3.2 Stunts

Stunts are nifty expansions of your character's existing power traits or Specialties. At first glance, they may seem similar to Assets but there's one key difference. You spend a turn creating an Asset by taking an action. Stunts, on the other hand, are created by spending a plot point (more on those later) and are immediate. Stunts require no roll and automatically give you a
one time, D8 Stunt bonus to your roll.

EXAMPLE: Daredevil needs information from Hammerhead and he needs it fast or his best friend is going to die! So, he spends a plot point and creates a 'I Can Smell Your Fear' Stunt. His dice pool for this roll will be: Solo (D10), Protector of Hell's Kitchen (D8), Superhuman Senses power trait (D10), Menace Expert Specialty (D8), I CAN SMELL YOUR FEAR Stunt (D8).

Remember. The upside to Stunts is they represent an immediate, extra boost to your action in the form of a D8. The downside to Stunts is they cost a power point and they only last for a single roll.

Other example Stunts:

  • Emma Frost wants to use her diamond body to catch and reflect light in order to blind Avalanche. So, she spends a plot point and creates a 'Glistening Diamond' stunt.
  • Cyclops is a great pilot but he knows the X-Men's jet, the Blackbird, best of all. Right now, he has to fly the Blackbird through the narrow glass and steel canyons of New York City's skyscrapers. Deciding he needs a little extra oomph, he spends a plot point and creates a 'Blackbird Expert' Stunt.
  • Spider-Woman is trying to talk a man off a ledge. Fortunately, her pheromones can give her a boost. She spends a plot point to create a 'Attractive Pheromone' Stunt.
  • Punisher knows Venom is vulnerable to sonics. Luckily, he stole some tech from AIM the last time he hit them. He spends a plot point to activate a 'Sonic Screamer' Stunt.
  • Tigra needs to scale a fifty foot wall. She has claws! So, she spends a plot point to create a 'Cats can Climb!' Stunt.
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