Character List

Please note that this page only displays new characters created using the new character templates (Live: June 2012). For all active PCs, please visit the Active Characters Page.

793124-xmentheladiesmastermind.png Lady Mastermind Regan Wyngarde

1320292-picture_2_large.png Lava Men Lava Men

1123481-laserlord_color_ver_1_super.jpg Lazer Ray

leader.gif Leader Samuel Sterns

Leech_001.gif Leech Simon Lee

lifeguard.gif Lifeguard Heather Rae

LightmasterMU.gif Lightmaster Dr. Edward Lansky

Lighttrakker_01.jpg Lighttrakker Rebecca Littlehale

250px-Lilin.jpg Lilin Various Demons

lilth13.gif Lilith Lilith, Mother of Demons

lilithdod1.jpg Lilith Drake Lilith, Daughter of Dracula

Monolith.png Living Monolith Ahmet Abdol

1546296-545068_lt25_large.jpg Living Tribunal Living Tribunal

The-Lizard-Comic-Book-Character.jpg Lizard Dr. Curtis Conners

250px-Loa_Earth-616.png Loa Alani Ryab

jd17s.jpg Loki Loki Laufeyson

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