Alpha Flight


Alpha Flight is a Canadian team of adventurers, most of whom have superhuman
powers, which was organized under the auspices of the Canadian government's
Department H. Roughly ten years ago James MacDonald Hudson, an engineer,
resigned from the Am-Can Petro-Chemical Company in Canada when he learned that
a special super-powered suit he had built for the company for use in
geological exploration was going to be used by the United States military
instead. Hudson secretly destroyed Am-Can's copies of the plans for the suit
and made off with the psycho-cybernetic helmet that was necessary to make the
suit work, and which he could claim as his own property with legal

Shocked by what happened to Hudson at Am-Can, Heather McNeil, the executive
secretary to Hudson's immediate superior there, Jerome Jaxon, also resigned
from the company. McNeil arranged for herself and Hudson to meet with
officials of the Canadian government, who heard their story and settled with
Am-Can for any damages incurred when Hudson reclaimed his helmet. Hudson was
then invited by the Canadian prime minister to participate in the creation of
Department H, a top secret research and development agency within the
Canadian Ministry of Defense. Soon afterwards Hudson married McNeil, and
within the next few years Hudson had recruited the mutant called Wolverine as
one of the Department's special agents.

Reading a newspaper account of how Reed Richards and three of his friends
became the Fantastic Four inspired James Hudson to create a team of
superhumanly powerful agents to go on missions for the Canadian government.
Wolverine aided Hudson in the initial phases of the creation of the team,
which would be called Alpha Flight, and it was planned that Wolverine would
lead the team. However, Wolverine eventually left Department H for his own
reasons and joined the X-Men. Hudson continued to develop his super-powered
suit, and it eventually became the costume that he himself wore as a member
of Alpha Flight. As a costumed agent Hudson at first called himself Weapon
Alpha, later changed his code name to Vindicator, and finally settled upon
the name Guardian. Hudson reluctantly became the leader of Alpha Flight
himself after Wolverine's resignation.

The standard procedure for recruits for Alpha Flight was that they would
begin as members of a training team called Gamma Flight. Upon successfully
completing their initial training, recruits would move into a transitional
team, Beta Flight, to receive more advanced training. Those who proved to be
successes in Beta Flight as well would finally join Alpha Flight, the team
of agents who would participate in major missions.

Alpha Flight had six members when Department H was disbanded by the Canadian
government for financial reasons: Aurora, Guardian, Northstar, Sasquatch,
Shaman, and Snowbird. However, the six members decided to continue acting as
a team, performing altruistic missions, and were joined by two trainees from
Beta Flight, Marinna and Puck. In practice, however, the majority of the
members undertook the same mission infrequently after the team became
independent of the government, simply because the various members lived in
different parts of Canada.

James Hudson was presumed to have been killed in the course of Alpha Flight's
first major battle with a group called Omega Flight. Alpha Flight, however,
continued as a team despite the loss of its founder, and the members chose
Hudson's highly capable wife Heather to act as their new leader. Heather
adopted her husband's costume and his codename, Vindicator. The Canadian
government resumed funding Alpha Flight, and the team established a
headquarters on Tamarind Island off British Columbia. Other members who
joined Alpha Flight were Wildchild and Windshear. Funding problems plagued
this group and it was then forced to disband once again.

Now they have been brought back together by a more stable and powerful
Department H with deeper secrets yet to be revealed.

Characters and Activity

Complete Team Roster

Image Codename Real Name
1814258-alpha003_covcol_large.jpg Aurora Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

Madison_Jeffries01.gif Box IV Madison Jeffries

77469-32708-diamond-lil.jpg Diamond Lil Lillian Crawley

shaman_0.jpg Shaman Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen

talisman.PNG Talisman Elizabeth Twoyoungmen

180px-Heather_McNeil_Earth-616_009.jpg Vindicator Heather McNeil Hudson

wildchild-bigcostume6.jpg Wild Child Kyle Gibney

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