Meeting The Fallen

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Save Land Part I: Meeting the Fallen

Havok, Kurt & Mirage

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Savage Land

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Going through the jungle the three ar ambushed by natives


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-Savage Land-

The jungle is dense, though the underbrush and grasses are very sparce. Mostly vines and ferns, and even succulents are nestled beneath the massive trees that reach high and blot out the direct sunlight with their canopies.

Foreign smells and sounds assault the senses. Strange animal calls, likely those of predators or those that want to mate. Strange insects and other arthropods crawl around the mosses and scavange for foods.

Havok takes the lead and let's the blipping radar like aspects of the hand held Cerebro tick along. He eventually comments in a rising tone, "Ambush… yes. But not from X-Force. From Them!" and he points to the DINO-RIDERS that are seen lurching through the trees in an attempt to surround and set up for attack.

What the heroes will see are human men wearing loincloths of tanned leather riding raptors through the jungle. They carry spears and have some sort of bridle to guide the raptors. The raptors themselves stand just over 7 feet, are green and yellow based with brownish stripes along their backs. Their talons are quite deadly and teeth just as sharp. There are 6 riders/dinos in all and they're surrounding the heroes.

With her two teammates taking little effort, in her own opinion, to move through the jungle quietly, Mirage doesn't bother either. She seems quite interested the the animal and plant life that surronds them. As they make thier way through the dense jungle she keeps a light touch on the animal minds in case of well the Dino-Riders that are quickly approaching them. She doesn't seem as alarmed by their prescence as Havok but she does clutch her bow tighter and begins to focus on the dinos, specifically the largest of the mounts, weaving her mental magic on it.

Kurt seems to recognize the riders. He states to his companions, "Mein frunds, zay are ze uft Fall Peoples. Frunds of ze X-Men." Then steps forward raising one three fingered hand, "Hail mein frunds, tiz I, ich Nightcrawler, X-Man and frunds to ze Fall People!"

The Fall People don't look to friendly. They begin to advance toward the heroes. Their advance is more of a circling inward or a decaying orbit as they continue to ride around the heroes.

Havok says, "Kurt, I really don't think they're friendly." and raises both hands toward the potential targets.

Mirage inches forward herself, toward the biggest dino of the bunch, thinking that is probably the leader of this small group. Inserting herself mentally in the dinos mind she begins to set up an empathic bond with the creature, and perhaps try to get it to throw its rider and come over to her so she can ride it instead.

Despite Kurt's lapse into bad German for a moment, the rib injury subsides and he regains his senses for a moment. Realizing they are indeed not friendly, he grips his swords a little tighter, light-blue knuckles would show tension if one could see his skin beneath the fuzz their. Carefully he teleports to a tree, then teleports towards one of the riders in his own attack meant to dismount that rider and do nearly the same as Dani, overtake the rider, but saving a final teleport to get off if the rider is wedged on there.

With grace and precision, Nightcrawler takes care of the rider and mounts the dino. Just as Dani's new buddy seems to smile and then throws the rider from it's back.

Kurt will also have noticed a metallic band around the head of the rider (in fact all of them). The band is electronic in nature and is likely something he's seen before - mind control circlets.

Havok launches two plasma blasts. One directly up into the trees and the other which takes rider and raptor out. Knocking both through the forest several yards away. It startles the 5 other dinos.

With the rider thrown, Mirage rushes forward toward the newly vacant dino. Without bothering to stop she leaps up, planting a foot on the dinos thick leg and launches herself into the saddle. Not bothering with the reins she just holds on tight with her legs and leans over to pat the raptor on the neck "Who's a good dino." still having mental contact with the dino she gives it a subtle suggestion to use its tail to swipe at the nearby rider.

Kurt, ever overconfident in his abilities, assumes they're simply trained to their reigns. Sheathing one sword, he grabs his reigns and manevuers his dino as if it were a horse, pull left to go left right to go right etc. His pullings erge it towards Dani, he clicks his tongue to signal a giddyup or move. Whether or not his idea of the reigns works, he calls to the other, "Don't blast the Fall People, aim for the metal mind control circlets on their heads, maybe an arrow can override the control enough to make one friendly so we can figure out who did this." If he happens to actually have control of the dino, he'll head for the next rider, attacking to subdue.

There is leap and then a whip of the tail. The raptor that Mirage rides answers the call of the attack. It's successful and takes the nearby rider out.

Kurt's new information gives Havok the idea. He's still standing within the original ring of dinos and he takes careful aim. He targets one of the remaining 3 riders and blasts. Just as he fired, a bola wrapped around his neck and two of the three balls smack into his head. Havok goes down and the shot misses completely. The other two riders attack Dani and Kurt with thrown spears. Both missing completely.

