Players are allowed 4 character bits so long as they follow these rules:

  • Players may only have one character in the application process at a time. Upon character approval, the player may begin applying for another alt.
  • Only 2 of a player's 4 alt slots may be OCs. For example, if a player has two Original Characters and wishes to apply for a third alt, the new character must be a FC. Post-con FCs count as a FC for this purpose.
  • Please be aware that your third and fourth alt cost experience points to apply for. Refer to NEWS XP for more information.
  • A player may only have 1 alt on a team. They may, however, have up to 2 alts in a single sphere. For example, if player has FC X as an Avenger, they may also play FC Y as a student at Avengers Academy, where FC X teaches. PLEASE BE AWARE. Players cannot have two characters that possess close ties to each other. Either related, archenemies, or a close partnership/friendship.

Captain America's player, for example, cannot also play Patriot. Furthermore, no alt may provide material support to another. A player cannot have Tony Stark give his alt Mettle ten thousand dollars. The only exception to this is if the material support makes sense within the framework of the team and plot. For example, Tony Stark might, at Ms. Marvel's request, give every
student at Avenger's Academy a commlink,including his alt, Mettle. Of course, a player may not have two alts in the same scene without staff permission. The Marvel Untold staff is the final arbitrator in deciding if two alts are too closely linked.

  • Players must follow the game's rules on activity for all alts. See NEWS ACTIVITY for more details.
  • Please remember to separate IC and OOC knowledge. One alt should never know something another alt knows unless that information has been communicated through the proper channels.
  • Please note, TP characters are exempt from some of these rules, though they cannot be used to give material support to an alt and the separation of OOC and IC knowledge is still a requirement. See NEWS TINYPLOT CHARACTERS for more details.
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