7.0 Books of Magic

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Personal Magic Spell List

Spell Name FEAT Roll Brief Definition
Absorption Touch and become material
Admittance Open locked door
Alteration-Appearance Modify self appearance
Alteration-Body Weapons Modify self to form fangs, claws, spines
Apparition Phasing into non corporeal form
Armor Summon magic body armor equal to rank
Astral Projection Project spirit into astral plane
Chameleonic Coloring Change color to match surroundings
Damage Absorption* Absorb energy attack damage
Damage Conversion* Convert physical attacks to strength and health
Density Control-Self Increase to rank or decrease mass to Shift 0
Dual Persona Channeling someone from the past
Empathy Sense others emotions
Enchanted Eye Generate eye that can float around and spy on others
Flaw Mystical tendril that searches out flaws in targets
Flight Fly through the air
Foretelling Predict actions of others
Gramarye Obtains information on particular items
Growing Self growth
Heal Heal self once per day at rank
Image Projection Create image of self
Immovability Caster anchors self to ground
Invisibility Make self invisible
Learning Caster can learn from mistakes while in combat
Levitation Rise up into air
Luck Increase self luck in given situation
Manipulation Generates tendrils to manipulate items like telekinesis
Mental Barrier Psy Screen
Post-Cognition Seeing into past
Protected Senses Creates headgear that protects caster's senses
Reflective Aura Reflects non-magical energy at sender or device
Resistance Aura Creates aura that protects against environment
Sensing-Clairaudience Remote listening
Sensing-Clairvoyance Remote seeing
Sensing Danger Caster can scan area for danger
Servant Summons personal servant to do caster's bidding
Shape-Shifting, Limited Change the shape of one animal, plant, or object
Shape-Shifting, Unlimited* Change the shape of any animal, plant, or object
Shield-Great Creates immovable shield to protect area
Shield-Individual Creates disk to protect self (ala: eldritch shield)
Shrinking Caster reduces size based on rank
Telekinesis Line of sight movement of objects
Telepathy Broadcast and reading of thoughts
Tongues Universal Translator
Trance Slow down or speed of self metabolism
Transformation Transforms self into another substance and retains shape
Vapors-Enhancement Create vapors around self

Universal Magic Spell List

Spell Name FEAT Roll Brief Definition
Animation Enchanting inanimate object to become animate
Bands Entangle attack that wraps bands around target
Charm Caster creates pleasant aura about self
Confusion Confuses target, see chart on results
Conjure Teleporting item, plant, creature or character to summoner
Curse Target's rolls are negatively modified based on specific curse
Density Control-Others Controls density of target to rank value
Eldritch Beams/Bolts Magical Energy beam with familiar qualities (cold, fire, impact, light, sound…)
Eldritch Blast Pure magical energy blast
Eldritch Breath Halitosis; Energy blast from mouth
Eldritch Crystals Magical crystal (physical/edged) attack
Eldritch Flames Magical flame attack
Emotion Control Controls emotions of others
Energy Control Controls existing non magical energy
Fear Target fear vs Psyche FEAT
Forgetfulness Forget specific information vs Psyche FEAT
Glamor Sparkly Vampires; Creates flashing lights or swirling colors to confuse or distract opponents
Growing-Others Increase size of other characters based on rank
Healing-Others Heal at Rank, once per day per character, or any amount for various characters
Illusion Create illusion of anything imagined
Invisibility-Others Make other's invisible
Matter Rearrangement Change one object into another at rank
Mental Control Attack and control another's mind
Mental Probe Tendril learns targets identity and details
Mesmerism Hypnotism that communicates and commands target characters
Mesmermechanism Communicate and command artificial life forms
Nature Control Control one of the four elementals or weather
Net Caster weaves enchanted net to entangle target
Paralyze Caster creates tendril to attack mind of target and paralyze
Plant Control Communicate with and control plants in area of effect
Power Block* Fills area with enchantment that prevents non-magical super powers
Revival Spell counter that effects other spells
Shield-Aura Creates aura to protect against all types of attack at rank
Shrinking-Others Reduction of others size at rank
Static Field
Teleportation* Instant travel from point A to point B
Trap Caster sets mental trap for those who attack
Vapors-Obscurity Caster creates vapors that obscure vision like smoke
Vapors-Sleep Caster creates vapors that will put others to sleep
Vapors-Resist Death Vapors that prevent others from dying
Wave Wave of force

Dimensional Magic Spell List

Spell Name FEAT Roll Brief Definition
Damage Absorption
Damage Conversion
Dimensional Aperture
Eldritch Attacks
Environmental Independence
Power Block
Power Duplication
Shape Shifting—Unlimited

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