telepathic conversation, he projected himself into the Astral Plane where he fought the Shadow King and won.
He traveled to Haifa, in Israel, where he met an old friend - Daniel Shomron. It was here that he used his powers to recover a catatonic holocaust victim named Gabrielle Haller from her disorder, as well as where he first met Magneto. Magnus and Charles revealed to each other that they were mutants, and set out to stop Baron von Strucker and HYDRA from stealing a large fortune in Nazi gold after kidnapping Gabrielle, who knew of its location. Charles and Magneto succeeded but realized that their two ideologies clashed and Magneto made off with the gold to start his crusade against humanity. Charles stayed in Haifa for a time with Gaby, but the eventually parted ways and Charles returned to traveling.
It was while Charles was hiking through the Himalayas that he sensed a strange presence in a town and went to investigate, uncovering that an alien calling himself 'Lucifer' had the townsfolk under his control. He was preparing Earth for an alien invasion, and although Charles managed to thwart his plans he was fooled by the alien and crushed under a falling block. His legs shattered beyond repair, Lucifer teleported away and left Charles to rot. But Charles crawled his way out from beneath the rubble and halfway down the mountain, where, almost dead from exhaustion, he was found by Tessa who helped get him to a hospital in India. Charles was inconsolable (or so it would seem), but he met a nurse by the name of Amelia Voght and things took a turn for the better for the first time in a long while.

Although Charles would never again walk, he found what he thought to be his soul-mate in Amelia and the pair moved back to America where they moved into the Xavier Mansion. They were happy for a time, Charles and Amelia confronted Magnus - who had become Magneto - at the ruins of Auschwitz where he confirmed Charles' worst fears. That he would continue to wage his war against humanity and there was nothing that Charles could do to change his mind. So Charles resolved that he would have to stop him, returning to America where he found Scott Summers and turned him into the very first X-Men. He began to train him, teaching him to use his powers while Amelia watched on disapprovingly. She did not like the idea of mutants making themselves so widely known, and so she decided to leave Charles - and in his anger he reached out telepathically to change her mind. Although he immediately regretted this and rescinded his telepathic command, she slapped him and he knew that she would never again love him for having dared to try something like that on her.
Charles had his X-Men to worry about, however, and assembled more young mutants at his Mansion - now a school - to teach them to control their powers as well as to combat the upcoming threat of evil mutants. Beast, Angel and Iceman were all found and recruited by Xavier. It was at the eleventh hour, however, that Xavier decided to include a young girl he had been tutoring for some time after the death of her friend in a car accident - Jean Grey. The X-Men now consisting of Marvel Girl, Beast, Angel, Iceman and Cyclops, they were ready. Xavier was, however, contacted in secret by Tessa - the girl who had rescued him in the Himalayas - and he chose to train her in secret, keeping her existence secret from the other X-Men. Eventually he planted her in the Hellfire Club to spy on Sebastian Shaw.
It was soon after this that Xavier attempted to combat the rising mutant hysteria in a television debate with Bolivar Trask, but his seemingly arrogant demeanor caused him to lose - Trask unveiling the first generation of mutant-hunting Sentinels. The X-Men managed to stop them, of course, but they would be a thorn in their side forevermore. Charles had watched Scott grow over time and recognized him as the best choice for the team's field leader and so he began to teach him the secrets of the Mansion. The X-Men were now truly beginning to take form.

Soon after, however, Xavier attempted to reverse the curse that had turned his half-brother Cain into the Juggernaut and was put into a coma by the resulting explosion. The Juggernaut went on a rampage and the X-Men hurried off to stop him, eventually managing to do so but losing Charles to a group known only as Factor Three while they left the Mansion unguarded. They eventually found Charles again, discovering that Factor Three was in fact a group of mutant villains being controlled by an alien preparing planet Earth for invasion. The X-Men defeated him and rescued Xavier, who then told them that they had fully graduated from his school and were now free to do as they pleased.
Charles learnt of another alien threat directly after this, however, and knew that he needed to go into seclusion to work on it without being bothered. He also knew that the X-Men needed their mentor and so he unlocked the telepathic abilities he had sealed away in Jean years earlier and charged the repentant Changeling with taking over as him while he hid in a psi-shielded haven deep beneath the Mansion. He was preparing to stop the Z'Nox from invading, but while he was working on this his duplicate was killed by Grotesk and the X-Men believed him dead - Jean the only one who knew the truth. Unable to reveal that it wasn't the real Professor, however, Jean said nothing and Xavier was thought dead and buried.
Xavier, having planned out the attack, emerged from his hiding place months later (much to the amazement of his X-Men) and told them of his plan. He used all their powers together as one, taking the psychic energy of every person on Earth to force back the Z'Nox threat. It worked but Charles was exhausted, lapsing into a coma that would have been irreversible had it not been for the timely intervention of Bruce Banner who managed to awaken the Professor using a device of his own invention. However, it was soon after this that Cerebro sensed a powerful mutant on the island of Krakoa, and so Xavier dispatched his X-Men to investigate. They were surprised to find that the island itself was a mutant, and were captured with the exception of Cyclops. Xavier was forced to form a new team to rescue the old.

