2012 05 29 Welcome Dervish

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Welcome, Dervish

Dervish, Havok, Nightcrawler, Sunpyre, and Iraqi soldiers and Desert Sword

IC Date:
May 25, 2012

Arabian Desert – Iraq

Brief Log Summary::
Dervish is retrieved by X-Factor from Desert Sword


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The Arabian Desert is one of the largest continuous bodies of sand in the world. Gazelles, oryx, sand cats, and spiny-tailed lizards are just some of the desert-adapted species that survive in this extreme environment, which features everything from red dunes to deadly quicksand. The climate is extremely dry, and temperatures oscillate between extreme heat and seasonal night time freezes.

It is nearly midnight on Friday, a chilling wind breezes in the Arabian desert. A small troop of Iraqi soldiers stand at attention guarding a small tent. The bone-numbing cold temperatures affect the soldiers, but they endure for fear of what could happen. Standing guard at this appointed meeting spot arranged by the US and Iraqi governments for the switch-off of the traitor to his people, Dervish.

Chained to a chair, the Turkish mutant is restrained, bloodied and beaten. Nearly naked except for the remnants of purplish trousers, the semi-conscious Ali Aziz moans out small utterances of pain and for those off in the distance, a faint glow can be seen. For those nearby they will see the man’s face and chest alight with an iridescent bioluminescent ink of unknown injury. Clearly the markings are fresh and were quite painful to endure. Desert Sword, the Iraqi ‘super hero’ team remain watch and wait for the US government reps to arrive.

The flight over is quiet - at least on Alex's side of things. He's really not inclined on joining in on what Kurt was pitching in an earlier conversation. He's all business and kept the conversation to the current operation. Flight time to Iraq lasted within an hour in the blackbird.

Touching down, Havok leaves the engines running, he doesn't wish to be here too long. He informs headquarters of their current location and their next move. From there, he lowers the gangplank and stands to exit the aircraft.

As he comes with the team, Kurt still seems to be going on about some topic or another. "What if I got you the teddybear, in the jumpsuit of your favorite colors, and threw in the two weeks of personal service, would that make up for it?" This is all directed at Leyu, Alex is doing the serious work of piloting. As they land, he further intones, "Name it, anything, I'll make it up, honest." For the record, its all aimed at Ms Yashida. He unleashes his seatbelt as they land and moves to stand next to his boss at the gangplank as real government work begins, slightly crouching in typcial Nightcrawler fashion.

Throughout the trip, Sunpyre has been very quiet. Mostly, she has been focused on the mission. It is potentially dangerous, though apparently no combat is /expected/, beyond the adage of always expecting the unexpected. But her medical training may be needed, so here she is. "Nightcrawler. I will discuss this /later/. We were here for work now. Please. Be quiet unless you have something to say about the mission." Awwww. Poor fuzzyelf. No love.

The Blackbird lands about 2 football fields off of a large military style tent. Flaps of a tightly woven fabric whip against the surface in the brisk wind. Two guards, positioned at either side of what this make-shift building calls a door, perk up at the landing, straightening backs and readying weapons at their sides. Inside the tent, shouting can be heard, then a slap, and as the heroes come closer it is apparent there are several people inside who cannot seem to agree on a particular topic. However, as that discussion is in a language most like not understood by anyone here, the content of the argument goes undetected.

Still chained and barely conscious, the arrival of the Blackbird does cause a minor stir in the Muslim mutant. Trying to shift his body to do his best to see who or what the arrival is. He mutters something in the same language that the people in the room speak. To those familiar with Arabic, it is a prayer. Unable to fully move his body and too tired to use his powers at the moment, Ali attempts to move the chair, causing it to hop and unfortunately, he merely causes it to fall back, causing yet another grimace of pain and another Arabic utterance, this time a nasty curse.

Havok will lead on. His intention is to get in, get the hostage, and get the hell out with as little conflict as possible. He's really not even sure what Val was thinking and hasn't a clue who or what a Dervish is other than what the files say - then again it's spycraft, so all files are lies.

He'll approach where he needs to approach and address whom he needs to address with, "I'm Havok, I'm here to pick up my 99 virgins.. Oh, no, I mean some dude named Dervish."

Many years of banter by combat with various other X-heroes leaves Kurt itching to keep on talking. However, one might note that he respects that request offered by Ms Yashida. Which probably means it will come on thicker when the mission is over. On the gangplank and in plan sight of the other sanctioned hero team, he is all business, in the front and the back. He does his best to not smile at the joke made by Alex, a smirk teases at his mouth though. A slight eyebrow raise to Leyu, as if 'see its not just me.' Nothing is said, he tries to look serious.

Sunpyre approaches with the red cross-marked medical kits in hand. Out of respect for the local culture, she also has a wrap around her face and hair. She's not quite in local custom abaya and half-niqab, but she's paying some respect to their traditions. She holds up the red-cross symbols towards the guards, to make it clear she's a non-combatant - at least right up until they make her change that.

Both guards lock on to Alex's face, and as he remarks something about virgins (they've never heard that joke before, no seriously, ever), they roll their eyes but stay straightened to attention, as if an iron had made them as carefully rigid as their shirts. One of them reaches around and points into the door. "In there." The flap is continuing to slap against the wall of the tent, but just then…for a moment…it stops, almost as if to make way for you to enter.

Remaining on the floor, Dervish looks directly at that flap. His thoughts run the gamut of who possibly could have been sent. In his head, he imagines the government has sent the Avengers or the Fantastic Four. True superhero teams, worthy of the privilege of his rescue.

Alex will pass through the flap and see the condition of the hostage and the situation therein. He'll address Dervish directly, "I'm Havok. You're to come with us." . That's just about all he'll say, the situation isn't a pretty one. He knows Desert Sword's history and suspects that they'll attack at the drop of a plasma blast.

"Boss, you good," ponders Kurt following Leyu towards this Dervish it would seem his hands coming out to touch both.
"Medical equipment on board will be best, the sooner we get there the better." Alex might know he's offering a teleport to speed things up, but isn't going unless Mr. Summers feels its safe to do so. No telling what the situation is with Desert Sword, but he's not leaving anyone behind either.

"I am Sunpyre. I will be treating your injuries. Can you tell me, are you mobile? If we get you out of those bonds, can you walk yourself back to our aircraft, or will you need help?" Leyu Yashida offers, from her red and gold attire, as she moves closer to examine the man's injuries.

Utterly confused by Alex. In his mind, he thinks to himself <Was I not worthy of the Avengers? This is who they send?> His facial expression reads as if he is almost saddened by the arrival of X-Factor. The blond American, a Japanese woman, and a blue…something or other. What a diverse grouping of heroes. However, no matter who the rescuers are, he is ultimately relieved. Looking about to the people in the room, he looks up to Alex, “I will gladly come along…but perhaps someone can undo the chains, first?” Smiling at the kindess showed by Sunpyre, “I should be able to…but this…this tattoo? This marking? I…” He looks over to the guards with a sneer and accepts his fate and just wants to leave, “I should be able to walk.” Handed off with little incident, Dervish is given to X-Factor. Though Desert Sword watch ominously and realize to themselves that this is far from over…

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