Jean Grey
Real Name Jean Grey
Portrayed by Elena Satine
Gender Female
Place of Birth Annandale-on-Hudson, New York City, New York
Date of Birth September 10, 1986
Age 26
Aliases Marvel Girl, Phoenix
Origin Mutant
Current Location Westchester, NY
Occupation Headmistress of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
Team X-Men (current), previously X-Factor
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Scott Summers (husband), John Grey (father), Elaine Grey (mother), Sara Grey-Bailey (sister, deceased), Madelyne Pryor (clone, deceased), Rachel Summers (alternate-timeline daughter)
Significant Other Scott Summers
Known Abilities Telekinetic/Telepath

Character Details

* Jean Grey was born the younger daughter of Professor John Grey and his wife, Elaine. She has an older sister, Sara.
* Her childhood was uneventful, until she was 10 and playing with her best friend, Annie Richardson. Annie was hit by a car, and as she was dying, Jean suddenly found herself inside Annie's head, her telepathy manifesting as she shared and experienced her best friend's death.
* The trauma caused Jean to withdraw from society and other people, until the Greys contacted Professor Xavier, who confided in Jean that he too was a mutant, and that he would teach her how to use her abilities. He then helped blocked her telepathy, until she was able to control it.
* Eventually, she also manifested telekinetic abilities, which she used as the final member of the original team of X-Men. She took on the codename of Marvel Girl, and developed feelings for Scott Summers (Cyclops). Scott felt the same way for her, but was originally too shy to approach her about them.
* Jean Grey was the one that the Professor confided in when the Z'Nox invaded, and he was replaced by Changeling. Even after Changeling's death, she didn't reveal his secret to anyone, including Scott.
* After graduating from the Institute, Jean left the team for a short period, going to Metro College. However, she eventually came back to the team full time.
* Shortly after the Krakoa incident, Jean attracted the attention of Wolverine. This led to a rivalry between him and Scott, as Jean was not completely uninterested...
* While meeting Scott and others for Christmas, Jean was attacked and abducted by a group of Steven Lang's Sentinels. With the only way out being a damaged shuttle, she absorbed Dr. Corbett's knowledge and knocked out Scott, piloting the shuttle down herself.
* Dying, she was contacted by the Phoenix Force, offering to heal her to save herself and her friends. Agreeing, Jean was placed in a healing cocoon while the Phoenix Force manifested a human body with Jean's appearance, memories, and emotions.
* The Phoenix continued and deepened Jean's relationship with Scott, but eventually lost control through the manipulations of the Hellfire Club. Becoming Dark Phoenix, she destroyed a star system and eventually killed herself in front of Scott. When the Force came back to Jean, Jean rejected it, and the force awakened a clone of Jean Grey created by Mister Sinister, Madelyne Pryor.
* Jean's cocoon, meanwhile, was found by the Avengers. She awoke and emerged from the cocoon with the help of the Fantastic Four. Losing her telepathy, she instead gained more powerful telekinesis.
* Having lost several years of her life, she reunited with her parents. While there, she found a holoempathic crystal, learning about the Phoenix and Dark Phoenix, and some of what happened while in her cocoon.
* Reuniting with the original X-Men, she didn't realize that Scott had married Madelyne Pryor, having a child with her clone. This led to additional complications later.
* Calling themselves X-Factor, they pretended to hunt down other mutants, but in reality were training them covertly. However, they were betrayed by their PR agent and Angel's friend, Cameron Hodge. Jean was taunted by the fact that Scott had lied to her and was trying to manipulate her into becoming the Phoenix.
* Warren's mutilation and apparent suicide, as well as Scott going off to search for the missing Madelyne and Nathan, left Jean alone for a time. Eventually, Madelyne surfaced with the other X-Men, sacrificing themselves in Dallas. Madelyne urging Scott to find Nathan, no matter what.
* X-Factor then took on Apocalypse, defeating him and converting Ship to their cause, using that as a base. They also turned Death, or Warren, back to the side of light, as he took on the name Archangel.
* Scott and Jean almost save Nathan, but a demon snatches the baby away. Madelyne arrives shortly after, in her guise as the Goblyn Queen during Inferno. However, the Phoenix Force manifests in Jean, and she stops Madelyne's attempt to kill her. As a result of Madelyne's death, Jean assimilates the memories and emotions of not only Madelyne, but the Phoenix avatar as well.
