2012 05 29 Pink And Gray Teddy Bear

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Pink and Gray Teddy Bear

Richenda Gray, Leyu Yashida, Kurt Wagner

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05/29/12 10:00

Salem Center Mall

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Richenda drags Leyu and Kurt off shopping.


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Salem Center isn't the biggest town in New York, but it does have a mall, and a surprisingly big one for a town this size. Then again, the upstate folks have to get their shop on sometimes, too. Still, it means the place isn't that crowded most of the time, which is perfect for the students of the Xavier School. And the faculty they sometimes drag along with them.

Only one student's present today, but she's enough in the opinion of many people. Chenda Gray window-shops along the way, close to Kurt and Leyu, but casually out of reach. Often, she balances on the backs of benches and walks on them with an ease usually reserved for circus acrobats. It's a day away from the mansion, and the gypsy girl has a lot of stress to burn off.

Sadly for Kurt, Chenda is out of reach, which leaves him Leyu as the trio walks through the mall. He seems on his best behavior all the same. He turns casually to her, "So, let's say I did want to get something for a lady friend and I happened to know she liked pink and grey, speculatively now, what do you think would make a good gift." Its almost casually open, as if he were looking for inside advice and trusted the girl to be honest with him - as in, not quite trying to gauge what she would specifically want, but any real good ideas she might have. It should be noted that while he's been making effort to make public appearances as his blue, fuzzy self, in Salem Center he dones the Stark image inducer and appears like Errol Flynn - perhaps out of preservation for the school and its cover.

Dragged along to the mall by Richenda on the argument that 'everyone woman needs to know where the mall is', Leyu Yashida isn't really looking for anything for herself just now. She should be, and maybe she will see something that will inspire her, but so far she's just along because Richenda and Kurt have both been very nice to her since she came to the Mansion, and the least she could do is repay that by sharing her company at the Mall. She finds Nightcrawler's image inducer camoulage fascinating, but probably also not a topic for discussion. "Be careful, Richenda. You promised not to re-open yesterday's injuries." she admonishes the gypsy girl, as she does another of her stunts.

"Pink and grey?" Leyu questions, curiously. "Well, my first thought would be a blanket, or a jacket. Something warm." Warm and snuggly, soft and comforting. "The other question is, what are you trying to say to her with your gift? That makes all of the difference." she inquires of Kurt.

"I'll be careful!" Chenda re-promises. Of course, that's a Chenda idea of careful, which may or may not mirror a sensible person's idea of careful.

She edges back a bit, still a little out of reach but in easier conversational distance. "Whatcha think of the place so far, Leyu? I'd ask Kurt, but he's been here before. Just not with me."

Turning a curious eye, he ponders yesterdays injuries a moment. Though keeps talking to Leyu for the moment, "I suppose I would be trying to say that while the young woman is indeed hawt - like yourself, that sort of hawtness - a good cuddle is always more than welcome, and I would certainly not turn down more kissing should the occasion arise." Just by way of explaining the type of gift he might be in search of for this mysterious woman he speaks of to Leyu. Then again, he gives the girl some room as well to respond to the other question given to her about liking the place or not.

Of course, Leyu is dressed in a much more staid fashion than either Kurt or Richenda have seen previously, in her charcoal grey skirtsuit. "I think it's just fine, Richenda. Would you please walk on the floor, dear? That's what it's there for." Oh, how boring!

"Hawt, is it?" Leyu queries of Nightcrawler, curiously. Somehow she imagines he must be teasing her, but she's not exactly sure how so, or why. "Well, a blanket or a jacket would be ideal for suggesting cuddliness, I would suppose. Perhaps the only thing better would be a grey teddybear with a pink jumper." Sounds adorable, doesn't it?

"Yes, /Mom/," Chenda ripostes, dropping easily to the floor. She looks Leyu's suit over a little more closely. "Or maybe it's Social Services Lady…"

Her attention strays to Errol Kurt. "I heard the word 'hawtness'. Is that a good thing?"

Turning with the hint of a smirk under that pencil mustache, Kurt ponders, "I suppose it is quite the good thing, if you were of the order of pink and grey." His eyes linger a moment, pondering her take on the teddy bear in a jump suit of pink and grey maybe. Though he comes back to Leyu in that moment, "Ah, teddy bears with jump suits, I'll keep that in mind if Ms. Dvorak every should ask me in the off chance." Then he pauses in his step a moment, "Wait, what about a snuggly blanket and a teddy bear … what about a snuggly blanket for two hiding the teady bear? What if I was part of the snuggly blanket, is that a little too thick? Maybe just a note suggesting to keep her warm if I'm not around or is that too thick too?"

"I do not think I am very well qualified for either of those, Richenda." Leyu answers. Honestly, she's pretty sure she is unqualified to discuss the goddness or lack thereof of hawtness. Leyu decides that perhaps silent blushing is best for all concerned. What more is there to say? Does Kurt enjoy teasing and toying with her?

Chenda eases back and gives Leyu a sidelong hug, giggling. "Kurt, enough already! You're making our doctor change colors," she teases. "I have no idea why, but let's cut it out, shall we? Besides, we might cuteness-overload the mall."

