3.0 Types of Boosts

There are four ways to boost your self, and they are as follows:

  • Pushes: Spend 1 PP and add a D6 to your next roll. If activating an Opportunity, the Push adds a D8 instead of a D6.
  • Assets: Take an action to roll against the Doom Pool. If you succeed you create an Asset equal to the EFFECT die. The Asset lasts as long as makes sense thematically or until the end of the scene, whatever comes first.
  • Stunt: Spend 1 PP and get an immediate, one time D8 boost to a power or Specialty roll. If activating an Opportunity, the Stunt adds a D10 instead of a D8 to the next roll or action.
  • Resource: Spend 1 PP and create a Resource depending on the Specialty it is based on. D6 for Expert (D8) Specialties and D8 for Master (D10) Specialties. Resources last until the next research/transition scene for the Event.
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