* Jean begins to suffer Multiple Personality Disorder, as all three personalities (Jean, Madelyne, and the Phoenix) manifest. However, in a confrontation with the Celestials, the other personalities were destroyed, though the memories remained within Jean.
* Jean also began to remanifest her telepathy, through her psychic bond with Nathan.
* Feeling pressured by her memories, Jean turns down Scott when he proposes. The pressure increases dramatically when she realizes that Rachel is, in fact, her daughter from an alternate timeline.
* During the X-Tinction Agenda, Jean was imprisoned with Logan. Cameron Hodge planned this, trying to manipulate them both, though he later suffered death at the hands of Scott and Alex.
* X-Factor then battled Apocalypse again, who unleashed his Storm Riders. One of them, Psynapse, tried to use his telepathy to break Jean, but instead caused her own telepathy to manifest fully again, psychically linking X-Factor and allowing them to defeat the Storm Riders in short order. At the end of that adventure on the Moon, Scott and Jean were forced to send Nathan to the future, as he was infected by a techno-organic virus by Apocalypse.
* Jean then had a major hand in defeating the Shadow King at Muir Isle, beating the X-Men and others he had enthralled. As a result, she finally reunited with Professor X for the first time since being cocooned by the Phoenix.
* Returning home to Westchester, Jean takes up a position on Storm's Gold Team. She also has made peace with the Phoenix Force, which has removed its power from her in favor of her alt-timeline daughter.
* Jean still has the full memories, if not the emotions or personalities, of Madelyne and the Phoenix. She also has reconciled with Rachel, accepting her as a possible future.
* (IC) Shortly after her return, Professor X took a step back from running the school, appointing Jean as Headmistress to manage things while he devoted time to other things.
* (IC) Jean helped coordinate with other heroes to prevent Ultron from conquering the world. Afterwards she decided to take a bit of a leave of absence from the school, citing a bit of stress in her personal and professional lives. In this case, she indulged some of Madelyne's memories, working for Scott's grandparents in Alaska, and taking Scott along until she was ready to return from her break.
* (IC) While managing the school, she formed a friendship with Emma Frost, with Jean inviting Emma to the school to help teach telepathic techniques to some of the more gifted students.
* (TJ) Soon after Emma came to the school to help teach, Jean and Scott were married. Their honeymoon was spent in an alternate reality's future, raising Nathan as their own child under the aliases of "Red" and "Slim."
* (TJ) Upon her return, Jean took back the Phoenix name, as Rachel was believed dead at the time. However, she wore the White Phoenix costume instead of the Green or Red.
* (TJ) Though Jean realized that Rachel was merely missing, not dead, the events of Onslaught soon overshadowed that discovery. Confronted with the darker secrets of Professor Xavier's psyche was a harrowing experience, though Jean came through the better for it.
* (TJ) The Generation X program, which had Emma and Banshee teaching together, is brought back to the schoolgrounds, the students divided up amongst the more experienced X-Men.
* (TJ) Shortly after the reopening, the false Wanda creates the "House of M," where Scott and Jean are happily married and living in New York. Layla Miller and James Howlett find them there, reawakening their real memories so they can lead the fight against the fake Wanda.
* (TJ) The real Scarlet Witch surfaces in the middle of the fight, stopping her insane clone, but not before the fake proclaims, "No More Mutants!" Jean is unaffected, but millions of mutants lose their powers.
* (TJ) As a result of the depowering, the remaining mutants are herded onto the Institute grounds. Jean was one to disapprove of this, as many of the remaining mutants were old enemies or worse.
* (TJ) During the events of the Civil War, Jean disagreed vehemently with her husband on interfering, as she knew too many people involved. Breaking with the X-Men, she joined Captain America's side on the anti-registration team. Eventually, she helped Tony and Steve defeat Kang the Conqueror.
* (TJ) Jean, after communicating with Scott, elected to stay with the New Avengers, keeping an eye on things outside on her husband's behalf. Staying separated in public, they continued to communicate covertly, as she made sure that mutant interests were represented.
* (TJ) When Hope is born, Jean helps the X-Men by returning to them briefly, fighting against the Marauders and other foes to keep Hope safe.
* (TJ) During World War Hulk, Jean fights alongside the Avengers against the Warbound, trying in vain to reason with the Hulk through her telepathy, though his rage is too great for her to reach him.
