5.2 Opportunities

When you roll a '1' on a die, the '1' can't be counted towards either your TOTAL or your EFFECT. 1s are called Opportunities. When a player rolls a 1 the GM has the option of "activating the Opportunity". When the GM rolls a 1 the player has the same option.

When a player activates an Opportunity, she must spend a plot point. She then gains a benefit from the following list:

  • Give yourself an extra D8 for your next roll.
  • Give yourself a D10 Stunt to use on your next reaction or action roll.
  • Step up the die of an already existing Asset.
  • Create a Resource. This is the only way to create a Resource in an action scene.
  • Activate certain SFX or Limits.

When a GM activates an Opportunity, the player who generated the Opportunity is given a plot point. The GM then either adds a D6 to the Doom Pool or steps up a die already in the Doom Pool.

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