There had been a number of mutants that Charles had encountered in his travels for one reason or another he had excluded from the first team of X-Men, but with his original X-Men captured he had no time for these reservations. He brought together Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Sunfire and Banshee under the leadership of Cyclops and sent them to rescue the other X-Men. They were successful and returned to the Mansion, but the senior X-Men decided to distance themselves from the team in order to find a life for themselves outside fighting evil mutants. Charles respected this and began to recruit other mutants to his school, teaching them to control their powers and combat the evil forces that would threaten the dream they all shared. However, Charles made a wrong choice - one of his students was too brash, too proud, and he would pay for it with his life. This student was Thunderbird, who was killed while fighting Count Nefaria - all the while in a mind link with Charles, who felt everything that the young mutant did.
Charles was hit hard by this and went on a leave of absence from the X-Men, his trusted friend Moira MacTaggert taking over in lieu of him. While he was away, however, he began to dream of a war between alien races and was shocked, upon his return, to find that his dream had become reality - meeting for the first time Lilandra Neramani, Princess of the Shi'ar Empire. She revealed that when Xavier had projected the psionic wave that repelled the Z'Nox, he had accidentally established a mental link with Lilandra and she had immediately recognized him as her soul mate. She also told them that she was on the run from the insane Emperor D'Ken, who planned to use weapons of great destruction, and she easily convinced Charles to send the X-Men to help. They were successful, and Charles began a close, romantic relationship with Lilandra on Earth.
Charles' happy times were not to last, however, when Phoenix and Beast told him that they believed much of the team to be dead - killed in Magneto's citadel. Charles became guilt-stricken and Lilandra convinced him to come with her back to the Shi'ar Empire where she was now Empress. He left the X-Men for Shi'ar space where, while perusing their many archives, he learned the true nature of the power Jean Grey - Phoenix - now possessed. Terrified at the damage she would cause, Charles returned to Earth where he fund that the X-Men had survived the explosion of Magneto's citadel. He took over training the new X-Men, becoming strict with them as he had been with his first students until Cyclops convinced him to realize that they were no longer children and needed more freedom. Charles relented, but the power that Phoenix had corrupted just as he had thought it would and Dark Phoenix threatened the Earth with phenomenal destruction.

Although, through telepathic intervention, Charles returned Jean to control over the Phoenix Force, the Shi'ar declared that Jean should be executed to prevent another such situation. Charles, now familiar with the Shi'ar ways, challenged Lilandra to a duel in order to save Jean. She agreed, but during the fight Jean killed herself, understanding the danger she posed to the rest of the universe and fearing what she might do. Charles, although saddened by the loss of Jean, continued to recruit new X-Men to the fold and placed Storm in charge while Cyclops was away - grieving Jean's loss. Things were not so simple, however, as Xavier was kidnapped and implanted with the embryo of the Brood Queen. Although he attempted to discover the source of a strange new presence within him, he was knocked unconscious and unable to discern its nature. The embryo manipulated him into gathering the new team of X-Men around him as a personal army, but when it hatched things did not go as planned - Charles maintained control of the Brood Queen, his old body destroyed. With the help of Moira MacTaggert he was able to transfer his mind into a cloned body - one without his disability!
Charles, now able to walk, took over leadership of the X-Men (much to the chagrin of Storm) and a number of issues began to arise. Charles was not the great leader in the field that Storm was, but Storm had lost her powers and left the team - leaving Charles with the tough choice of picking a new field commander for the X-Men. After learning of what the future would be like if he died and his dream failed from Rachel Summers, he put Nightcrawler in the position of leader. He took an inactive role with the team, teaching at Columbia University until he showed sympathy to mutant kind in one of his classes and was beaten nearly to death only to be saved by the Morlocks. He was told to go easy or his body may deteriorate but he paid this no heed, immediately traveling to Muir Island where Moira MacTaggert had called him to see an old flame - Gaby Haller. Her son David had been born autistic with a number of other psychological ailments, and when Charles attempted to enter his mind to save him, he was trapped along with a number of others, including Moira.
Charles convinced David, who he found out was actually his own son, to let him and the others free by telling him that he would always be for them. It was soon after this that Charles convinced Magneto to help him face off against the Beyonder, and after the battle Magneto decided to stay at the school and redeem himself. Charles, having returned to work at Columbia, was attacked again and his body began to deteriorate - a secret he kept from the others. After testifying on behalf of Magneto during his trial, Charles collapsed and was about to die when Lilandra and Corsair of the Starjammers arrived to save him. Charles made Magneto promise to lead the X-Men just as he had before going with Lilandra, healed aboard the Starjammer and whisked away to Shi'ar space.

Unfortunately, things were not at all rosy in Shi'ar space. Deathbird had taken the title of Empress and Lilandra, as well as the Starjammers, were now rebels and terrorists for trying to oppose her. Charles fought with them for a while, serving in combat with them but unable to travel back to Earth as the intergalactic engines of the Starjammer were badly damaged. On a distant world Charles found Magik, one of his former students, and managed to rescue her along with the other New Mutants - learning from them about a number of dreadful events that had taken place back on Earth in his absence. Although he wanted to return in order to consol his students after the mutant massacre, the Starjammer still needed him and unwilling to abandon them he sent the New Mutants back to Earth without him.
Charles fought with the Starjammers in the rebellion against Deathbird for some time after this, eventually helping Lilandra retake the throne and learning that the Shadow King had returned. More importantly, he had taken over the entirety of Muir Island - this convinced Charles to return to Earth and aid his X-Men. He went with them to attack the Shadow King and in the ensuing fight on the Astral Plane his spine was shattered and his son, David, was possessed and apparently rendered brain dead. Charles was once more confined to a wheelchair; the period of being 'a whole man' that he had enjoyed was over. But he was resolute nonetheless, for the Dream was still alive and they had fought to keep it that way.
Now Charles finds himself back in Salem Center. His X-Men are plentiful and he's divided them into two teams (Blue and Gold). With them, Xavier will ensure that the Dream will continue.


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