* (TJ) After the Secret Invasion, and Norman Osborn's takeover of SHIELD, Norman makes a move on Utopia. Jean, while having avoided rejoining the X-Men permanently in their 'reserve', takes action when Norman invades. Showing up in the climatic battle, she helps turn the tide, along with a Valkyrie-empowered Moonstar and others. Norman elects to leave the X-Men alone, while Jean permanently rejoins the X-Men, and her husband.
* (TJ) Jean fights against the resurrected dead mutants created by Selene, joining the rest of the X-Men. This fight prevents the X-Men from being involved in the events of the Siege of Asgard.
* (TJ) Soon after, vampires attack the X-Men. Jean and the other X-Men team up with Blade to stop Xarus, son of Dracula, but not before Jubilee is transformed into a vampire.
* (TJ) Hope returns from the future, now a teenager raised by Cable. She creates five 'lights', beacons for the Phoenix Force to return to Earth. The Force rejoins with Jean, temporarily, restoring the powers of mutants who lost their abilities in M-Day. Then the Force takes off for the stars.
* (TJ) After mutants are re-powered by the Phoenix Force, Jean and Scott abandon Utopia, reopening Xavier's Institute. Jean is now the headmistress of the School, while Scott leads the field teams.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/02/13 20:00 You let WHO in Shadowcat, Jean Grey Jean lets Shadowcat know who she's letting teach part-time now… Kitty is not amused.
01/24/13 01:05 Free At Last Jean Grey, Finesse Finesse approaches Jean Grey to ask for her grounding to be over with after it has lasted for quite some time.
01/30/13 20:00 Engagements Cyclops, Jean Grey Jean and Scott have an old school date at the arcade
01/31/13 21:00 Logan's Back! Wolverine, Jean Grey Wolverine returns and Jean brings him up to speed.
02/02/13 Blink or You'll Miss Her Blink, Jean Grey, Blindfold, Wolfsbane Plans are acted on to chat with Clarice and an offer is made
02/02/2013 New New Mutants Jean Grey and Mirage Jean asks Dani about reforming the New Mutants
02/03/13 09:30 Chatting Over Breakfast Showstopper, Blindfold, Blink, Jean Grey and Mirage This just in: Jean is Engaged!
02/12/13 21:32 The Wicked Witch of The West Jean Grey, Magik, Blindfold, Radiance Magik confronts Jean Grey about her decision to hire Emma Frost, former enemy of the New Mutants, as a teacher of Ethics at Xavier's School
03/02/13 18:00 Team Initiation Rites Thimble; Mercury; Blindfold; Gambit; Jean Grey Team bonding rites during saturday dinner
03/09/13 22:00 Midnight Rendezvous Jean Grey, X-23, Blindfold X-23 tries to attack Blindfold, but the tables are turned instead
03/12/13 19:12 Mad Gods Part III Black Crow, Jean Grey, Mirage, Phantasm, Radiance, Shadowcat, Thimble, Wolf Cub, Wolfsbane, X-23, and the Anasazi The heroes go to free Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble. They fight the Anasazi
03/13/13 Medbay Blues Ambrose Blindfold Jean Grey Thimble Wolf Cub Some Mutants are held in Medbay after Mad Gods III and receive a visit
07/10/12 16:45 Business, As Usual Cyclops, Jean Grey Jean is grading essays as Scott enters. She knows something is wrong.
07/10/12 19:30 Motherly Concern Blindfold, Jean Grey, Seth Seth is commiting to his punishment, and Ruth approaches to offer help. Jean enters and offers a different kind of help.
07/11/12 13:17 Subtlety At Its Best Jean Grey, Logan Jean and Logan talk about Seth, and then about other things in the subtlest of ways.
07/11/12 19:30 Welcome to the Family Jean Grey, Leyu Yashida Leyu comes to Jean for advice.
07/12/12 11:30 An End To Insomnia Jean Grey, Richenda Gray Richenda mentions she can't go to her room. Jean is going to fix it.
07/15/12 21:00 Unwanted Suspicions Blindfold, Jean Grey, Namor Blindfold is met by Namor. Jean gets protective. Blindfold and Jean discuss much afterwards.
07/15/12 22:00 Touching Base Cyclops and Jean Grey Scott and Jean touch base with each other…
07/16/12 13:00 A Field Trip Gone Bad Human Torch, Blindfold, Seth, Jean Grey, NPC: Trent Stone, Serena Deveaux People are not who they are anymore.
