The Avengers
The Avengers are the first hero group to receive official recognition from
U.S. Government (and from international organizations as well). National
governments realized that the Earth could be threatened by alien races like
the Skrulls or despots with world-wide ambitions

The Avengers were therefore sponsored by the National Security Council of the
U.S. Government and by the United Nations as well, and this support was
written into the Avengers Charter.

This support has been retained and expanded over the years, but not without
difficulty. Government support for the Avengers includes access to privileged
or classified information, exemption from certain Federal regulations, and a
wide-ranging elimination of the kind of red tape that usually accumulates after
heroes demolish a world-threatening menace along with the city block where
said menace had been standing.

Government support does not extend to providing funds to support Avengers
activities. The Avengers are funded by a self-perpetuating private trust fund,
the Maria Stark Foundation The U.S. government cannot get its hands on the
Avengers purse strings (in this respect, this Avengers are better off than
some other government-sponsored groups).

Just letting everyone know where the Avengers stand as of right now in game history.

The Avengers are a UN Chartered organization and have been for roughly a year. They are headquartered in New York. Every former member in good standing is considered to be on the roster (unless they specifically ask not to be) and there is no 'active team'. Rather, teams are decided on a mission by mission basis and depend on who is available at the moment and the requirements of the mission.

The Avengers as an organization are UN funded. However, Avengers Mansion is still funded by the Maria Stark Foundation and remains available as a living and lounge space to all members. Officially, the Avengers work out of the UN Building in NYC and have office space there but it is rarely used, except by support staff. The mansion remains subject to the laws of the United States and the state and city of New York.

Characters and Activity

The following characters are Active Roster player characters:

Image Codename Real Name
2020043-arachne.jpg Arachne Julia Eugenia Cornwall

beta-ray-bill.jpg Beta Ray Bill Beta Ray Bill

661847-newmbcostume.jpg Mockingbird Barbara Morse

Flint_Marko_Earth-91126.jpg Sandman Flint Marko

Scarlet-Witch.jpg Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff

78632-17990-105338-1-ms-marvel_super.jpg Ms Marvel Lt. Col. Carol Susan Jane Danvers, USAF, Ret.
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