7.2 Limits

In addition to power traits and SFX, every Power Set has at least one limit. Limits are exactly what they sound like. They are flaws. They are weaknesses. They are conditions under which you or your powers either do not work or work less effectively. And can be a good thing. Why?

Ignoring the fact that weaknesses define us just as much as strengths do, Limits can have a positive, game mechanic effect. Certain Limits, when activated, give you a plot point.

EXAMPLE: Captain America's low on plot points and he wants to grab one for an upcoming action. So, Cap throws his shield and announces that he isn't able to catch it on the bounce back. This activates the limit on his Vibranium-Allow Shield Power Set called Gear. Cap loses the ability to use that Power Set for the time being and gains a plot point in the process.

Not every Limit gives you a plot point when activated. For example, Elixir has a Limit that simply defines that his powers only work on organics.

When a Limit comes up for activation, the player always has first option to activate it. However, if the player chooses not to activate the Limit, then the GM may. If the GM activates a limit, he or she must spend a die from the Doom Pool to do so. This shrinks the Doom Pool.

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