2012 05 30 Trickery For The Trickster

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Trickery for the Trickster

Super Adaptoid & Loki

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Avengers Holding Cells

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The Adaptoid encounters Loki and duplicates the god.


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Loki is in his cell, chillin' like a villain, having finally been given some decent clothes which consist of a loose fitting dark green tunic and a pair of dark 'almost black' pants. He lays on the little cot, one knee propped up, hands resting on his midsection, bound by the power cuffs. Around his head is a bandage, to contain any bleeding that may have occured before he was able to regenerate the damage, thanks to Carol blasting him upside the back of the head. The foot on the leg that is still stretched out taps slightly, indicating that he is not actually sleeping, though his eyes are closed. He's just thinking…and planning.

Entering the holding area is a non-descript looking male. Wearing sneakers, jeans, and a rust colored bowling shirt. His dark hair is well trimmed and maintained while his green eyes peer about the room as he walks. Acknowledging personnel as he walks, he vectors toward the holding area of the Norse god of trickery, Loki. As he is curious about the individual. Approaching the containment area, his eyes take in the supine god.

Loki hears someone approaching and opens his eyes, turning his head to look at the door. "Oh, another person come to view the fallen god like some pathetic captured animal displayed in a zoo? I'm surprised Sif doesn't have people lined up around the block and sell tickets." and once he's done being a bitch, he looks Phillip up and down. "Who are you?"

A slight tilt of his head indicates curiousity as the male listens to the rantings of Loki. Once the words come to query his name, the male answers, "My name is Phillip." in a non combative, almost peaceful tone. It is then added, "I sure people would pay to see you."

Loki sits up, without the use of his bound hands, swinging his legs over the edge of the cot so he can sit and glare at Phillip with his emerald eyes, raven hair tousled at the top due to the bandage wound around his head. "Is that so, Phillip. Did they tell you I was in absolutely no mood to attempt to fight any of them, and they were the ones that took aggressive action with ME? Are these the actions of those claiming to be the mightiest of heroes?"

His assessment comes quickly in a interrogative tone, "Perhaps they were being cautious. Given your historical accounts and notable reputation for trickery, dreams of destruction and world domination, aggressive and passive aggressive behavior toward the deemed heroes of Asgard as well as those of the Earth, along with your past associations with the Masters of Evil, the Enchantress, and other evil or villain classed persons or entities. In retrospect, cautious is a given reaction when it comes to you."

Loki emits a single chuckle and returns to laying on his cot, feet crossed at the ankle, hands resting on his middle. "Always bringing up the past. Everyone is always saying to let it go, it's not worth it. Thor is not the innocent victim everyone believes him to be. If he had killed /you/, would you not be slightly upset about that?" he taps his fingers lightly. "Oh, you're right. I'm bad, I'm evil, I steal candy from children and put red socks in everyone's whites cycle. I lash back at Thor and the wretched citizens of Asgard because there is nothing about them that is good. Thor and Odin do whatever they want, to whomever they want," he sits up suddenly again and storms toward the door of the cell, "And if they are destroyed by my hand for their deeds then it's BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT." the last is shouted from the deepest depths of his being, teeth and fists clenched, eyes wide.

As the rant returns, Phillip is more intrigued. His eyes are engaged with the spectacle. Then as Loki rushes the 'door' Phillip remains unfaltered, unwaivered. Aside from the trailing of his gaze down and then back up to the hostile god, Phillip does nothing. A second or six should pass before he speaks, perhaps letting Loki calm himself. Then he finally states, "So it is your desire, your will to exact retribution on those that you feel have wronged you and others? To me this sounds heroic."

"Yes…something like that." he says, smiling sideways at Phillip. He approaches the field covering the window and door, coming dangerously close to it. "You understand how it is, don't you." he's trying to hypnotize him, reaching out with his mind, no matter how much his head is throbbing. "Why is it that others are always allowed to wrong people like us, but when we retaliate, suddenly we're evil or vengeful…" his voice is like silk, every word measured to try and reel Phillip into his web, not knowing whether or not it will work, but he will try it.

Phillip hasn't the mental aspects found in actual humans. In reality, if one tries to probe or make contact with him mentally, the attacker could suffer their own disorientation. Albeit, Loki uses magic, so it may be a whole different animal on Loki's part.

Agreeing with the sentiment, Phillip states, "I do. I have been in your position; In opposition of the Avengers. But now, I have found that working on the same side as they is far less frustrating."

Then, the moment he finishes the sentence he segues into a wholly different topic. "By the way, thank you. You have given me something that I will utilize for the benefit of mankind."

Frowing, Loki gives him a sideways glance, looking at him warily. "What are you talking about? You haven't done something to me, have you?" he takes a step back. "Working on the same side of the Avengers gets you nowhere. I was fully prepared to leave that bank without ever have lifted a finger against any of them. I even tried helping one of their mutants, and they still acted with violence." he points to his head. "This is their way of keeping the peace. This is the thanks I got for trying to not destroy their pathetic mortal city, which I could have done IF I WANTED TO." there's that rage face again, teeth bared as he hisses his words through them. "And Ohhhh how I want to /right now/. What are you going to do, hmm? Keep me locked up here until my brother comes to claim me like a stray DOG?"

Phillip then begins to shift from his rather non descript form to that which emulates Loki. His features are perfectly matched down to the last atom. While doing so, he remarks (his voice also shifting), "Of course. You even have… or should I say, /We/ even have the power to escape this very room if you were to so choose. You would be wise to utilize that power, for when Thor arrives, he will take you to your father - and he will be none to pleased with your presence on Midgard; when in reality you should have been executed not so many months back."

Loki stomps forward and smashes his bound hands into the forcefield, causing it to ripple under the force generated by the god. When he speaks, it's through gritted teeth, seething with fury contained within this small cell. "How dare you speak of my father?! Perhaps you would like to know that Thor is the one responsible for this, he used Mjiolnir to /kill me/. Where do you think I have been for the past year? I have been reforming my body so I may make him PAY." he shudders as the forcefield tries to repel him, but he refuses to yield. "Get me out of this cell and I will give you the power of a TRUE god."

Turning, Phillip in the form of Loki begins to walk away. "You've already given me all you can give." As he does, he shifts back to that of Loki so as not to disrupt normal going's on in the mansion. Albeit, he is pleased with his new form and will be taking it for a test drive soon enough.

"What?" he asks, his face contorts into one of complete confusion for a few moments, then morphs into eye watering full blown rage. He slams his balled hands into the forcefield several times, not caring if the bonds cut into his skin or not, emitting a long, paint curdling scream of rage, a few small objects in the room momentarily lifting off their surface from his telekinetic ability as he watches the fake Loki walk away while he's still stuck in this ridiculous mortal-built cage. "COME BACK HERE!"

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