7.1 SFX

Power Sets consist of three parts: power traits, SFX, and Limits. SFX are personalized tricks that help explain how a power operates differently for you than it does for another person with the same power. Most SFX are presented in a 'Do A to get B' format. In other words, most SFX have a trigger (something that has to happen to activate the SFX) and an effect. Many SFX have a cost of some sort as the trigger.

Unless written specifically otherwise, SFX are connected to the Power Set and not any specific power trait. Occasionally, SFX can be used independently of power rolls.

Possible triggers for SFX might include: Spending a plot point; Shutting down a power trait; Adding a die to the Doom Pool; Stepping back a die; Taking a specific action.

Possible benefits from SFX might include: Stepping up a die; Doubling a die (adding another die of the same type); Adding a die; Keeping an extra effect die; Recovering Stress; Rerolling the dice.

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