Character List

Please note that this page only displays new characters created using the new character templates (Live: June 2012). For all active PCs, please visit the Active Characters Page.

83288-77884-whirlwind.jpg Whirlwind David Cannon

200px-White_Rabbit_002.jpg White Rabbit Lorina Dodson

996351-whitetiger1b.jpg White Tiger Hector Ayala

Wifi_logo.jpg WiFi Colby Adams

wildchild-bigcostume6.jpg Wild Child Kyle Gibney

630370-sofia_body.jpg Wind Dancer Sofia Mantega

Wither.png Wither Kevin Ford

138725-122014-wizard.jpg Wizard Bentley Wittman

medium.jpg Wolf Cub Nicholas Gleason

Wolf-Cub.png Wolf Cub Nicholas Gleason

2279903-526012_297494306989315_236808833057863_734308_1624189328_n.jpg Wolverine Logan

492836-cos8.jpg Wonder Man Simon Williams

wrecker1.jpg Wrecker Dirk Garthwaite

95627-92679-wyatt-wingfoot.gif Wyatt Wingfoot Wyatt Wingfoot

954171-91290_5830_marko_djurdjevic.jpg X-23 Unknown

Plan_Chu_Earth-616.gif Yellow Claw Plan Chu

406px-Yellowjack.jpeg Yellowjacket Rita DeMara

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