Breifing And Flight

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Savage Land Part I: Breifing and Flight

Havok, Warpath, Nightcrawler & Mirage

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X-Mansion & Blackbird

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Savage Land Briefing and Flight


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- Xavier Mansion - Sub-level- Ready Room -

Standing within the Ready Room are Havok and Warpath. They seem at odds with one another yet neither have made the first move toward an actual conflict. Havok's jaw is tight and fists clenched. He utters, "Yes, I agreed to help your group. But I'm being straight up honest with you. If we find them in tact, then Cable will have to answer for terrorist activities."

Warpath's eyes are narrow and muscles flexed. His tone is low and he states clearly, "I understand this, Havok. But you know as well as I do, Cable won't submit to the government questioning nor will the team allow such an infraction. However, this is something we should settle once we find them."

The wall of monitors behind the duo are covered in images of the Savage Land. Some still shots, some video footage taken while on excursions there. The main screen features a map of the 360,000+ square mile region. Much of it has yet to be mapped out and there are icons indicating what type of terrain is present or suspected to be present. Other map indicators show locations such as locations for Ka-Zar & Shanna's home, various locations for Savage Land Mutate camps, other encounter areas and areas of interest, a location for where Garokk (tribe of the Sun People) was encountered - ZalaDane's former home, the isle of Magneto, swamps of sorrow, pits of despair, and so on.

Arranging her variety of weapons on her person as she walks in, Dani, sporting a nice purple and black shiner, pauses as she shoves one of her knives in the sheath tied around a thigh "It's it just me or is the testosterone levels off the chart in her?" her gaze moves back and forth between the two men "Stand down already. There is plenty of time after the rescue to see whose is the biggest.

Nightcrawler joins the ready room in a haze of purple smoke with the wonderous scent of brimestone hanging in the air. For safety reasons purphaps, he arrives in a general location reserved for his stature - the ceiling. Though with a glance around to see where everyone actually is, he bamf's again to ground level. Jimmy is certainly more than aware of the original entry while others might not notice the arrival until the bamf that pops while he is in the room. Throwing in his two scents, "What … wait, I didnt' get a chance yet to throw down with my testosterone, do we have to stand down already?" He's geared up and ready to go, turning an eye to look at Dani's new shiner, side muttering for her, "You always have the fun, without us …." His yellow eyes looking right at the trophy from wherever she has been.

Turning, Warpath takes note of Dani's presence and condition. His eyes have a hint of concern and then they grow irritated, "Danielle, who did this to you? I will rip off his arms."

Havok notices Warpath's focus (Dani's black eye) and furrows his brow out of curiousity. He shares the same sentiment as Warpath, but won't be so brash about it. He adds to Warpath's query, "Yeah, what happened?"

The central monitor flickers and a red circle appears on the map in the middle of a jungle. The circle is to scale and is approximately 100 miles in diameter. The indicator beneath it reads, "Cannonball."

A familiar voice is heard over the intercom as Jean interrupts, "Excuse me, Alex. Using Cerebro I've located Sam. Or his general area. The Savage Land prevents a lot of clear readings. So it's the best I can do. Sorry."

Interrupted, Alex looks over to the circle and acknowledges, "Thanks Jean."

Dani grins at the chagrinned Kurt "Bar fight, real fun." her attention then turns to the concerned men, "Her." Dani corrects a little taken aback by Warpath's reaction "A woman in one of Logan's merc bars took exception to my prescence." she waves off any further explanation as the monitor registers someone, "Sam!" she annoucnes as the moves past the others to to controls and stares at the blinking dot on the screen.

There is a chortle from Kurt at the mention of Dani hanging at one of Logan's 'dives' a moment, not at the concept of her being there but perhaps of knowing the experience. He catches himself at the mention of Sam and Dani's reaction though. "Right, plenty of time for measurements and bar fights later, we have a real mission this time." Then he looks at Alex for the moment, "Not middle of the desert ambassador duty …." Smiling at the thought though, "I'm game to find Jimmy's friends. Just, I'm not 100 percent just yet. Not because of ghost busters, but Hulk Swipe to ribs." It is put out there so the team knows, he's still in just the same. "We can take a blackbird right?"

