2012 05 30 Loki The Asgardian

Log Title:
Loki, the Assgardian

Armand, Beta Ray Bill, Gogo, Loki, Ms. Marvel, and Sandman

IC Date:
May 30, 2012

Main Assembly - Sub-Basement - Avengers Mansion

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Loki runs amok in Avengers mansion, so it is up to Beta Ray Bill, Ms. Marvel, and Sandman to put him down…Also, Armand is hungry and Gogo takes him out to eat.


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(OOC Note: This log starts from Sandman's appearance, the scene had started earlier. Loki is a prisoner at Avengers Mansion. Beta Ray Bill has been invited by Jarvis to talk to Loki. Armand is there too…then Sandman arrives)

"After so much time…after ages, it seems you -still- do not truly know Thor." Bill says with a tinge of regret to his voice. "I've known him less time, and how you cannot love him as I do…" he shakes his head, "No matter. You are here, and it seems you must be dealt with-" quickly he adds, "and -not- in some lethal fashion. I am insulted you would insinuate I would look for an -excuse- to attack you." That much is genuine, he sounds a bit put off by that. "But tell me then, 'Odinson'…how can we trust you have turned over a new leaf, as they say?"

Armand does return in time…after using the little baker's room and he keeps his distance, watching the two…grand males do their talking thing and he just idly worries on a rainbow painted fingernail.

Loki keeps flexing against his bonds, making the cuts on his wrists begin dripping on the floor. One can almost hear the proverbial guitar string break when Bill's words cause him to rekindle his everburning rage. "How dare you?" he seems that Bill has hit the same nerve in Loki that Loki hit in Bill. "You speak of Thor as if you knew him from childhood. If you did, perhaps you would not idolize him so. Perhaps you /should/ leave me in this cage so you do not have to suffer my fury."

Entering his own way after being alerted by Jarvis that there are people in the mansion, in the prisoner area, none of which are Avengers. He was informed of the alien’s presence and though he is not familiar with Bill, Jarvis allowed him to enter, though he is a bit peeved that this little discussion would even be allowed to happen without an Avenger present. Instead of using the door, the pssamic Avenger enters via vents as sand begins to seep into the room spilling along the floor and whirling about until the start of a humanoid form begins to take shape. A disembodied voice speaks out, “What the hell is going on here?”

The large, orange figure turns as the room is addressed, the wooden walking stick coming up and across his body with a swift, practiced motion…and then he pauses, watching the bizarre transmutation, "I do not know you." he says simply, "but I can assume you are an Avenger?" he asks, then goes on, "I came here to find my friends and comrades, and your servant, Jarvis, informed me that Loki was imprisoned here. I am something of…an authority of Asgardian matters."

Armand is somewhat disturbed by the sand…and the talking and he moves a hand to idly brush his hair over his shoulder and he finally takes a deep breath, looking between Loki and…the orange dude. "…Monsieur…Orange…Male, can you leave Lord Loki alone now, how can he recover and heal if he continues to strain himself on petty matters like snapping his magic god fingers and going 'oh no you didn't' with a green flash of causing trouble?"

Loki eyes the newcomer, agitated that he interrupted his conversation. "Who are you?" he demands, as if he is in any position to do so. "I was right when that other fellow was here. Sif should have set up a queue and sold tickets. How many people are going to come down here to see me locked up in this cage? Are you enjoying this?" he asks Bill.

As the sand filters through and the body begins to form, Sandman still in a sandy body looks over Bill, “Well, you do not look like any Asgardian I have ever seen. Definitely not Thor or Sif. If they are who you are looking for. They are not here right now.” He looks to Loki, “If he is your friend, then good luck with that. Sandman is staying with us, till we contact Odin or whatever other authority deals with the creep.” He looks to Armand as he ponders a thought. When asked for his identity by Loki, a large sandy middle finger is the response.

