Real Name Tandy Bowen
Portrayed by
Gender Female
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Aliases Dagger
Origin Mutant
Current Location New York City
Occupation Adventurer
Team Cloak & Dagger
Alignment Hero
Known Relatives
Significant Other
Known Abilities Light Projection

Character Details

Tandy Bowen grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a wealthy suburb outside of Cleveland. Her mother, Melissa, was a model, successful in every regard except for holding down marriages -- she went through them like tissues (and Tandy had to adjust to a rapid-fire succession of new fathers) until she married Phillip Carlisle, who had the advantage of being an essentially good person. Melissa was a career-oriented woman, though, and that meant that Phillip and Tandy both often fell by the wayside. Phillip made a strong effort to reach out to Tandy, but she was still reeling from her father's departure and the stream of 'Dad's she'd had to deal with throughout her childhood -- she coldly rebuffed Phillip and instead turned to her boyfriend, Rob Daltry, for the affection she felt was lacking from her family life. Rob left for college, though, and Tandy sank into depression. She eventually decided that there was nothing left for her in Shaker Heights and ran away, headed via bus to NYC.
Arriving in New York with a small cache of money, she happened to encounter another runaway, Tyrone Johnson, at the bus station. He was planning to rob her -- she was quite obviously not Big City material -- when someone else snatched her purse. Tyrone tackled the thief and gave Tandy her purse back, and out of gratitude Tandy bought him some food. As they ate, they talked about the decisions they'd made in life and quickly became good friends.
The two were then approached by a man working for pharmaceutical manufacturer Simon Marshall. Being presented with the offer of a place to stay, Tandy accepted, but the more world-wise (and -weary) Tyrone knew that something was up and came along solely to protect his new friend. He was right: Simon Marshall was in the Maggia's pocket, working on a new synthetic narcotic that would take the place of expensive imported heroin. The group was collecting runaways to use as test subject, and Bowen and Johnson were both injected with the drug -- unlike all the other test subjects, though, they somehow survived. Escaping from their cell in the middle of the night, the two were pursued by men with guns who forced their path to go right into the East River. As they swam for Manhattan, Tyrone started projecting this bizarre, inky darkness as Tandy exuded massive amounts of light. They both reached shore, and that's when their adventures really began.
Upon reaching the shore, Tandy entered some sort of delirium, as Tyrone discovered that whatever he was, it certainly wasn't human anymore. As Tyrone improvised a cloak to cover up what he'd turned into, the criminals who'd captured them found them. Tyrone began swallowing them up in the darkness within his new garment, and as Tandy awoke she instinctively flung 'daggers' of light at her would-be attackers. The realization sank in that the experimental drug, whatever it was, had somehow given them super-powers. Vowing to use them to make sure that no one else would have to go through the same experience as them, they took on the costumed identities of Cloak and Dagger.
At first, their modus operandi was much more in line with the Punisher's than anyone else's. They hunted down Simon Marshall and his men and killed them, making sure that they would never harm another human being again. They also came very close to killing Silvio Manfredi, the Maggia boss known as Silvermane -- due to his near-fatal injuries sustained at the hands of Dagger, his brain was transplanted into an experimental robot body. Seeking out revenge on the two, Silvermane came into conflict with not only them, but also Spider-Man. In the ensuing battle, Dagger's light-knives shorted out his robot body, and she absorbed enough of his life-force to render Silvermane clinically dead.
By this point, Cloak and Dagger had developed quite the reputation -- as murderous, lawless vigilantes. Dagger couldn't really understand why the police were after them, thinking her and Cloak to be on the same side as them. The pair sought sanctuary at the Holy Ghost Church in Hell's Kitchen, and Dagger was taken under the wing of Father Francis Delgado (Cloak, true to his brooding nature, was not as apt to seek a confidant). While stopping a serial killer who laced bottles of children's aspirin with cyanide, Cloak and Dagger came into conflict with Det. Brigid O'Rielly. It was O'Rielly who opened Dagger's eyes, as it were -- where Dagger espoused 'an eye for an eye,' O'Rielly rightly described their campaign as closer to horror than justice. That hit home, and Dagger soon came to the realization that maybe acting as judge, jury, and executioner made them no better than the criminals they were punishing. Trying to convince Cloak of this, he turned away from her, and in trying to find him, she depleted so much of her 'light' that she almost died. Cloak came back for her, though -- he gave her back the light she needed to live, even though he was physically hurting himself in doing so. The two realized then that they were linked by more than just friendship: they made each other whole.
Cloak and Dagger teamed up with Spider-Man once again upon finding out that experiments were underway to recreate what happened to the pair -- and, like the last experiments, they were killing all the test subjects. Two of the New Mutants were captured by the chemists, and the three parties combined forces to stop the operation. After that, Silvermane -- now a mindless robotic assassin for the Kingpin -- began to be drawn to Dagger due to the connection between them (she still had most of his life force). At the same time, the Answer (one of Fisk's henchmen) sought Dagger as a potential means of curing the comatose Vanessa Fisk. The Answer kidnapped Dagger and set her to the task, but she was too weak, as Silvermane had been draining her 'light' via their link. The Answer tried to infuse some of his own light energy into Dagger, but something went wrong and she ended up draining him of -all- of it, killing him. The process broke the link with Silvermane, however, and the pair once again teamed with Spider-Man to stop the cyborg.
In the coming weeks, Cloak and Dagger again found themselves engaging in team-ups -- first with Power Pack (who the pair would become good friends with, and assist many more times), then with the New Mutants. Still: Dagger, the poor little rich girl from Ohio, was growing weary of the life she'd chosen for herself. Wondering if her powers and her mission were turning her into a monster, she said in no uncertain terms, 'I want out.' Father Delgado, who rather despised Cloak and saw him as preying on Dagger for her light, arranged it so that Tandy would meet up with her mother again. Her mother, of course, did not take kindly to the reunion, berating Tandy for being 'selfish' for running away. Tandy returned to Cloak, realizing that even if theirs is anything but a normal existence, she knows he cares about her.
Having learned from Father Delgado that Tandy was in New York, her stepfather, Phillip Carlisle, came to the city to try and recover her. Spider-Man attempted to reunite the two, but as things have a tendency of doing, it didn't work out. Father Delgado, meanwhile, kept trying to get Dagger out from Cloak's 'Satanic influence.' Their mission continued on, with the occasional detour due to things like temporarily losing their powers at the hands of the Beyonder and facing super-powered foes like Mayhem. While tracking down a drug pipeline's source, the pair crossed Europe, accompanied by FBI agent Bill Clayton, who struck something of a romantic chord with Dagger. To pay their way across Europe, Dagger performed as 'Lady Light' in the Eurocirque troop -- this ended, though, when a battle destroyed the circus troop's goods and revealed that Clayton wasn't an FBI agent: he was an arms merchant and the backer of the drug pipeline Cloak and Dagger wanted to stop. He redeemed himself by giving his life.