Presently in the room are Warpath, Havok, Mirage & Nightcrawler. The ready room is ready and displaying various images of a jungle, dinosaurs, and there's even a map of the region listing various key points and features. One key point is noted in a red dot with a red halo around it (covering 100 miles in diameter) with the listing of Cannonball beneath it.

Warpath's attention also addresses the monitor and his eyes narrow. With tightening fists, Warpath addresses the situation, "Once we arrive, I will be able to narrow down that search pretty quickly.". Apparently Warpath has the ability to 'track' or something along those lines.

Havok looks up to Warpath's comment and then to Kurt. He says nothing about the Hulk situation and expects to read about it in a report as well as the same from Dani and her black eye. "Get suited up, we'll meet in the hanger, leaving in 20."

After taking in the variety of screens and the pictures that fill them Dani turns, she is pretty much ready to go, she came prepared today "Right. I'll see you all down there then." with that she stalks out past the men and will probably be waiting there when everyone else arrives..well except maybe Kurt.

"Kurt needs adventure," says Nightcrawler, imitating Hulk perhaps even. "Give me a minute this time, I want to grab swords for this, considering dinosaurs and all that goodness." With that, he too stalks out - or bamfs in his case. Indeed, unless Dani runs to the hanger, Kurt will be back there within the minute, visiting his room to pick a couple of prime swords for dinosaur protection measures and teleporting to the hanger.

<Fade to Blackbird>

Seated within the co-pilot's chair is the ginormous Native American, Warpath. He struggles with the shoulder harness as he pulls too quickly and it locks up preventing him from fastening at his crotch level.

Havok is in the pilot's seat wearing his new costume design. He's been looking forward to a new adventure so he can wear his new threads. The white circles on his chest have a glow that is indicative of he being at half charge (for those that are used to seeing him on a regular basis and learning what the glow levels indicate). And yes, he's heard all the jokes about being half mast, sorta soft, weak, flaccid, etc.

The blackbird is powered up, engines running and those who are going are seated accordingly in the rear of the plane.

Jean's voice comes over the speaker system as if she was already in a conversation with Havok, "Good luck, Alex. Bring them back safe and sound."

"Will do, Jean. Havok, out." then he clicks off the com and will swivel in his chair to look to the cabin of the craft.

Buckled in and ready to go, Dani studies some printouts that she made of the Savage Land in preparation of this mission. At her feet are her bow and quiver of arrows. She flips through the papers in her hands, turning the occasional map sideways. Glancing up at the farewell from Jean she sets the papers in her lap "Are we there yet?" she asks with a smirk.

Kurt remains in his seat, feet tucked up under him in something of a crouched position. "We have time, so I'll be the first to throw it on the table," says Kurt, getting to the white elephant in the room, "We need to get this overflow of new members suited up and in on the action to see what they can do. Which is really me pondering, who else is joining up with X-Factor and when do we get to meet them." Then he chides towards Jimmy, "You gonna splitsville on glowy eye and patch face, come over to the dark side?"

Once everyone is buckled in and Havok takes note of the seating positions that everyone has taken on the team, he says nothing because he knows what comes next. He turns back in his chair, locks it in place and hits the thrust lever, increasing it ever so rapidly as they're shot down the runway and into the air. "We are now."

Warpath notes to Kurt's statement, "If your team does not participate and are not engaged, then how are they part of a team? Cable would kick them to the curb.", then looks to Havok for answers.

Folding up the papers into a neat square Dani shoves them down the front of her uniform for safe keeping. "By being new." she states "We've had some losses and the new ones haven't been cleared for this type of mission." she glances at Alex "In fact.." beat "This an off the records mission?" it is in the form of a statement since the last she heard there was no way that Val would support the rescue of suspected terrorists.

Picking up where Dani finished, Kurt nods, "Exactly. And, even still, having a sanctioned mission doesn't mean the whole team has to be present. More like appropriate pieces for the game afoot." A shrug, he looks to Jimmy, "Then again, maybe Cable has Messai training? Where we might have a tendency to move as fast as our slowest member, maybe his operation is kick the slowest person to the curb so the team goes as fast as he dictates?" Maybe a transition towards Alex getting some info on what X-Force is really all about, but not quite so direct even.

"That's what Warpath and I were arguing about earlier. Val wants me to bring Cable in. So yeah, she knows we're going down south, but it's on our own dime." Havok looks at Warpath with intent in his eyes.

