Real Name Janie Wu
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth New York
Date of Birth 03/20
Age 18
Aliases Thimble
Origin Random Mutant
Current Location Xavier's
Occupation Orphan / Schoolgirl
Team Xavier's School
Alignment Other
Known Relatives Parents deceased
Significant Other
Known Abilities Cloth-former

Character Details

She was born to Chinese immigrants but when she was 6, she had been taken in by state for her father - a gang member - ended in jail for murder and her mother was killed in a gang-shooting shortly after. As no other close relatives could be found - as if the state even tried - she was put into a group home for the beginning. As a try she was given to foster children several times in her first year in CPS but she proved to "not quite fit" into any of those and so she was returned into one that had already several Chinese children in it.
Life in the group home was not sweet and nice, as the older children where forced by one of the caretakers to commit smaller crimes and so she tried to run away and managed to get out for a whole night at 10, but she was caught when she was trying to steal an apple at a late night grocery store and brought back to the same institution. In the following years she tied to flee the bounds on at least 16 occasions but none of the breakouts was longer than 24 hours and she was brought back to the same place all times. The caretakers there also bribed the CPS-office to not actively try to find foster families for their children. The first time she succeeded to run away and stay there more than a day she was 12, and this time she stayed on the street nearly a whole week. In the end she was arrested and brought back into the shelter when she had tried to rent a motel room with a credit card she had stolen from the clutch of a woman. In the following years she became cleverer in her escapes and ways to survive on the street, but she was caught always and each of her escapes from then resulted in a short trial at court and an entry in her criminal record.
Her Mutant powers first showed when she was 10 while she was out in the streets, trying to run away from a security officer in a clothing store. As he grabbed for her pullover, she just seemed to fall out of the rough wool piece. To the security officer that was because it was too loose on her but Janie knew she would never had fallen out of it like that for it was too tight around her neck just seconds ago. Still she got caught that time just at the door of the same store, but apparently no one had noticed that something was odd. As she investigated the possibilities what might have resulted in that happening, she eventually found out how her power worked. Since then she always tried to hide them as she feared the consequences. However she was not able to hide them forever as they found out about them during her last successful escape when she was 14. This was because she had used the power to reshape the sheets of her bed into a ladder without knots and had forgotten to reshape it into a normal piece of sheets.
After her last attempt to break out with 14 she was picked by the private Westport Orphanage for highly dangerous Children, which counts as one of the most strict and most hard to runaway for its construction in an Panopticum design. It is also rumored to be a secret 'recruiting' base for several programs that use or misuse mutants from. Misbehavior and tries to run away from there were treated with starving and beatings, which after some time managed to break every inmate in conjunction with the general treatment that seems more like a jail than an Orphanage with each of the "inmates" having a social worker that shall check their "re-civilization".
In school she was needed to take sewing and cooking classes for some minor gratifications in the orphanage like fresh soap once in a while. Behind that stood her social worker - who dislikes females - said 'that makes you a more valuable sla... eh wif... eh person'. Similar "rewards" are also related to good school grades. However there is harsh punishment for breaking rules such as using her mutant powers without special allowance (which is given in the sewing classes but yet nowhere else)
Since she is 17 now, she was allowed to town once in a while, but no longer then 12 hours and not without a gps device around her leg in a massive PE case which can not be altered or tampered with her powers.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/21/13 Tailor Session Thimble, Blindfold someone gonna get a costume….
02/26/13 06:00 More Warnings Black Crow, Thimble, Blindfold and Mirage Black Crow meets some X-Students when he comes to speak with Mirage
02/26/13 13:00 New Mutants Recruiting Mirage, Thimble Thimble get's recruited for the New Mutants
02/26/13 13:20 New Mutants Recruiting II Thimble Mirage Conclusion of New Mutants Recruiting
02/28/13 Strings in the Gym Thimble, Blindfold Can blind see at all?
02/28/13 19:00 Late Firsttime Meeting of Roomies Thimble Blink several weeks the same room and no proper meeting? strange things happen.