A chuckle comes from Kurt just the same, "Cuteness-overload is what Kurt the doctor has ordered for himself. More hugging you two, it'll give me something to think about." That is more a direct tease, "But should I be jealous Leyu, are you moving in on Chenda now too? What's a fuzzy blue devil to do now? Teddy bear can't compete with your cuteness … what if you were the gift to that Lady of the Pink and Grey?" His smirk ever present, he seems ready to stop teasing, for the moment "Wait, wasn't we shopping for someone else anyways?"

One thing Kurt - being the closer of the two - might notice is that when Leyu /really/ gets embarrassed and rolling on the blush train, things get … warmer. Leyu starts generating more heat. And she's not exactly Ms. Chilly Toes to start with. "I swear to you, I am not 'moving in' on Richenda. She is a /student/." It would be bad form and quite dishonorable of Leyu to start making eyes - or anything else - with Richenda. At least that's Leyu's position on the matter. "I do not believe we can make a gift of me, to anyone. Who is this 'Lady of Pink and Grey'?" So confused. So very confused.

Chenda's familiar with the warmness Leyu exudes when she gets embarrassed, but she's turning a bit red herself when the color-changing, heat-emitting doctor asks that question. She tightens her hug a bit to counter it. "We're just friends," she says quickly… possibly the worst choice of words.

Between it all, Kurt remains ever unembarrassed by everything it would seem. "Aw, we're only friends Chenda of the Pink and Grey?" His pondering feigns some hurt at best for anyone who has been around him any length of time. "No, I'm teasing, I'd never make a gift of one person to another Leyu. I'm also taking it, maybe the teddy bear isn't a good gift idea either?" This one more directed at Chenda, curious. He's not teasing for the moment, perhaps pondering he may have went too far himself, but the smile lingers around threatening to come back.

"I still think a teddybear is a wonderful gift. But as always, one must remember who the gift is intended for, and the message you want to send that person with the gift." Leyu admonishes, as she struggles to get her blush under control and quieted down, and with it the temperature she's generating. "Richenda and I are only friends." And Leyu ends that hug, too, because as reassuring as it can be, it also wasn't quite helping to end the blushing. "Now, where is this store we are here to find, Richenda?"

Chenda blushes more than ever now. "Um, I kinda like teddy bears," she manages to say, as Leyu separates herself from the hug. "Used to collect 'em."

A question she can answer that doesn't involve blushing! Chenda pounces on it like a starving man on a ham sandwich. "Oh, /that/ store? It's just up here, next to the hair salon. I think that was to attract business." And indeed it is… a store for handbags and accessories.

Taking imaginery paper out of thing air, Kurt lets the smile back, "I'll make a note of that for later." He pretends to write on it, "Richenda and Leyu, only friends, but huggers. Teddy bears are good," all pretend muttered under his breath. Then he files it away in some imaginary file that could be the passing wind. "OH yeah, this store, been here, Chenda caught me in here once I think." As if Leyu might become suspicious, "I was shopping … with a friend, not for myself." Though he's as happy as ever. "Do researches get out much though?" He says curiously, wondering what sort of accessories they're after and yep, he's willing to go right in and browse with the best of them.

Leyu loves teddybears. And she loves topics that are less embarrassing for her. "Well, researchers get out as much as they allow themselves to get out. At home, I did not get out very often. I would often go spend the evening visiting Ayane, or she would come spend the evening visiting me. But we rarely went out in public, except perhaps to karaoke outings." Whatever that has to do with going out shopping for accessories, Leyu chooses not to ask. Instead, she follows to the store and heads inside. What to see, what to see?

"Research…" Chenda chuckles in amusement. "I never did find out what that was about. Maybe that's best." She glances over at Leyu when the Japanese woman speaks of her own outings. "Akane… you mentioned her name before, but you never described her. What was she like? She sounds interesting."

Letting Leyu step ahead and into the store, Kurt leans in towards Chenda, the feintest of touches exchanged, perhaps an unseen tail hinting at an unseen tail hug even. "I think it was Ayane," he stabs at as close as he can get to that name, as if having heard it before himself. Smiling warmly a moment, Kurt moves in to peruse with the girls. "Ah, Karaoke was it, when you two had time to grace the public with your apperance." He moves a few things on racks, as if he's actually looking. Then, "Yes, what was she like, she sounds very interesting. How did you two know each other?" He draws out two and know, perking a brow on that Errol Flynn face of his.

Leyu sighs. "Ayane was my closest friend in school. We did everything together." She walks through th store, looking at this and that, although to be honest she's really walking through the halls of her memories more than anything else. "She's the girl in the photo on my wall, Richenda." That should tell the girl more about what she was like, right? "We worked together in the same lab. She was very special and precious to me. I miss her a great deal." She doesn't just come right out and say 'Ayane was my lesbian girlfriend, she dumped me when I came out to my parents, and that's why I ran away to America', but Kurt got enough information to put the rest of that together from the other day. Whether Richenda can figure that all out is another question, but far from impossible.

Chenda smiles to Kurt as that unseen tail slips around her, patting its tip, but stays close to Leyu, more so the woman doesn't walk into anything than for any other reason. If nothing else, she caught the moment that Leyu's gaze extended far past the walls of the shop. "I don't think I had a friend like that, growing up," she says after a long moment. Right closeness, wrong ages and relationship. "I'm sorry to mention it… to make you sad."

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