Warpath looks back to Havok and shakes his head ever so slightly. Indicating that it will not be a fight he can win.

Dani rolls her eyes at the prostrations of the two men "You two do realize that it is going to be near impossible just finding Sam and Roberto, the possibility of finding Cable too…" she shakes her head "Well, I'll proverbially eat my mocassions if it happens."

Kurt does the math in his head, "On our dime … you're suggesting, even though you want Cable, you're already agreeing to the mission of saving Dani's former teammates and Jimmy's team at the loss of contracting this to Val as an X-Factor mission." He's pretty sure that's how Alex explained it before, they get paid only if they perform - if its on their own dime, that would mean Val isn't paying them to go down here.

Warpath swivels in his chair and looks down to Dani's feet then back to her, "Danielle. I will sure to provide condiments for your meal." He smiles and then swivels back to looking forward.

Havok states, "Pretty much.", thus agreeing with Kurt's assessment and adds, "And Scott's probably gonna make us pay for the gas too."

Lifting said mocassioned foot, Dani kicks the back of Warpath's seat as her only comment to Warpath's offer. "Tell him to take it in trade." she suggests to Alex "Better yet, let me deal wtih that issue if it comes up.

"I'll definitely chip in for gas," says Kurt on the issue, as he shifts himself to let his tail waggle slightly more in this scrunchy seats. Then he gives up and undoes his seatbelt for the moment. "I'll take bets though, how long until Alex blasts something for no other reason to blast something opposed to the possibility of Dani eating shoe. Both could be a possibility, I give 1:10 odds on Alex shooting someting in the first ten minutes, against the 1:15 odds that shoe tastes better with BBQ sauce over just old ketchup." Maybe he's the only one taking odds.

Havok says nothing and continues to fly the jet.

Warpath states. "I brought barbeque sauce in anticipation of barbequing some raptor. I didn't expect there would be moccasin delight. So it's win all around.

The plane is flown southward for many hours. Normally it would be a 17 hour flight, but the Blackbird cuts it down to a third. The arctic tundra is noted, mountains, then finally thick clouds that prevent direct sight of anything tropical beneath. Guiding the jet as he's done times before, Havok starts the descent into what he hopes to be still there. Then dropping beneath the cloud layer, the passengers of the jet are able to see the expanse of the Savage Land beneath. Lush greens, blues, and even some desert scapes all surrounded by high mountains and covered by a penetrable dome that maintains the climate. Havok pulls up the screen and adjusts the heading toward the original Cerebro/Jean indication of Cannonball's last location. Pterodactyls fly past. The jungle beneath is lush with only one or two appropriate clearings in which to touch down - both still a few miles from the original dot.

Havok says, "Hang on, this is gonna be tricky." As he engages the VTOL aspect of the jet and descends onto the clearing. There's a thump as the gear is lowered and then a thud and a shaking of the jet when they touch down. He immediately begins to power down the jet. "Who bet we were gonna crash?"

Having slept off an on during the flight Dani stretches her legs and arms out in front of her. She takes a glance out the window "With you piloting it is a pretty safe bet." once the jet is down, she unclips her harness and is quick to gather her equipment as she jumps to her feet, waiting impatiently for the hatch to be opened.

Kurt sort of thbbts a semi pashaw sort of sound, "Alex is just fishing for compliments. Boosting his ego so he always gets to fly the blackbird. We'll have a danger room session, blackbird dogfight when we get back, put our skills to the test." Standing up, he pretends to crack his knuckles, they make no sound. He does look to Jimmy, "So how does this work, we hold up Sam's old flannel shirt/school uniform from Kentucky education distrcit #13 and you follow the trail or …" Yes he has a bamf ready just in case anyone comes for him, but he acts nonchalant in his stretching routine all the same.

Havok unbuckles and swivels around. After pushing the hatch button he stands and starts to address the team, "Listen, we stick together and watch each other's backs. This place is more dangerous than Spanish Harlem for a ginger."

Warpath stands and starts moving toward the hatch. "My sense of smell is more acute than that of a bloodhound, Kurt." is all he says before exiting the jet and disregarding what Havok stated. Warpath will lift into the air and go upward to get his bearings.

