7.3 Temporary Powers

Temporary powers are just what the name implies, from something gained temporarily in a plot, to a boost or temporary item gained during a scene. This can come in the form of equipment, vehicles, mystic enhancements, and the like. The rules here are
pretty simple and consistant with those governing power sets in general. When assembling a dice pool, you may include one die from each power set. This includes the temporary power set and, as always, only include the die if it makes sense. If you are trying to thread the needle by piloting a space ship out of the closing maw of a giant space slug, then your Flight power probably
won't be much help. The ship's Flight power, on the other hand, makes perfect sense. Likewise, if you're spending this round punching the guy in the co-pilot's seat instead of flying the spaceship? Nothing from the ship's power set helps you there and you shouldn't include any dice from it.

Please note, temporary power sets are supposed to be a) temporary and b) situational. If we notice that you are checking out a jetpack from the X-Men arsenal for every scene? We will require you to spend XP to get that jetpack as a permanent power set - which could mean replacing one of your own power sets if you have two already. This rule is for enhancing RP and not to be

EXAMPLE: Typeface is being sent into battle against a horde of flying monkeys. To help him, he is being given an Initiative-Issue Intervention Kit. It provides him with the following power set:

Power Set: Initiative-Issue Intervetion Kit
Pulse Rifle d8
Subsonic Flight d8

SFX: Burst. Against a single target, step up or double a Pulse Rifle die. Remove the highest rolling die and use three dice in your total.

Limit: Gear. Shutdown an Initiative-Issue Intervention Kit power to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs the doom pool to recover that power.

EXAMPLE: American Dream is on her Stark designed battle capable motorcycle. She gains the following power set:

Power Set: Nice Bike!
Enhanced Durability d8
Enhanced Reflexes d8
Superhuman Speed d10

SFX: To the Limit. Step up or double a Nice Bike! power for one action or spend 1 PP to do both. If the action fails, shutdown the Nice Bike! power. Recover the power by activating an opportunity or during a transition scene.

Vehicles, specifically, may also have their own Distinctions that can be used in place of a character or scene's distinctions. For example, American Dream's motorcycle might have the 'Stark Built' Distinction.

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