8.0 Experience

Experience on Marvel Untold is gained through two methods: Milestones and log posting.

Milestones represent a set of goals the character has to achieve in order to gain XP. Every character chooses two Milestones. These may be specific to the character, picked from the general list on our wiki, or related to an ongoing plotline. GMs will be encouraged to create and post one or two Milestones for their plotline at the beginning, for players to pick from.

Each Milestone has three "triggers": 1 XP, 3 XP, and 10 XP. To earn the XP, one fufills (or "hits") the conditions of the trigger. For example, Wolverine might have the following Milestone:

… And What I Do Isn't Very Nice

  • 1 XP when you first choose to inflict physical stress in a scene.
  • 3 XP when another hero rebukes you for your violence or you threaten another hero with violence.
  • 10 XP when you kill someone in front of innocents or recover from your beserker rage in front of innocents without having inflicted trauma on anyone.

Wolverine is up against Sabretooth in the middle of a mall. He decides Sabretooth has to go down. He attacks, claws out, and hits the first trigger, earning 1 XP. Storm, who is there, reminds Wolverine that there are civilians present and they should try to resolve this peacefully to prevent collatoral damage. That hits the second trigger, earning Wolverine 3 XP. The fight continues and Wolverine decides to stand down and let Sabretooth escape rather than risk seeing some nearby chldren hurt. That hits the third trigger and Wolverine earns 10 XP.

We've established some house rules in order to make XP and growth reasonable here on Marvel Untold.

  • A character may hit a 1 XP trigger once per week.
  • A character may hit a 3 XP trigger once per month.
  • A character may hit a 10 XP trigger once per quarter (three months).
  • 1 XP triggers are reset on Mondays. 3 XP triggers are reset on the 1st day of the month. 10 XP triggers are reset on the 1st of January, April, July, and October.
  • Even though a character has two Milestones, only ONE of each trigger can be hit during a time period. For example, if a character hits the 3 XP trigger from Milestone 1, they cannot hit the 3 XP trigger from Milestone 2 until the next month. Having two Milestones increases the chances of hitting a trigger.

Players may replace a Milestone at any time. In other words, if a Milestone isn't working out for you, feel free to contact a staff member or put in a +request and we'll work out a new Milestone. We can create a Milestone specific to your character or you may pick from a list of pre-existing Milestones that will be posted on our wiki or you may pick a plot specific Milestone developed by the plot's GM. If you hit a 10 XP trigger in a Milestone you MUST replace the Milestone. You can choose to replace it with
the same Milestone if it still applies.

Replacing a Milestone does NOT reset the triggers you have hit. If you have hit the 3 XP trigger of Milestone A but replace Milestone A with Milestone B before the end of the month, you cannot hit the 3 XP trigger of Milestone B until the new month begins.

In addition to earning XP through Milestones, you can also earn XP through logs.

  • For each social log posted in which your character participates, you earn .1 XP.
  • For each plot-related log posted in which your character participates, you earn .2 XP.
  • For each plot-related log you, as a player, run, your character earns .3 XP.

Here is a list of what you can spend XP on:

  • 1 XP = 1 plot point.
  • 5 XP = Replace an old Distinction with a new one. Add or replace a Limit in a Power Set. Switch two Affiliation traits. Unlock a 5XP Event resource. Create a third alt (this cost may be split up between your two existing alts).
  • 10 XP = Add a new SFX to a Power Set. Add a d6 Specialty. Step up a power trait from a d6 to a d8. Add a d6 power trait to a Power Set. Step up a d6 Specialty to a d8. Remove a Limit from a Power Set (so long as at least one Limit remains). Unlock a 10 XP Event resource. Create a fourth alt (this cost may be split up between your three existing alts).
  • 15 XP = Step up a d8 power trait to a d10. Replace an existing Power Set with a new one. Step up a d8 Specialty to a d10. Unlock a 15 XP Event resource.
  • 20 XP = Step up a d10 power trait to a d12.
  • 25 XP = Add a new power set with 1 d6 power, 1 SFX, and 1 Limit. Step up a d10 Specialty to a d12.

If you feel your character has hit a Milestone trigger, send in a +request explaining which trigger you hit, how you hit it, and give us a link to the log where it happens.

If you want to put in an XP spend request, send in a +request with what you want, justification for the spend, and the amount you are spending.

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