Outside, the jungle stands tall and surrounds the jet just a mere 20 yards all around. The jungle itself is quite dense and filled with dangers that can quickly overwhelm anyone, even those that are well armed and possibly dangerous.

As she walks down the ramp to the ground Dani wastes no time in sending out mental fingers in all directions to get a reading of any animals that could be a threat in the area. She unclips her bow from its harness and has it ready in hand. "Want me to go.." she stops though since Warpath has already taken to the air. She was going to suggest she go up, but that works to. "Is the portable cerebro online?" she asks instead.

Kurt follows the others outside, unsheathing two swords just to be ready. "Maybe we should of told Jimmy I can't port him out if I can't touch him, but he's a big fella, he can take care of himself." He tosses another question Alex's way, "What you're real scoop on this Boss, find X-Force, get Jimmy's friends out, deal with Cable another day or you trying to figure out a way to make this a pay job?" He's looking around the forests nearby of the Savage Land, using his own eyes to spot any trouble even though Jimmy, Dani or Cerebro will know well before he does.

High within the air (perhaps 500 feet), Warpath hovers. His keen senses scanning the environment for sight, sound, smell and even taste. Apparently he doesn't regard Havok's initial orders as he chooses a flight path and heads in that direction. Swooping low, he penetrates the jungle canopy and disappears within the foliage.

Havok has risen to his feet and moves to a cabinet. So much for the speech. He opens the sliding door and withdraws the hand held cerebro device. Clicking it on he comments, "I want to take Cable down. Simple as that. He's on Val's list and needs to answer some questions." Havok then walks toward the exit.

Dani paces the perimeter of the clearing, keeping alert both mentally and physically for anything/anyone that could be coming to investigate the jet landing. It isn't exactly quiet when it lands. She doesn't care about capturing Cable at the moment, if they find him fine, if not, that's fine too, her priorty is her former team mates and what there status is. The fact that Warpath left is not a surprise either.

For Kurt's part, he just assumes everything will go as planned, even though he'd be just as fine if all hell broke loose, ever the optimist. "Just give us a thumbs up before you launch the surprise on Jimmy and the others," says Kurt, not of much use in tracking and looking at portable Cerebro, "I wasn't kidding about the Hulk injury, my cracked ribs are still cracked - I just need to be prepared for that surprise party you might be throwing him."

Emerging behind Kurt, Havok comments, "I plan to blast the living hell out of him and then Mirage is going to put the fear of the Cheyenne in him. No surprise there. Then we inform the rest of the team that they're either walking out of the Savage Land or they give us their word that they'll let us have Cable. Hell, they're already thinking he's gone off on the deep end. They'll probably hand over the keys to the cyborg without a fight."

Dani arches an eyebrow back at Alex when her name is mentioned "Let's hope that isn't necessary." her eyes narrow as she glances back into the forest and she reaches back to get an arrow and nocks it. She stands for a long moment with her bow up and ready to fire, but then relaxes bringing her weapon down "We should start moving.

Making ready to follow, Kurt keeps both swords out and moves quietly on his three-toed feet. "Ja but … lock the Blackbird, because Sam and Jimmie fly like mo-bleep-bleep-ers if it comes to who has to walk out of here." No need to say teleporting both of them too far isn't going to work as they hopefully know it. He's down with whatever is required of his job as regards Cable, but the others he isn't sure about. He chin nods about start moving, ready to go but not sure where their tracking and mini Cerebro will take them. Nightcrawler is ready to follow.

Havok asks, "Taken care of." he notes in regards to locking (down) the Blackbird. He then looks down at the cerebro unit and realizes that Warpath is already out of range, "Which way did Warpath go?"

Pointing in the direction that Warpath flew in "That way. But knowing him he changed direction once he got below the treeline. Give me a minute." she closes her eyes to concentrate, as she seeks out the minds of the animals in that direction and borrows their eyes. It takes several minutes but she finally speaks up "Yeah once he got out of sight he veered south.

Kurt begins moving in that direction then, but ponders, "So, we follow Jimmy's flight path or use our own means to locate Dani's old friends." He looks over his shoulder at Alex, "Because this is starting to seem fishy — Jimmy said he needed our help but he's off on his own. Either he truly needs our help and he'll get us when he picks up the trail - but if he really wants us to start following him, that reads trap."

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