With a nudge of her knee, Mirage sends her new mount toward one of the three surrounding Havok. She has heard NC's call and leaps from her mount to the back of the other in an attempt to get behind the rider and rip the silver circlet off his head.

While the acrobatics are coming out from everyone else, Kurt's jaw drops every so slightly - thinking he should of been doing that (Hulk rib injury preventing too much tumbling). Still, he's on course for the other Dino rider that Dani didn't take. Even as he's looking shakey in the saddle so to speak (the other rider), Kurt twirls the one sword he has around and takes a couple of swipes at the head circling to try and disarm/break the device.

The rider in front of Mirage attacks with a knife, thrusting back to try and stab her in the midsection <Yellow result (only does 4 pts of damage)> while the other tries to Bolo the nearby Kurt. He falls from his dino with the bolo wrapped around his head - unconscious. Thus leaving one Dino.

Havok gets off the ground and will rush toward the Dino with Mirage. He tries to grab the reins, fails.

Mirage clutches onto the rider in front of her to keep herself from being dismounted from the stabbing. She doesn't bother trying to evade the knife since that would mean she would have to take the fast way off the dino. Instead she attempts to just push him off the dino so that Havok can deal with him on the ground.

Now being X-Factor has the only dino-riders, Kurt looks around to nearby fallen Fall People and steers his current mount in their direction. Again, his attempt is to use his sword to disarm/break/dismantle the circlets. "They're pretty cute, can we keep them," he asks aloud of the new mounts the team has. Hopefully Alex quits fooling around on the ground and finally gets up atop one of them.

The fallen riders are down and out. Unconscious. Kurt will easily remove the headbands in two to four rounds.

The rider is pushed to the ground by Mirage and lands in front of Havok. Instead of kicking the rider in the head, Havok enters a grappling match with the downed rider who quickly gets the upper hand. Havok is tossed upon his back and the Fall Person leaps atop of Havok with a stone knife to Havok's throat.

The rider then states in english, "Welcome to the Savage Land, X-Factor." Then the circlet produces an electrical attack and knocks the rider unconscious to fall onto Havok's chest.

Realizing he's pinned by the weight and angle of the fallen rider, Havok says, "Get this dude off me."

Holding a hand to the knife wound at her side, Mirage looks around for another enemy, but seeing that they are all dispatched she dismounts and goes over to Havok to roll the native off of him "How's that for a welcome wagon?" once he is up she goes to dig the first aid kit from her supplies.

Kurt rather likes being mounted on a dinosaur and will most likely remain in that state until the Fall People recover and reclaim their mounts, who are probably wandering around aimlessly in the nearby forests, eating other dinosaurs are chipring/roaring at one another. "Could of been worse, they could of been sans loin cloths, would of made that falling grapple on Alex really embarrassing." Its out there, he said it, who knows what proportions this story might take in his retellings from this day forth.

Mirage quickly applies some QuikClot<tm> from her first aid kit to her knife wound in her side. She guffaws at NC's quip and goes to round up her initial dino mount, petting and scratching him while she tells him what a good raptor he is. "Does your raptor have any supplies on it?" she asks in NC's direction as she checks her raptors and any others milling around for them.

Having the Fall Person rolled off him, Havok stands and brushes himself off trying not to look to embarassed. "Last time we were here, they were our best buds. Ka-Zar was ruling them and it was all good. Guess things changed."

The other dinos do indeed start sniffing around for food and things to eat, humans may not look good now, but they will eventually. They do not have supplies, no equipment other than bridle and a pseudo saddle like thing for butt padding.

One of the fallen, Fall People start coming around. Groggy at best, he speaks in his own language a few disoriented words.

"Mein fruend," grins Kurt then, moving the dino towards the Fall People, and dismounting to hand the reigns back over. "We are with the X-men, we are friends of the Fall people," he adds with less of an accent than earlier when he tried this. He side mouthes, "Did anyone grab a translator from the blackbird? We need to get X-Men grade shi'ar equipment in the minivan so we remember to use this stuff …"

Grabbing the reins of her mount and that of one of the milling ones Mirage guides it over to Havok and offers the reins of the mount to him, assuming he is going to mount up too. When the native starts to come around she walks over to him, her raptor walking behind her like a pet puppy. "I didn't grab it, but I can go get it if necessary. I can be there and back in a few minutes.

"Yeah, we can totally use it." notes Havok who feels stupid for not bringing it in the first place.

Other of the Fall People are coming around. They're looking disoriented and confused. A younger one has a concerned look on his face, leaps atop one of the raptors and rides off through the jungle.

Still dismounting, Kurt does make the effort to lead and return the dinomount to whichever Fall People person will take the lead as a gesture of the good will. "We come in peace," he says, slowly as if that would help. Then back at Havok, "We should work on proper equipment protocols in the Danger Room … then again, not like we have constant access to a Blackbird and all gear Charles and Hank put on them." Since Dani voluntered, he makes no move to suggest he can teleport and be back in seconds.