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Date Title Characters Summary
01/13/13 15:00 Something Amiss in Madripoor Night Thrasher, Cloak, Dagger Cloak and Dagger interrupt Night Thrasher interrogating some mook, agree to join forces and then investigate the sudden disappearance of Namorita
01/25/13 20:24 Cloak Has a Twin Cloak, Dagger, and the Phantasm Cloak and Dagger meet Phantasm who warns of things to come.
01/31/13 23:50 Why can't we all just get along Dagger, Spider-Woman, Chimera, Shriek, Dansen Macabre / Emitted by Black Panther Dagger gets herself into a pickle
02/09/13 21:28 You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream for Bloodscream Cloak, Dagger, Night Thrasher, and (emitted) Bloodscream and his zombie army The New Warriors track down Bloodscream.
02/22/2013 The Madripoor Situation Night Thrasher, Firestar, Cloak, Dagger and Krista Night Thrasher catches up Krista and Firestar about what is going on in Madripoor
03/13/13 19:21 Mad Gods Part V Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe, and Haokah Black Crow, Dagger, Radiance, Scarlet Witch, Tigerstripe are sent to Alaska to stop Haokah. They manage to defeat him and free him from his thrall.
03/14/13 20:41 Rat Race Deadpool, Dagger, Tanya Deadpool, Rat exterminator
03/19/13 15:00 Comparing Notes Dagger, Mirage and Network Dagger and Mirage meet up to talk about the Mad God stuff, Network drops in
03/19/13 15:30 Cloak & Dagger Politics Cloak & Dagger, Network, (Lyra) Cloak and Dagger have an argument, just after Mirage left. Which leads to Network helping Dagger
04/20/13 03:13 Role Reversal Cloak, Dagger, Deadpool, and Scalphunter An alternate Cloak and Dagger with reversed powers and Deadpool engage Scalphunter
10/10/12 03:45 The Rhino Charges Arachne, Dagger, The Rhino, Lilith Drake, Scarecrow, Porcupine (emitted by Black Panther) and gets cash back on his Discover card.
10/10/12 23:20 Looking for Bombs Havok, Dagger, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman Dagger encounters Havok, Silver Sable, and Spider-Woman discussing the MLF and bombs.
10/14/12 Warning of Elektra Cloak, Dagger, Spider-man Spiderman warns Dagger about Elektra in the area
10/18/12 21:43 Meet the Baldies Shatterstar, Dagger Some street gangers get interrogated
10/22/12 Subway Story Thimble, Dagger, Showstopper Three girls are on the subway when it stops and crashes suddenly into a tunnel
10/23/12 20:39 The plot thickens... Shatterstar, Dagger Some more vaguely noir investigations in the Bronx
11/13/12 18:00 The Alien behind the Curtain Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar The Penultimate Chapter! The Villain Revealed!
11/21/12 16:25 Pilot Not Picked Up Spiral, Dagger, Shatterstar The conclusion to Dagger and Shatterstar's adventure
11/26/12 Incognito and back in town. Isotopic Man, Dagger, Morbius Isotopic Man meets Dagger, while the Living Vampire notices something strange…
11/30/12 15:04 Friendly Teasing Dagger, Sandman, Scarlet Witch, Topaz, and The Vision Teasing all around
12/02/12 23:23 Church Chat Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger chat
12/06/12 Loose Ends Elektra, Ant Man II, Cloak, Dagger Elektra and Ant Man track a villain. Cloak and Dagger join the hunt.
12/10/12 20:00 Screams in an Alley Dagger, Smiling Tiger Screams from a frantic man in an alleyway leads Tandy to investigate. She confronts a mysterious man with claws attacking a man in a business suit.
12/21/12 A Very Sombre Tyrannosaur Christmas: Armand, Blindfold, Cloak, Dagger, Morbius, Phantasm, Rex, Scarlet Witch Scenes from the final concert from Rex's charity concert series. Red Mask is revealed.
12/30/2012 18:00 Shadowing in Madripoor Nova, Night Thrasher, Dagger Having recently arrived in Madripoor, Members of the New Warriors and Dagger begin snooping about in the Docks of Madripoor.


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