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* Julian Keller was born in Los Angeles, California to parents who were just scraping by for the first seven years of his life.

*A sudden bout of amazing luck turns Julians life.. and his parents.. around. Suddenly wealthy, seemingly overnight. The family move to Beverly Hills, California into a stately new mansion complete with butlers and high end sports cars.

*Raised in a life of luxury where nothing was denied him, life was fantastic until his fourteenth birthday.

* A month or two after his fourteenth birthday, Julian was run over by a passing car, near his favorite hangout spot near the Beverly Hills mall. Or.. he would have been if a strange green energy hadn't erupted from his eyes and hands, enveloping the car and pushing it aside just moments before he and his freinds got splattered across the hood.

*The incident.. which forced his mutant ability of Telekinesis to emerge.. was just the first of such incidents in young Julians life. To impress his freinds, and work outside the rules.. Julian began to employ his power to take what he wanted, purely for the thrill of it, as he could buy nearly anything he wanted with his parents wealth.

*He taught himself to fly, carrying himself with his power. Telekinetic blasts of concussive force came next, dealing with thugs that wanted to harrass the little rich boy.

*But things soon grew troubled for the young man at the age of 18, as he was pulled from school by his parents. Apparently some 'thugs' he gave a beating to were actually classmates in ski-masks and their wealthy families were suing for assault. Unable to contain thier mutant son, despite several years of trying.. The Kellers has since started looking for someone to help their troubled son before he hurts anyone else.. or himself.


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Date Title Characters Summary
11/30/2010 8:34pm Club Recruitment Sebastian Shaw, Julian Keller Shaw Recruits Keller for the HFC
12/12/12 17:38 Welcome to the Hellions, Hellion Empath, Hellion, and Sebastian Shaw Empath returns and Hellion joins the Hellions. Shaw watches all.
12/17/12 19:11 Hellion's Hellions Empath, Hellion, Sebastian Shaw, and Alchemy, Electric Eve, and Tarot Empath and Shaw train some of the new Hellions as Hellion takes the lead among them.


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