"I am not an Asgardian, no." the noseless, orange man notes, "My name is Beta Ray Bill, oath-brother to Thor Odinson, and wielder of Stormbreaker, twin to Mjolnir." he says this with an obvious measure of pride, "If you must contact the All-Father, I may be able to assist you…Sandman, was it? But Odin is not aware that I am currently on Earth -" he pauses, realizing, "I am, to you, an alien. From the Korbinite Empire."

Armand looks between Bill and Loki before he looks back to the sandman individual and he just places his hands on his hips, taking a deep breath and shaking his head slowly. "Just because I have no special abilities and a French accent, doesn't mean I am not saying the important things." He points out, tapping his foot and just eyeing the special people with a wary confusion.

Loki has been having temper issues of epic proportions, and while he's still locked in a cell, he is still Loki, and with a wave of his hand, still bound to the other, a book is lifted in the outer room where they stand and sent flying toward Sandman, though not at a great speed, just enough to say 'don't mess with me, punk'. "I am a god," he glares at him. "I am not your house pet. Perhaps it would be wise of you to not treat me as such." he growls when Bill speaks. "You act as though contacting my father is a threat. I am not some sniveling child." he looks to Armand and frowns. "They underestimate you, Armand. Perhaps you should show them why this is a bad idea."

“Ok, well, Beta Ray Bill, oath-brother to Thor Odinson, and wielder of Stormbreaker, twin to Mjolnir from the Korbinite Empire, your name is way too long so I am just going to call you, Korby. That seems easiest. Yes, I am Sandman. Avenger. If you can get in touch with the old man in Asgard, tell him we got his crazy kid here. Though Thor and Sif might be speaking to the old guy himself.
. .” When the confused androgynous kid taps his foot, Sandman asks, “Ok, well tell me something important, what are you doing with Loki? How’d you get mixed up in all this?” As the book comes flying, it goes into the sand body and right out. Another sandy middle finger is pointed at Loki.

Bill frowns a touch at the somewhat mocking tone, but restrains his reply, "'Bill' would be fine. I am told the name is similar to one you have here." He adds, "I do not think it is necessary to demonstrate - your Jarvis told me I am in your files. A fine man, your servant." he adds, "You understand that you cannot hold Loki here unless he wishes it." he says that very simply.

Armand exhales softly when Loki addresses him about proving himself and he just strokes fingers through his hair thoughtfully. "There is nothing I do…" He offers before he looks between Sandman and Bill and he tilts his head to the side curiously. "…will you stop telling Lord Loki to go…do rude things to himself with your finger? I am Armand, I bake cookies!"

Loki is getting annoyed with sandman so waves his bound hands to the side and the book turns into a hawk, which dives at him, flying in circles. "I am teaching Armand a valuable lesson. You claim that I am the evil one and yet I have done nothing to harm the boy, and you claim to be self riteous and good, and you hold him here as if he were a criminal because he helped me when I was at my weakest." he wrenches at the cuffs again. "can you /take/ these wretched things off?" at least before he bleeds all over the cell from struggling. "What sort of lesson is that for him to learn? That loyalty means nothing if you are not loyal to whom YOU believe he should be loyal?"

Simply stares at Armand and shaking his head, “Ok, Armand, baker of cookies. You gotta go. No place for a kid.” Looking to Bill, “You are right, Bill. Jarvis is a GREAT man and Loki.” He stares at the god and ponders a thought before looking back to Bill, “So you said you got something that is twin to Mjolnir? Can you teleport to other dimensions and stuff?” Sandman tries to ponder a few ideas. When Loki makes his points and goes on about Armand. When the hawk appears Sandman extends his sandy arm out to grasp the bird and trap it within his sand, “Good point, Loki…Armand, you gotta go. Jarvis will contact whoever your guardians are and you can head out.”

