Character List

Please note that this page only displays new characters created using the new character templates (Live: June 2012). For all active PCs, please visit the Active Characters Page.

Ariel_Coconut_Grove.gif Ariel Ariel

armandbio3.jpg Armand Armand Soleil Agdistis Pierre

987312-2due1sm.png Armor Hisako Ichiki

asp.jpg Asp

superheroine_concept1_by_artdude41-d4gyqz7.jpg Astraea Elene Tampambulos

1814258-alpha003_covcol_large.jpg Aurora Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

Xmen5.gif Avalanche Dominikos Petrakis

954055-axon.jpg Axon Erin Cicero

Ballista.jpg Ballista Anastasia Gerard

639972-banshee_00.jpg Banshee Sean Cassidy

726075-726057_thunderbolts_108_14_super.jpg Baron Zemo Baron Helmut Zemo

Beacon Cynthia Lawrence

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