3.3 Resources

Resources are beneficial contacts, useful gadgets, or helpful assets that you can call on for help during research and non-combat scenes. To create a Resource, you spend a plot point (again, more on plot points later). The Resource is based on your Specialties. You don't use a Tech Specialty to create a ready-made 'shelter in the woods' Resource and you probably wouldn't
use an Arts and Crafts Specialty to create a 'Tae Kwan Do Master' Resource.

The Resources rating depends on what the rating of your Specialty is. D10 Specialties create d8 Resources. D8 Specialties create d6 Resources. D6 Specialties cannot create Resources.


  • Beast is trying to analyze a strange virus left behind by an alien visitor. He spends a plot point and uses his Science Specialty to create a 'Biology Lab' Resource.
  • Tony Stark has decided that he's going to take Hammer out the old fashioned way. He's going to buy him out. To help, he spends a plot point and creates a 'Billionare Playboy' Resource.
  • Misty Knight needs help identifying an electronic device left behind at the scene of a crime. She spends a plot point to create the 'One of Stark's Lab Boys Owes Me' Resource.
  • Iron Fist runs into a martial arts style he has never faced before and loses. Seeking to win the rematch, he spends a plot point to create a 'Montage Training Scene with Martial Arts Masters I know' Resource.
  • Skids needs to find out as much as she can about the mysterious MISTER X! So, she spends a plot point and creates a 'SHIELD Database' Resource for herself.

You might be asking 'Doesn't Tony always have access to his money? Wouldn't Beast always be able to go down to the biology lab in the mansion? The answer is, of course! However, you only get the extra die to your roll if you spend the plot point to turn these resources (little 'r') into Resources (big 'R').

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