8.1 Unlockables

One of the things you can spend XP on in the Marvel Heroic system is Unlockables. Unlockables are bonuses outside of the normal XP system. These bonuses might be temporary or permanent depending on the unlockable. There will be a list of general unlockables available on the wiki. GMs are also allowed to create one or two unlockables for any plot they run. Here are a few
unlockable examples:


You've come across something strange and kept it for yourself.

  • 5 XP: You may use your piece of alien technology to create an immediately usable d10 asset. The asset lasts until the end of the scene.
  • 10 XP: The asset created with the technology steps up to a d12.



Somehow, you've managed to acquire remote shutdown codes for a piece of enemy technology.

  • 5 XP: Once during the Act you can declare the a villain with a technology- based Power Set is using tech you have a shutdown code for. Your code shuts down the villain's power set and either adds a d6 to the Doom Pool or steps up the lowest die in the Doom Pool. This limit only lasts for the scene.
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