03/01/13 Flight Training - New Mutants Style Mirage Showstopper Thimble Flight training for Newbies - skip the manual!
03/01/13 Volleyball Training Wolfsbane Thimble Wolfsbane does some sports training
03/02/13 Wash Saloon Thimble Manifold Washing day
03/02/13 18:00 Team Initiation Rites Thimble; Mercury; Blindfold; Gambit; Jean Grey Team bonding rites during saturday dinner
03/03/13 Mall Visit - New Mutants Style Thimble Showstopper Richenda drags Janie to shop a few things - and they stop a gang of shoplifters.
03/03/13 18:00 Jumpin' for Gambit Gambit Thimble Mercury Finesse Gambit leads a course of "Athletics 101"
03/04/13 Weaving Friendship I Thimble Showstopper After a shopping trip on Sunday, Stuff needs to get tested
03/04/13 Weaving Friendship II Thimble Showstopper Conclusion of Weaving Friendship I
03/04/13 20:00 Library Night Thimble Mirage Mirage finds Thimble in the library
03/05/13 12:00 Friendship is Trust Mirage Shadowcat Thimble First day of spring and noon break at Xaviers
03/06/13 Fly Me To The Moon Thimble Mirage Radiance Training recon mission for the New Mutants
03/06/13 Fly Me To The Moon II Thimble Radiance Conclusion of Fly Me To The Moon
03/10/13 Morning Pranks Showstopper Thimble Girls in the morning.
03/12/13 16:01 Mad Gods Part II Black Crow, Mirage, Radiance, Thimble and Calumet, Iktomi, and the clown demons Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble are training in the woods when they are interrupted by the Mad Gods
03/12/13 19:12 Mad Gods Part III Black Crow, Jean Grey, Mirage, Phantasm, Radiance, Shadowcat, Thimble, Wolf Cub, Wolfsbane, X-23, and the Anasazi The heroes go to free Mirage, Radiance, and Thimble. They fight the Anasazi
03/13/13 Medbay Blues Ambrose Blindfold Jean Grey Thimble Wolf Cub Some Mutants are held in Medbay after Mad Gods III and receive a visit
03/14/13 17:00 Stitching Time I Showstopper Thimble Showstopper pays Thimble a visit
03/14/13 17:20 Stitching Time II Showstopper Thimble Conclusion of Stitching Time
03/14/13 18:00 The Indians Return Mirage, Thimble Mirage comes back after a few days of camping
03/16/13 08:00 New Mutants in Disney World Showstopper, Blink, Thimble, Radiance, Blindfold, Mercury and Mirage Scavenger Hunt for the New Mutants
03/16/13 19:00 Mad Gods Part 6 Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Mirage, Thimble, and Tawa Ambrose, Black Crow, Blindfold, Mirage, Thimble, take on Tawa
03/20/13 Old Gifts Mirage Thimble A gift given 12 Years ago returns
03/20/13 06:00 Of Course You Can Stay Thimble, Ambrose and Mirage It's Thimble's 18th - Dani and Ambrose convince her to stay at the school
03/25/13 Pizza Break Blindfold, Magik, Thimble, Radiance and Mirage After a trying day, a pizza break is called for, Magik crashes, chaos ensues.
03/25/13 13:30 Needed Supplies Ambrose, Thimble and Mirage Ambrose asks Dani about getting some teaching supplies.
04/04/2013 Surprise, It's a X-Baby! Ambrose, Thimble, Showstopper, Blindfold, Seth and Mirage Dani is switched with her X-Baby alternate
04/04/2013 Hay! Covered in it! Showstopper, Thimble (as alternate Cocoon) and Mirage More of X-Baby Dani
04/06/13 13:00 Cocoon fathoms the area Wolfsbane Cocoon (alternative Thimble) James Wu, The Cocoon Killer, appears instead of Thimble and starts to set in motion plans to get back on his sreak of morbid art
04/11/13 Uncalled Anger Thimble Blindfold Skids During after class time, some harsh words lead to anger
04/16/2013 Roughouse Gets Roughed Up Cloak, Mercury, Thimble and Mirage NPC: Roughouse Day 2 for the New Mutants in Madripoor have them meeting Cloak and Roughouse.
04/22/13 12:30 Fixing Time Thimble Showstopper Richenda has a mishap, Janie fixes it.
04/23/13 23:00 Who the F*** is Molly Logan, Thimble (Runaways-Kido) In an other timeline, Molly leads the Runaways, and Thimble is one of them. But now she plops up at todays Xaviers, creeping out Logan!
05/03/13 12:00 New Beginnings Arachnae, Showstopper, Thimble, Blindfold Pizza day at Xaviers, mixed up with several new beginnings
10/18/12 Not in School in Chealsea Thimble, Krista Courier girl meets Orphan
10/22/12 Subway Story Thimble, Dagger, Showstopper Three girls are on the subway when it stops and crashes suddenly into a tunnel
10/22/12 Chaperone and Punishment Shadowcat, Lyra, Seth, Mercury, Phantasm, Vaughn, Richenda Gray, Wanda, Thimble A lot of people run into each other at the diner and several students run the risk of being grounded
11/01/12 01:00 am Midnight Raid on Westport Wolfsbane, Mirage and Thimble Wolfsbane and Mirage stage a middle of the night rescue to get Thimble
11/05/12 The New Student Thimble, Mirage, ShowStopper, Shatterstar The new student - Thimble - gets her introduction to Xavier's
11/09/12 Roof Meeting Blindfold, Thimble
11/11/12 Xavier Tour Thimble, Showstopper, Surge Thimble gets shown the facilities.
11/28/2012 After Music Class Thimble, Mercury, Wolfsbane, Showstopper, Jean Grey What happens between two classes in Xavier's.


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