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Post continuity Feature Characters will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may end up treated as Original Characters (thereby being subject to these restrictions and information based in NEWs CUTOFF). Feature Characters within continuity, unless they are on the banned list, most likely would be allowable. If in doubt, ask an on duty staff member.

On a game of this type, there must be a certain balance maintained between all of the characters. Unfortunately, this means that for Original Characters, only a certain number of some concepts can be allowed on the grid. Additionally, some concepts just don't fit in. We are sorry for this but it is a necessity. The banned concepts cannot be applied for at _all_. If you try to apply for any of these concepts, you will be rejected. Avoid this by taking the time to read through completely. Please note this applies to Original Characters.

As per any game, there is a list of powers that are not allowed. They are as follows:

- Adamantium - this is a FC only aspect
- Aliens - this is a FC only aspect
- Angels / Demons / Half D or Half A / Devils / Celestial Beings
- Animals - see below
- Anime or other Genre Types - see below
- Clones & Copied Concepts
- Codenames - see below
- Cosmic Awareness - knowing everything
- Deviants - a specific Marvel race, see below
- Energy Source Creation - able to amp up other character powers
- Eternals - a specific Marvel race, see below
- Externals - a specific Marvel race, see below
- Evolution - evolving self or others (IE: High Evolutionary)
- Ferals / Furries / Animal Shape Shifting - see below and NEWS RESTRICTED
- Gateway - ability to teleport anywhere, anywhen, and to anyone
- Incarnation Awareness - knowing all the character learned from past lives
- Inhumans - a specific Marvel race
- Magic Control - controlling magic fields
- Magic Creation - creating magic objects or spells from scratch
- Magical Powers - If the character chooses to take individual spells
(IE: Power Simulation - Eldritch Bolt), then that is acceptable. All spells,
- Nemesis (ability to generate power based on opposing power)
- Other Reality / Dimension Characters - see below
- Plague Carrier - carrying disease
- Precognition - seeing the future
- Power Control - variable power controls
- Power Creation - creating a new power within yourself
- Power Duplication - duplicating other's powers
- Power Simulation - simulating other powers
- Reality Alteration - alteration of reatlity, see below
- Selection - able to select powers
- Spechul Snowflakes - see below
- Supernaturals - see below
- Superset - see below
- Sympathetic Magic - voodoo
- Telelocation - knowing where everyone is located
- Time Travel - traveling though time
- Vibranium - this is a FC only aspect
- Weapon X - see below

Adamantium / Vibranium - Please don't even try it. No one is getting anything made of adamantium or vibranium. Unless it is a Feature Character who has these items in canon (preferably before continuity cutoff unless you make a good argument to staff why you should be allowed), it will be rejected. Period. There is already entirely too much on the grid for these supposed most-rare-of-metals.

Aliens - Though the stock 616 Marvel Reality is stocked with Aliens, this world's focus is the Earth based, non cosmic themes. Aliens also include other dimensional/reality beings. Therefore, this is a banned concept.

Angels / Demons / Half-D or Half A / Devils / Celestial Beings / … - These characters are completely banned. Don't even think about it.

Animals - Animal-based humans and humans with animal powers (Wolfsbane, Tigra, the Black Panther, the Lizard, the Scorpion) are perfectly allowable characters, but genuine animals are not. This includes both FCs, such as Lockheed and Lockjaw, and OCs.

Anime or other Genre Types - We do not accept obvious types from D&D, Highlander, WoD, or Anime since they do not fit with the Marvel World. This also applies to other source material that is not directly related to the theme of the MUX.

Clones / Copied Concepts - Clones are not acceptable, both in the actual sense as well as the conceptual. There will be no actual clones of any characters applied for as Original Characters (either copying Original or Feature Characters). Characters based on other FC's or OC's are also banned. This means characters mimicking established characters, such as having the same powers or personality, or skills, etc. This does not necessarily mean that a player copied another person but if it is found that an Original Character too closely matches someone already on the grid, that character will be rejected and asked to change traits in order to be more original. This ban also includes copying concepts from other comics such as DC, Image, etc.

Codenames - When applying for Original Characters, do not try to use a codename that belongs to a Feature Character. This includes those that are post-continuity. The entire application will be rejected on that basis alone.

Eternals / Externals / Deviants / Inhumans - This is a subject for Marvel Comics to define. There will be _no_ Original Characters allowed claiming to be either Eternals or Externals. Only the ones established by the comics are allowed and they are limited in which ones are allowed to be played. The few that can are typically Interview Only.

Ferals/Furries/Animal Shape Shifting - The current population on the grid is the limiting factor of this character type. Therefore, only 3 of the feral/furry character types are allowed at any given time.

Other Dimension / Other Time characters - They're trapped in another timeline.

Related to Feature Characters - There will be no Original Characters allowed who are claiming to be related to a Feature Character in any way. This includes people from other dimensions (which falls under the no-alternate-dimension ban as well). On this site, we do not allow people to play the children of Feature Characters. This carries over to siblings, parents, uncles, etc. The only way a person can apply for someone related to a Feature Character is if the person they apply for is a Feature Character whose relationship was already established prior to our continuity cutoff (such as the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver).

Reality Alteration/Concept Alteration - Changing reality would lead to all sorts of problems as should be quite obvious. For that reason, it is on the banned list completely. Even Feature Characters with this power are restricted as Plot Devices and cannot be played unless in the course of a staff-run TP. Effecting the mind of another person to alter how they perceive things is considered a psionic/mental power. Creating objects out of nothing or altering the molecular structure of objects would be considered reality alteration.

Spechul Snowflakes - Characters that have super mega loads of money along with powers or special abilities like Batman, super famous, perfection, computer wizzes, ninja moves, numerous skills beyond compare, owns mega corporations,and are under the age of 30.It takes a long while to learn and master skills. Unless your power gives you the ability to know all the skills, then don't think about taking them along with the Superset (seen below). For further detail; or

Supernatural - Zombies / Vampires / Werewolves / Mummys … - Move along, move along.

The 'Superset' - Presently due to the abundant number of characters who apply with powers boosting _all_ physical aspects (strength, durability stamina, agility, etc), such a power-set is banned. That is not to say that you cannot use some of these increases or even a combination of them. You simply cannot have them all. You would have to pick two or three aspects such as strength/agility, stamina/strength/agility or so forth. Each of those counts as one power framework as well, so that is something to keep in mind with the limit of two to three power frameworks.

Weapon X / Department H / Super Soldier - There will be no Original Characters approved claiming a Weapon X or Department H, Super Soldier background. No modifications by either of these groups, no working for them. The only ones allowed are Feature Characters, yet some of those are even on the Plot Device list.

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