Character List

Please note that this page only displays new characters created using the new character templates (Live: June 2012). For all active PCs, please visit the Active Characters Page.

2218310-hankmccoy.jpg Beast Dr. Hank McCoy

807541-beetle_2_super.jpg Beetle Abner Jenkins

beta-ray-bill.jpg Beta Ray Bill Beta Ray Bill

141265-4861-big-wheel.jpg Big Wheel Axel Wheele

713701-birdy_00.jpg Birdy Sarah Jones

Marvel_Comci_s_Black_Cat_by_Kapow2003.jpg Black Cat Felicia Hardy

193935-78424-black-crow_large.jpg Black Crow Jesse Black Crow

923455-black_knight_color.jpg Black Knight Dane Whitman

77233-128059-black-mamba_large.jpg Black Mamba Tanya Sealy

2211420-ff_606_cov.jpg Black Panther T'Challa

200px-Black_Racer_Ariana_Earth-616.jpg Black Racer Ariana Saddiqi

78378-180094-black-tom-cassidy.jpg Black Tom Tom Cassidy

widow.jpg Black Widow Natalia (Natasha) Romanova

1116472-whiplash_11.jpg Blacklash Mark Scarlotti

bladex.JPG Blade Eric Brooks

blindfold.jpg Blindfold Ruth Aldine

1377353-bling_.jpg Bling Roxanne "Roxy" Washington

Clarice3.jpg Blink Clarice Ferguson

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