2.3 Active & Passive Powers

In this section we will cover the limit in number of powers running at the same time. First we define the types of powers, active, persistent, and passive.

Active - A power that requires you to turn on, activate, trigger, or focus. A few examples are: Energy Blast, Mind Blast, Possession, Telepathy, Gravity Manipulation, Telekinetic Grab, Punch/Kick/Head-butt, Entangle (becomes passive after launch), etc.

Persistent - Flight, Energy Sheath, Force Field, Mind Link, Swimming, Hyper-Running, etc.

Passive - Many Detections, Energy Absorption, True Invulnerability, Body Armor, Resistance, etc.

A hero (or villain) may have 1 Active, 2 Persistent, and as many Passive powers as they possess active at one given time. This limitation, of course, can be bought off through the expenditure of experience points per extra action.

For Example: Graviton has the ability to manipulate gravitons to perform 6 stunts at the same time. He is able to:

1. Hold aloft his 2mi x 2mi floating island
2. Maintain a force field around that land mass
3. Fly himself
4. Maintain a force field around himself
5. Project graviton blasts
6. Entangle several individuals in two separate clumps.

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