Bill holds up the walking stick, thoughtfully, "If need be, I have free access to Asgard. Although an 'Agent Brand' of S.W.O.R.D. had told me to remain on-world while they processed my 'entry visa'…perhaps you could contact her and see what can be done?"
Armand is quiet as he bows his head to Loki, listening to what he's saying with a small nod and then he looks back over to Sandman. "…Jarvis will /not/ contact my guardians and I am here until they say I can go after questioning me about why I help people who are in need. And when I know you will be…fair…" Then he blinks and looks between all of the men and sighs softly. "…I am needing something sugars…goodness…"

Bill was right, Loki can't be kept in that cage if he doesn't want to be, and suddenly he's outside of it, while an illusion of himself stands inside of it, both with a fierce scowl. "Do not threaten him. I have tolerated your foolishness long enough. You have captured me, but you have no reason to detain him here and therefore you should release him. I may not be at full strength, but I am still an Asgardian god and I will cut you down like the sniveling animal you are." he sneers at Sandman, taking a daring step forward as he speaks. Loki has had a rough past couple of days, and he's eager to get powered back up and commence with the ass kicking.

Annie was allowed to go home, but she's back. She's in her Gogo uniform today rather than street clothes and after a bit of inquiring she's let down to the holding area. Sure she's not an Avenger, but apparently fighting enough crimes with them gives her a bit of leeway. Jarvis gives Sandy a call to check before sending her down. With he and Bill are down there, what's she going to do? She checks on Armand first, but since he's not in his guest room it is off to Loki. He at least is a pretty sure bet to be exactly where he was the night before. Peeking in she comments, "Is this the bachelor party?"

“Well, someone should go to Asgard to tell Odin that his kid is here.” At the suggestion made by Bill. Sandman hmmns and nods with smile, “That is a good idea, Bill about SWORD.” He contacts Jarvis via comlink to contact Agent Brand when he is informed of Gogo arriving and having permission to come down. He waves to her when she enters and once Loki is one, Sandman is quick to take action extending and elongating his form to form a barrier on one side Gogo and Armand…on the other side Bill and Loki. “Jarvis, ring the alarms… Gogo, get Armand outta here! Set the kid loose!”

Bill steps forward, placing himself in Loki's path, between him and everyone else in the room. He turns his stick so the tip points towards the floor, "Loki-" he says, the warning clear in his voice, "Do not." his tone is low, but commanding, "You are Thor's brother…and in that spirit, I ask you…stand down."

Armand's eyebrow raises with a hint of being impressed when Loki does that freaky body double thing before he narrows his eyes and shakes his head. "It is okay Lord Loki! Mr…Sandcastle, oui, it is okay…I shall, if I must go I must…" He turns to look to Annie with a weak smile. "I just came to check on him and then your distant brother…" He gestures towards Bill and then his eyes widen at the sound of potential of alarms and his takes a deep breath and then another deep breath…and then another deep breath. Its been a rough few days and he's just at the edge of panic.

Loki looks back and forth between the people assembled and shrugs, holding out his cuffed hands. "What am I going to do? Beat you with my handcuffs?" he laughs. "Have I ever harmed you, Gogo or Armand? You are all so quick to startle." with his hands together he points to his bandaged head. "This was my reward for trying to exit a situation without violence yesterday." he snorts and chuckles at Bill. "Really? You believe simply standing in front of me would stop me? You are just lucky I am not in the mood to give you, as they call it, a wedgie."

Gogo blinks at the sudden activity the moment she arrives. She nods to Sandy then grabs up Armand in one arm, "Okay Cookie Man. We are out of here." You don't argue with the Avengers on their own turf. She doesn't even give Bill a second look and simply backs out of the room with Armand, "What the heck is going on Armand? Why do you keep defending this guy? I don't get it. You seem like a good guy." She doesn't go for a marathon or anything, getting 'Armand out of here' could simply be 'out of the room', so that's where she and her passenger end up, just out of sight in the hallway, with her back to the wall in case there's any explosions. "Distant brother? Huh?"

“Look, Loki. You want to show the kid a lesson about loyalty and all that good stuff. Then get back in your cell for real. Show the kid that here and on Asgard that there is such thing as authority and due process and all that fun stuff. Don’t show the kid the wrong way of handling things…if you care, you’ll get back in your cell while we figure things out.” Sandman warns as he continues to elongate himself and separate the Assgardian and alien from the exiting humans. “Stand down, Loki…” Sandman’s tone is firm and authoritative, as much as he can muster to a god anyway.

