Real Name Lyra
Portrayed by Maria Kanellis
Gender Female
Place of Birth Milago, Earth-8099
Date of Birth 18 yrsago
Age 18
Aliases She-Hulk?, Teen-Hulk
Origin Mutant and Genetic Inheritance
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Soldier out of work
Team Avengers, Former ties to ARMOR
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives Thundra, Hulk, She-Hulk, Skaar, Hiro-Kala, Betty Ross
Significant Other none
Known Abilities Brick

Character Details

**Before IC:

*Lyra's Past begins in the dimension of Earth-8099. The Thundra of that dimension travelled to Earth-616, looking for its most powerful hero. She decided that the Hulk was the one that she was seeking. She battled him then explained what she was looking for, ending up stealing his DNA by getting a sample of his saliva when she kissed him. She returned to her own dimension.

*The G-Engineers spliced Thundra's DNA with the Hulk's and Lyra was born. Even though Lyra was born in a test tube incubator like all the children on that dimension at the time, Lyra still was seen as a bit of an outcast due to the fact of having two genetic parents, when all the rest had just one.

*Lyra was born with the strength of her parents and was trained to be an elite warrior of the United Sisterhood Republic.

*Lyra is chosen for a secret mission. The Sisterhood's Cradle is failing. She is sent to steal the appropriate parts from the Men's Cradle, only to be betrayed and the parts destroyed. Lyra is ordered to Earth-616 to seek out their greatest warrior and breed with him. For the first time, Lyra is considering rebelling against her orders.

*Something goes wrong in transport and Lyra is transported back without Boudicca. She has no way to communicate with her people. She is trapped.

*IC: Lyra has a few encounters and ends up meeting some of the Avengers. Lyra is accepted by the Avengers as a guest and lives at the Avenger Mansion.

*IC: Lyra meets Beta Ray Bill and the two learn about each other and talk while sparring at the Avenger's training facilities.

*IC: Lyra meets US Agent.

*IC: Lyra and Tigerstripe get attacked by Avandalia who entrances Sandman into helping her.

*IC: Lyra and Scarlet Witch go for coffee and end up helping Brother Voodoo fight the Loa Pie.
*IC: Lyra disables Bulldozer and meets Havok, the two end up into a discussion about Lyra.

*IC: Namor and Tanya hook up in the park to make an arrangement, Lyra happens by.

*IC: Lyra goes to the diner in Mutant Town and runs into Scarlet Witch and some students from Xavier's Academy.

*IC: Lyra tries to integrate herself into this Timeline as she is expecting not to be able to go home. The hardest thing she has trouble with is that Men are not the enemy.

*IC: Lyra makes it to a performance of Rex Gregson and does some networking.

*IC: While out for a walk Lyra comes upon Gogo and Night Thrasher fighting on a roof and moves into help, taking out two members of the Serpent Society at an art studio in SOHO.

*IC: Lyra, Cloak and Krista battle and defeat Ghost Dancer.

*TJ: Lyra runs into ARMOR for the first time and it is decided to send her home. Lyra finds herself back in her own place, Earth-8099. She is received with mixed feelings. Some felt she abandoned them, while others congratulate her for doing what she cold.

*TJ: It is decided to send Lyra back to Earth-616 with a new mission due to her familiarity with it.

*TJ: Lyra arrives with Boudicca back in Earth-616 with the mission of finding the greatest male of that world.

*TJ: Lyra battles ARMOR who detected her arrival on Earth-616.

*TJ: Lyra actually meets Jennifer Walters for the first time. Their first meeting is a battle which actually lasts quite a while. The Sentry shows up asking what Lyra wanted from him, Earth's Greatest Male.

*TJ: It is revealed that Lyra is looking for Norman Osborn. Osborn and the Dark Avengers show up. Lyra fights Noh-Varr.

*TJ: Noh-Varr poisons Lyra and takes her to the Dark Avengers. Boudicca helps get Lyra free and saves he from torture.

*TJ: Lyra finally makes her way to Osborn, but finds herself disgusted of allowing a monster like Osborn to ensure the future.

*TJ: Lyra fights all of the Dark Avengers and almost beats them all till Ares and Karla Sofen team up and overpower her. Jennifer finds Lyra and the two are teleported to ARMOR headquarters.

TJ: Boudicca discovers a facility where the part they needed for the cradle was originally produced and arranged for an automated drone to bury the needed part. The Sisterhood digs it up in the future and saves the Cradle. Gynosure wishes Lyra well and to find her true peace.

*TJ: Lyra exchanges some of Norman Osborn's secrets and is given a place in ARMOR rather than being sent home.

*TJ: Lyra fights Cyber-Sidhe invasion and defeats Phinn Mac Mram in ritual combat. Lyra keeps in touch with Jennifer who continues to try and help her adapt to Earth-616. Lyra dates Alexander Erde, the ARMOR agent she abducted when she first came back to Earth-616.

*TJ: After Jennifer seems to go missing, Lyra disobeys direct order and leaves ARMOR with Alexander. Alexander is killed by Gamma Corps: Black, who were under command of Ryker.

*TJ: Ryker was released from jail by Osborn and put in charge of a new genetics research program Osborn Initiated. They intended to dissect and harvest Lyra for research.

*TJ: Lyra manages to defeat and get away, though through accident and Ryker's intervention her adversaries are killed in the end.

*TJ: Lyra joins the Frightful Four under Wizard to find Jennifer. She finds her asleep in a glass case.

*TJ: Lyra was going to break her free till her father told her to wait.

*TJ: Lyra does free Jennifer and gets attacked by Red SheHulk. Lyra and Jennifer both thrown out of hellicarrier by Red She-hulk.

*IC: Lyra Joins the Avengers after the call from Commander Rogers.


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Date Title Characters Summary
03/13/13 16:04 Mad Gods Part IV Cloak, Krista, Lyra, and Ghost Dancer Cloak, Krista, and Lyra battle and defeat Ghost Dancer
04/30/2013 Unplugged Performance Rex Gregson, Armand, Sandman, Blindfold, Radiance, Gogo, Lyra, Scarlet Witch and Topaz, NPC: Storm The elvish Rex Gregson performs
05/05/13 12:00 They really liked the exhibit Night Thrasher, Lyra, Gogo Night Thrasher, Gogo and Lyra run afoul of the Serpent Society; Two members of which ransacked an art studio in SoHo.
10/22/12 Chaperone and Punishment Shadowcat, Lyra, Seth, Mercury, Phantasm, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Wanda, Thimble A lot of people run into each other at the diner and several students run the risk of being grounded
10/22/12 14:00 A day in the park Namor, La Sombra, Lyra Namor makes an arrangement with Tanya, they meet Lyra
11/05/12 14:16 With Crushing Force Lyra, Bulldozer, & Havok Lyra and Havok meet, they talk about her.
11/0912 14:00 A Piece of Pie Lyra Scarlett Witch Brother Voodoo The loa Pie is sought after by Brother Voodoo, Lyra and Scarlett assist in capturing the voodoo spirit.
11/10/12 16:07 A Real Pain Lyra, Sandman and Tigerstripe & Avandalia (emitted by Sandman) Avandalia entrances Sandman and they attack Lyra and Tigerstripe
11/28/12 23:15 Red White Lyra, USAgent USAgent meets Lyra
11/29/12 The orange and the green Lyra, Beta Ray Bill Two displaced Avengers get to know each other through combat.
2012/10/31 Secret Invasion: Lyja vs. Lyra Empath and Lyra NPC: Lyja the Lazerfist Empath (still working with the X-Men at this point) is trying to evacuate some people when Lyja shows up. Lyra fights her and wins.


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