3.1 Assets

An Asset is basically the flip-side of a Complication. A Complication is a disadvantage you create for a foe. An Asset is an advantage you create for yourself and/or your allies. An Asset can represent something physical such as a weapon you pick up or it can represent something more immaterial, such as taking a moment to meditate and focus your mind. Assets can also represent
giving help to an ally as a support action.

To create an Asset, you assemble a dice pool and then roll as normal against the Doom Pool (more on the Doom Pool in another post). If you succeed, your EFFECT die becomes the die rating of the Asset. The minimum die rating of an Asset is D6. If your EFFECT die is a D4 it becomes automatically staged up to a D6.

It takes an action (one turn) to create an Asset. Assets, like Complications, last for as long as is logical. It might only last a single action, such as in the case of a 'Throwing Logan at the Enemy' Asset or it might last an entire scene, such as in the case of a 'Better Web Fluid Formula' Asset.

Here are some example Assets:

  • Colossus decides to throw Wolverine at a Sentinel. This is the classic Fastball Special and creates the 'Fastball Special' Asset, giving Wolverine a D10 Asset to add to his roll to slash up the Sentinel.
  • At the beginning of a fight, Iron Fist does not attack first. Instead, he pauses to focus his chi and creates a D8 'Focused Chi' Asset to use during the battle.
  • Black Widow is under attack by HYDRA agents. She dives behind a broken wall to create a 'Behind Cover' Asset that will help her when she's making reaction rolls.
  • Everyone knows Punisher is crazy. So, he spends a round describing to a mob punk exactly what's gonna happen once Punisher catches him. Punisher rolls the dice and creates a D10 'Crazy Reputation' Asset for himself.
  • Teenage Janet van Dyne wants to win the prom queen crown! To help her, she spends all night baking brownies to give to all her classmates. By doing so, she creates a D6 'Yummy Brownies' Asset for the vote roll.

And now, an example of how to create an Asset:

Ben Grimm, the ever loving, blue eyed Thing, is fighting a monster that secretes acid from its pores. He decides this is best done at a distance, so he grabs a telephone pole and snaps it from the ground to wield as a weapon. The Thing's player assembles a dice pool: Solo (D6), the Wotta Revoltin' Development Distinction (D8), Godlike Strength (D12), and Combat Expert (D8).
He rolls D6: 5, D8: 3, D12: 2, D8: 7. He keeps the D8: 7 and D6: 5 for his TOTAL (12) and the D12 as his EFFECT. The GM rolls the Doom Pool in opposition and the Thing wins. He's created a D12 Asset called 'Telephone Pole'. Next round, when Thing attacks the monster, he'll add that Asset die to his dice pool.

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