"You know very well I can do far more than interpose myself, Loki" Bill intones, "If you have changed, then your family will rejoice…but for what you -have- done, we must remain cautious." he changes his tactic slightly, he very much does not wish to tell Thor, when he sees him, that he had to assault his dearest friend's brother, "Loki -" he says again, to get the god's attention. "-Please-. Do not do this."

The alarm sounds, and the Avengers are put on alert. Somewhere, probably halfway across the city, Ms. Marvel changes course, demanding more intel as she streaks towards the Mansion. "Put him down. Hard, fast and mercilessly. He was told he would be held, and that no one would be harmed. If he can't accept that, break him until he does, or until Sif and Thor take his ass back to Asgard and out of our hair. He's a freaking godling, you can't kill him. But you can hurt him until he shuts up and backs down." That's what Carol did, and that's what she'll do again if Loki is still in range when she gets there. She is apparently not feeling very conciliatory.
Armand would protest, he really would as he takes a deep breath, blinking several times and he's being hauled off with Gogo as he calls out. "Lord Loki! I will try to get you ice cream!" He exhales shakily and looks to Annie. "There has to be /hope/ in this world! Can't you see, can not you see? I can do nothing! I cannot fight, I have not a family, I can bake and take care of the people! There has to be /hope/ or why the hell should Pandora have her stupid box?"

Gogo looks about the hallway as the alarms sound. "Armand…this is sounding like it is going to be worse than I was hoping for. This guy in there. Loki. He aint hope. What have you been smoking? You don't get to be enemy number one of the Avengers by being a good samaritan. Are you saying you believe in rehabilitation?" She cradles Mr. Hair in her arms and jogs a bit farther down the hallway towards the elevators. "If the big boys start unloading we should be a little farther away I think." She pauses to look down at the man in her arms, "So. You aren't in love with him? No man crush going on? No spell? You just want to save Captain Loser?"

Loki holds his hands out again. "What have I done, oh dear friend of my brother? I am simply standing here, and about to show this mortal that there is a reason that we are gods and they are not. It would perhaps do you a world of good to join me in my endeavour, as they appear to take us too lightly for their own good. But, if you wish to strike me down while I am weak as an assertion of your own power, then by all means, show me what it means to be a man on the side of good, he who is made of sand."

All but ignored by the prankster god, Sandman looks between Bill and Loki. If Bill is really a alien-like version of Thor, then he should be able to handle Loki, but he remains steadfast. The Avengers have been alerted. He will do his best in a fight should be have to, “Loki, if ya hate us so mortals so much than why are you even here? Why have you taken a shine to the kid? What’s your angle?”
So far it has just been words. He will do his best to keep it that way, despite wanting to smash the godling to kingdom come.
Somewhere above, Ms. Marvel nears the mansion, still snapping orders into the comms between updates on the situation. "For pity's sake, people. I told you, take his ass /down/. He was given all the nicey-nice respect he was going to get, and he was told that. I don't care that he doesn't /feel/ like respecting us or following the rules. He does it, or he goes down. That's /it/!" Carol Danvers, not an envoy for the Peace Corps. In any life.

"The Sandman speaks wisely, Loki." Bill notes to the aesir, "You'd be wise to listen. I have seen far more than my share of battle, glorious and terrible. And their response should show you just how seriously they perceive your threat." he adds, his tone getting just a -little- bit wry, "That, and I would be a poor guest if I should be forced to act, and our battle destroyed much of this building." He raises his arm and the mighty artifact it holds (just a humble wooden stick for the moment), very slowly, "I ask only once more…do not awaken the thunder."