07/17/12 20:00 Med-Bay Visitors Jean Grey, Sally, Leyu Yashida, Blindfold Jean's recovering while Sally and Blindfold visit. Doctor Leyu is a good doctor.
07/18/12 10:30 Like a Moth to a Flame Gypsy Moth, Havok, Jean Grey, Sunpyre Gypsy Moth returns to the Mansion and uses Sunpyre's access codes to get into the Hangar Bay, taking Havok hostage to steal the Quinjet X-Factor has borrowed from the Avengers. Jean Grey and Sunpyre interfere with this.
07/23/12 13:00 Baby Genius Jean Grey, Kisha Jean stumbles upon Kisha as she researches the cause of the robot attacks.
08/05/12 21:00:00 Heavy Metal Horde Finale: Conference Call Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Nicholas Fury, Carol Danvers, Amora the Enchantress, Doctor Strange, Sebastian Shaw The heroes - and the not-so-heroic - gather following Ultron's ultimatum to the world, to plan for resistance.
11/27/12 Mamma Phoenix Comes Home To Roost Jean Grey, Beta Ray Bill, Mercury, Blindfold, Showstopper Jean gets questioned, Ruth's psi training begins
11/27/12 The Trouble Magnet Jean-Grey, Blindfold Ruth updates Jean and almost gets grounded
11/27/12 20:00 Children of the Stars Beta Ray Bill, Jean Grey Bill and Jean talk about cosmic power and responsibility
11/28/2012 After Music Class Thimble, Mercury, Wolfsbane, Showstopper, Jean Grey What happens between two classes in Xavier's.
11/29/12 Catching Up On School Stuff Jean Grey and Mirage Jean and Dani have a short talk about school stuff
12/04/12 20:00 Rooftop Run-Ins Psylocke, Beta Ray Bill, Sandman, Shadowcat, Cyclops, Jean Gray A few people meet each other on the roof, and then somebody brings up the wrong name around Psylocke.
12/04/12 21:32 Crime and Punishment Jean Grey, Jeanne Foucault Jean Grey learns about Jeanne's constant breaking of curfew rules while investigating the pumpkin case. There are consequences.
12/05/12 18:35 Crime and Punishment - Part 2 Finesse, Blindfold, Psylocke, Jean Grey, Cyclops Finesse has been grounded by Jean Grey because Blindfold squealed on her. As Finesse goes to settle the score with Blindfold, she runs into Psylocke who takes her to an assigned unarmed combat session.
12/10/12 Tracking down a Wolf Cub Jean Grey, Richenda Gray, Blindfold, Wolfsbane, Wolf Cub Partial log, joined in progress as the presence of someone in need of help is discovered
12/12/12 15:00 Elfy Schemes and Other Things Nightcrawler, Jean Grey Jean meets up with Kurt and discusses vengeance and other things.
12/16/12 13:44 Visiting Rights Jean Grey, Blindfold, Firestar, Cyclops, Marrow, Mercury, Radiance Firestar calls Xavier Mansion to ask for permission to visit Ruth Aldine at the school, is invited to come over, and gets a sense of what the school is like these days
12/22/12 18:00 Christmas Plans Mercury, Radiance, Jean Grey Jean catches up with her students and invites them to her parents' for Christmas. Also, plans about making the New New Mutants are hatched…
2010/04/08 15:00 The medical device of dramatic timing Armand, Beast, Blindfold, Gambit, Jean Grey, Phantasm, Storm Mike's awake! Okay reuni- oh what? We got to run out (time jump converted)
2010/05/08 Gathering at the Mutant Diner Jean Grey, Wolfsbane, Blindfold, La Sombra and Mirage Things are discussed (time jump converted)
2012/03/16 Civil War: The Chase is On Jean Grey, Armand, Spiral and Arachne SHIELD is after Arachne. She gets some unexpected help
2012/08/03 World War Hulk Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey and Juggernaut NPC: Hulk The Hulk is on a rampage and finds obstacles in Cloak, Hercules, Jean Grey, and Juggernaut
2013/03/25 Second Coming: First New Student Jean Grey, Julie Power and Mirage Xavier's hasn't even reopened and it already has it's first new student.
2013/06/02 Life After . . . Jean Grey and Sunfire Shiro is trying to get his life back together after having been Famine. It proves difficult, so Jean offers input.
2013/06/10 09:45 This is your Family Nightcrawler, Domino, Sunfire, Jean Grey, Richenda Kurt's family shows up, spoils the picnic


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