7.4 Specialties

Specialities represent skills, resources, and contacts and can be used to create Resources or Stunts. They are rated at d6 (novice), d8 (expert), and d10 (master). You actually have some versatility there. If you are concerned that you don't have enough dice in your pool, you may substitute 2d6 for a d8 skill or 2d8 for a d10 skill.

EXAMPLE: Tigra is trying to track a suspect through a nightclub. She decides the club's Packed with People Distinction is working against her by hiding the scent and wants to increase her odds of getting a high TOTAL, so makes the call to roll her Crime Specialty at 2d6 instead of 1d8. Two dice, she reasons, give a better chance at a decent number than one, in this situation.

Here's a list of Specialties along with a brief description of each.

  • Acrobatics: Dancings, gymnastics, vaulting, flipping, and contortion.
  • Arts and Crafts: Everything from drawing to sculpting, cooking to basket- weaving.
  • Athletics: Throwing, hitting a ball, skateboarding, climbing, and other such feats.
  • Business: Running a company or working in one.
  • Combat: Kung fu (and other type of) fighting.
  • Cosmic: Knowledge of aliens and the universe at large.
  • Covert: Spy stuff. Some overlap with crime.
  • Crime: Criminal stuff. Some overlap with covert.
  • Media: Journalism, performing, editorializing, writing.
  • Medical: Making people better. Or giving informed opinions on the body.
  • Menace: What Wolverine does best. No, not pissing people off. Scaring them.
  • Mystic: Knowledge of the occult, the demonic, and the strange.
  • Nature: Survival, gardening, tree identification, animal handling, and the like.
  • Politics: How to get elected, campaign, and work the system.
  • Psych: Dealing with people. From manipulation to leadership to actual psychology.
  • Science: Physics, chemistry, and that sort of thing.
  • Tech: Engineering, computers, electronics, mechanics.
  • Vehicles: Driving and flying and boating, oh my!
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