"He is not hope but he hasn't ever been given any hope! C-can you see? Can you see there's an abyss where he should have soul because its empty! Nightmares? Naughtiness? Mischief? I cannot give him what he does not have but I can't be another person to just push him aside when he is without the strength c-cuz what if it happens to me? What if I lose my mind? Will there ever be anyone there for me?" Armand takes a deep breath and rubs a hand against his face. "Wha? Man crush I…well non, I…I don't think so…I just…" He trails off before he stares in the direction they just came. "You are very strong…"

Gogo pushes the elevator button, not knowing if it is going to work given the alarms. "Okay. So he had a rough childhood and so you want to be there for him now. That is noble Cookie. Really. I get it. But you know, everyone has a choice in the end. He's an adult. Heck, he's a god. And take it from me, I know that doesn't prevent them being major assholes. But I dig that you are wanting to help him. We can talk about it later." She punches at the elevator button again and again, "So. Did you get any food? Any sleep?"

Loki bristles at Sandman's questions, growling through his teeth in a sour tone. "Because THOR KILLED ME." he roars. "You would begrudge me trying to pull myself back together and emerge back into the land of the living?" he snorts. "The mighty Thor you all so worship murdered me. I may be considered evil, but even I know that to kill a prince of Asgard with my own hands is grounds for banishment." He isn't really showing any sign of attacking directly, and sighs. "Fine." waving his cuffed hands, the Loki in the cell disappears, but twelve more appear scattered throughought the room, each identical to the original. He could have moved himself into the position of any one of them. "Is this non hostile enough for you?" they all ask and laugh. Now he's just messing with them. He can't fight against his nature, they are just so uptight, and the opportunity to pull tricks is just /so/ overwhelming, whether or not it's a wise decision.

He almost freezes at the accusation about Thor. The Avengers do not kill, but Sandman is guilty of much. Acknowledging the order he has been given, Sandman will follow it. Ms. Marvel has put her neck on the line for him twice against the Master of Evil and against the Fomor. Sandman respects her. With Gogo and Armand gone from the room, he yells through the mansion’s com system, “Jarvis, get Gogo and the kid clear of the mansion!” The barrier that is his body begins to crumble and suddenly twelve sand duplicates of Sandman pop out and rush towards the various Loki’s, “Cute trick…I can do it too!”

"Second that order, Jarvis. Ask Gogo to please get Armand to safety. Clear the mag transit, I'm going down." Ms. Marvel calls. Seconds later, she expresses herself down the lift tube at thundering speeds, shooting out into the corridor and down the hall towards the containment cells. "Incoming!" she calls. That one was close enough, those not on the comms might have heard the shout echoing down the corridor.

Bill's arm…pauses…and he holds the walking stick level…as something dawns on him, "He's playing." he says loudly, but simply. He lowers his arm, the tip of the stick making a soft *tap* on the metal floor, "Aren't you?" he asks the nearest illusion. "I will -not- be goaded, Laufeyson. I will not act against one who has raised no hand to me, or others. Enough of your childish games. Back into your cell and be done with this. I see now why Thor grows weary of this."

"T-there was pizza I tink." Armand replies softly, rubbing his arms and glancing back in the direction they came,. "He is going to do something stupid you know. I know because I am pretty sure Thor has hit him in the head with that hammer too many times…he is absolutely /brilliant/. An criminal mastermind and evil genius even at times but he is not very smart…at times…" When he hears the instruction about getting clear of the mansion he just looks to Gogo. "I will not sleep for days, come, let us g-get chicken wings and biscuits…because if I am staying…I will never trusting the Avengers again…like he can really hurt them, bah…" Yep. Time for fried chicken.

The door to the elevator pops open and Gogo steps inside with Armand right as a yell echoes down the hall, quickly followed by the blur that is Captain Marvel. She hits the button to leave. As the doors close up she nods at Armand, "I know. That's why we are getting out. So they don't have to worry about us when the shit hits the fan. And Cookie…if he couldn't hurt anyone, they wouldn't be bringing down the hammer. I swear. Why don't you give them the same kind of bend over break your back kind of extension of faith that you are giving a known villain? You trust him and he is proven untrustworthy."

