4.2 Healing

This news files will describe recovery and healing from the taking of stress and trauma.


Your stress steps back one die per day that passes. In other words, let's say today you take d8 Physical Stress, d10 Mental Stress, and d4 Emotional Stress. Tomorrow, you will have d6 Physical Stress, d8 Mental Stress, and no Emotional Stress.

Your trauma steps back one die per week that passes. In other words, if you have d8 Physical Trauma, d10 Mental Trauma, and d4 Emotional Trauma today, one week from today you will have d6 Physical Trauma, d8 Mental Trauma, and no Emotional Trauma.


You may attempt to heal yourself through appropriate action (first aid, meditation, self-help books, medication…) and others (such as medical professionals) may attempt to assist you. If someone is assisting you, first they roll to create a support Asset following the normal Asset rules. Next, you roll vs the doom pool plus your stress/trauma die. Your dice pool for the roll will be an Affiliation, Distinction, appropriate power (most often Stamina) if applicable, appropriate specialty if applicable, and an Asset, if
given to you.

If your TOTAL > the Doom Pool's TOTAL, you succeed. If you succeed, compare your EFFECT die to the Doom Pool's EFFECT. If your's is smaller, step back your stress by one die. If your's is equal to or higher, the stress is gone.

Trauma works differently. If you are trying to heal Trauma using this method, if the Doom Pool's TOTAL is higher than your TOTAL, the attempt was botched and your Trauma steps up by one. If your TOTAL is higher than the Doom Pool's but your EFFECT is smaller, there is no change. If your TOTAL is higher and your EFFECT is higher, the Trauma is stepped back by one.


Certain powers allow you to heal using SFX, even during the middle of an Action scene. With the Healing Factor SFX, for example, you spend a plot point and, if your Stamina die is higher than your physical stress die, your stress is gone. If it is lower, the physical stress is stepped back by one. Likewise, some characters have a healing SFX that allows them to spend plot points in
order to heal others in a similar manner. Please be aware, SFX like these are the only way to heal damage during an action scene.

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