Noting that they indeed need a translator, Mirage hands the reins to her dino mount up to NC "Hold these for me, please." after quickly reassuring the raptor that she will be back she runs into the jungle, after she disappears into the foliage a sharp whistle can be heard and the whinnied response of her other mount. With the speed at which the pegasus can fly, she wasn't fooling, it only takes her a few minutes to retrieve the translator and get back. She hands it over to Havok as she walks out of the jungle over to them.

The remaining 5 Fall People converse with one another and the one offered the reigns takes them. He says "Hamru'bu" and nods as he does. As if to say 'Thank you'.

Havok notes to his team, "I'm guessing we've got a good 7 hours of daylight left. Once the translator is retrieved, we'll see if these people know anything."

Giving Mirage the chance to get the stuff and be on her way back, the Fall People seem to be readying themselves for their return home. They start mounting up and taking back their dinos. One says to Kurt, "Umalakka, Umalakka, shei to shan, ummma umma ugruraah." and motions for Kurt and his companions to return.

Kurt holds up his hands in the no harm intended gesture, "Fruend, a moment of time." A slight nod of his head, trying to get them to wait long enough for Dani return. His best effort being made to not make anyone mad just yet, but also keeping himself safe in the process. His tail is put down simply to keep it out of the way, he's sure being blue and fuzzy is weird enough for the moment. He tilts his head up just a little as if looking back to see where Dani is.

Once Mirage gets back and hands the translator over she looks around at the Fallen people. It's not hard to notice that the Fallen people and herself look to be of similar racial stock, "I guess it is to much to ask that these people speak Cheyenne."
Taking the translator, Havok fiddles with it until it comes on and he says, "Is this thing on? Can you understand me?"

One of the Fall People says something in his language and it's translated, "Yes, hello X-Men. Please, we must depart this location. It is dangerous here and we must return to our people - as they have been enslaved." and hands are offered to join the riding adventures.

Havok will take a hand, be pulled up and then off they will go.

Following lead, Kurt takes a hand too, getting up on a dinomount, still imagining how great it would be for X-Factor to use these for business. "Dangerous is good, not like he said 'we're about to be eaten by a T-Rex because this it their mating grounds." Always look on the brighter side of life. Kurt does not whistle, he tries to look cool, the two swords he carries helps hopefully.

Mirage mounts up behind the rider of the dino she befriended, though she doesn't take a hand to do so. She just puts a foot on the back leg and launches herself onto the creature, like she had done previously. "Who has enslaved your people?" she asks the one that has been designated the speaker for the group.

The Fall Guy answers and it's translated "Child of Brain."

Havok corrects, "Brainchild… leader of the Savage Land Mutates. A powerful telepath that aspires to become leader of the Savage land. He does a lot of mind control stuff and will jack us over."

"What about other X-men," ponders Kurt as the conversation moves to their home land/turf. "Have you or your people seen any of them. We're looking for some friends that are missing." He sees no reason to make it too confusing by differentiating between X-Men, X-Factor, or X-Force. Who knows, maybe their with Brainchild, he seemed to want to leave a message that he knew X-Factor was here before releasing control of the one guy.

Riding a raptor is a bit different then riding both a horse and a pegasus, but Mirage quickly gets into the rhytm of the creatures gait, "If he is such a powerful psychic why does he need the silver bands?" if one is readily available she will take one to look at "Or is it more of a method of tracking and punishment?

The answer comes in a positive tone. "Our people have captured one of them - against their will of course. A young fair skinned, fair haired girl. She wears the headband, her mind is also corrupted by the Child of Brain."

The Fall People haven't an idea of the circlet reasoning, they just know that they are controlled by them.

Havok tries to fill in the blank. "Probably the same reason Xavier has Cerebro - range & power increase."

The ride continues through the jungle. The gait of the raptors is somewhat gliding. However, they do a lot of leaping and springing over things that would often toss one's stomach around.

Thanks goodness Kurt is used to having his stomach jostled, its a teleport side affect associated with his own powers manifestation. "Tabitha," intones Kurt, even though that was probably not necessary. "This means, unless we can get to them individually like this," tribes having captured those under Brainchilds control, "We'll have to fight them regardless if we find Cable to bring him in."

Not seeming all to bothered by the strange gait and leaping of the dinos, (pegasi don't exactly fly straight and narrow) Mirage nods at the explanation. "They have Tabitha?" apparently she either forgot or was unaware that Tabitha was part of Cable's crew. Her eyes narrow and she gives the dino a nudge to get it to go faster.

Havok has a wonderful thought and shares, "Let's hope Cable is captured too…". He doesn't complete the thought, but it's likely everyone will know what he's thinking. He really doesn't like Cable, and it's obvious.

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