For every Loki that Sandman touches and disappears, another one appears in a different location in the room. He can't keep this up for very long, but he is thoroughly enjoying watching Sandman try. "You still think I'm going to hurt Gogo and Armand? Go on, ask them. Have I hurt them yet? Who here is doing all the hurting?" he decides to up things a bit and the dozen Loki illusions raise a hand simultaneously, and another book is levitated from the shelf and floated toward Bill, where another hand gesture has it turn into a coonskin cap and alight neatly on his head if he allows it. The Loki clones all laugh until Sandman has depleted all of them, and Loki stands next to Bill, where he was originally. He tilts his head to the side and peers at William. "Ohhh, they've not told you, have they?" he says with a wry smirk. "Thor has done the very thing you find so very reprehensible. Now which one of us is a monster?"

The Sandmen duplicates growl a bit as each Loki was merely an illusion. Growling they all run into the center of the room to form a larger sandy Sandman, "Sorry, Loki, but the only monster here…is ME!" A good ten feet and angry, the pssamic body shifts growing various sand spikes across its arms, back, and head, "Korby, move!" An elongated sand spiky fist moves to try and smash into the real Loki…when the shout from Ms. Marvel is heard, Sandman smirks, "Now you're gonna get it!"

Ms. Marvel streaks into the room and assesses rapidly. She has already been told much of what has beenn going on in here, and she takes action just like the backup she is meant to be. "Loki! This is your last warning. You know what I can do to you, and you didn't enjoy it! Now get your /ass/ in the damned cell and stay there, or I open up and splat your Asgardian brains all over the damned room. I am /not/ screwing around with you." Anyone want to test her? This lady is the leader of the Avengers. And she's not amused by the bullshit.

If Bill mind or even -notices- the hat, he doesn't show it, he maintains his dignity, "If Thor has acted in an unworthy fashion, then I will ask him of it, and no base murderer could still wield Mjolnir, as well you know-" as Sandman lashes out, the alien reaches and grabs Loki's arm, pulling the god to the side as the sand fist smashes to the metal floor. Like an annoyed teacher his grip tightens…stronger than a human, yes, but not the crushing strength of his thunder-god form, "Enough!" he snaps, "You will return to your cell or by the Burning Galaxy I -will- take you to Asgard myself this instant! And we can ask the All-Father what he thinks of these base actions."

Armand folds his arms over his chest as he converses with Gogo within the safety of the…getting the hell outta dodge and he shrugs helplessly. "We shall see. Sometimes…you are not seeing the real somebody until they are broken down and weak. Everyting else is often a mask or a wall to protect them or hide their deceit. Sometimes there are good people who prove themselves in what they do, like your lovely self…but for the others, it is just words. I cannot trust Lord Loki. I even told him if he turned me into a chipmunk…I'd call the avengers on speed dial. But…I am not a chipmunk or a tadpole yet. AND he actually likes ice cream." He throws his hands up. "We will talk about it later." He seems content for now. Worried and constantly fidgeting but content.

"I know a great place for wings. Lots of different flavors. Not sure about bisquits though." She ponders that while the elevator heads up, "Not even sure they have bisquits to be honest. But the wings are good. Nice Taiwanese fellow runs it. And sure…I get what you are saying Armand. I find your faith in his ability to be better really admirable. But he put lives in danger in that bank, and I don't know how much of the museum thing he was responsible for, but those were children. That could have been awful." She looks down at him then laughs, "Oops. I guess I can put you down. No reason to carry you around like a baby." That said she sets him on his feet. Too bad The Girl from Ipanema wasn't playing in the elevator.

Loki shakes his head and tsks. "Is this how you let your women talk around here? How unladylike. For shame." he says to Carol.
"Such language. Why if /I/ had used words like that, my father would have -urk!" he's suddenly pulled aside just in time, he smiles up at Bill. "Oh, my dear Bill, you DO care!" and pretends to swoon. "You saved me from this awful awful person." he holds his bloody, cuffed hands above his head and says "Go ahead, do what you will, if you must to make you feel more like a hero." his eyes are on Sandman, attempting a little psionic persuasion. "You see what these people are like…they would harm me over a simple prank."

As the sandy spiked fists misses the prankster Asgardian, it leaves a small dent on the metal door and it sheathes back into Sandman. With the Avengers chairwoman present and Beta Ray seemingly scolding Loki, he holds off on any further attack, but maintains the increased heighted sand spiky monster form. As he look to Loki and thinks perhaps Thor did the right thing, but needs to do a better job next time. Sandman, unfortunately has been turned against his teammates before, rather recently too. Not the brightest and certainly not immune to psionic persuasion, he turns to face Ms. Marvel and then Bill. His monstrous form grows a blank expression and again the spiky fist is elongating and this time aimed at Bill.

Clue-by-four, you Asgardian jackass. No one 'lets' me speak, or act. /I/ am in charge, and I do what I deem right. If anyone has a problem with it, they can bring me up on charges. Now, I AM DONE SCREWING AROUND WITH YOU! Get your quite-literally God-damned ass in that cell NOW! Or I will finish what Thor started. Period. No debate. We're done now." The fierce golden glow burns brightly in Ms. Marvel's incandescent hands as she prepares to incinerate Loki where he stands. "You let go of his mind this instant, or I am going to /melt you/!" Want to make Carol livid enough to murder without hesitation? Screw with her teammate.

"I believe she is quite serious." Bill says dryly. His hand still gripping Loki's arm, he moves to guide the God of Mischief back towards the cell, then pauses, "Unfortunately, you do not seem to realize the peril you are in. So much as it pains me, I must do this-" he pivots, maintaining his grip, and the wooden stick arcs through the air…it has not the awesome power of its hammer form, but it -is- all but indestructible still, and Bill is, by Earth standards, inhumanly strong.

The stick strikes right at the spot of the healing injury…a vulnerability to exploit, the alien soldier's focus going right to it…the *crack* resounds in the room, and as the god goes limp, Bill supports him, not letting him slump to the floor.

Shaking his head regretfully, letting the hat slide from his bald pate, he gathers the trickster up in his arms. His lips curve down into a deep frown, "I did not wish to see this ended thus."

Annie and Armand head up and start for the exit as per directed. While they walk, Annie talks about the hole in the wall wing shop she is taking them to. For now she is trying to pretend that the Avengers aren't putting the smack down on Armand's boyfriend in the basement. Hopefully they won't break out Assgardian pliers and remove toenails or anything else unpleasant like that. Waterboarding isn't torture.

Once Loki is taken out by Beta Ray Bill, Sandman's monster form seems to crumble into a pile of sand on the floor and swirls about starting to reform slowly. His disembodied voice, "Ms. M, I'm back in my own mind…Korby, Thanks!" The pssamic body slowly reforming and turning human, "We really gotta that guy under control…keep him knocked out or send him back to Asgard."

Loki drops like a stone in mid laugh, not even having the time to realize what hit him. Bill certainly has a bit of strength. The coonskin cap disappears, turning back into a book and sliding to the floor, and the hold he had on Sandman releases, and any other illusions he had going are now gone. So embarassing to have had so many people at his very whim and yet he was taken out by being smacked upside the head. There is probably a lesson here, if Loki was one to learn lessons.

"Lock it down, Sandy. Thank you, for responding promptly." Ms. Marvel offers, landing as she banishes the halo of energy and the corona of rage she had generated. "And thank you, Bill, for taking care of that. I appreciate not having to paint the wall with him." And everyone present can tell Carol isn't kidding. "Jarvis, do me a favor, cancel that alarm. And send an alert to our Asgardian members. Let them know that Loki is being a problem, and a threat to good order and discipline. They need to take whatever action they are going to take /promptly/, before I need to start fielding courts martial for murder or attempted murder around here." That said, Carol fetches the book in question and will return it where it belongs. What a day.

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