2012 05 28 Trading Shorts

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Trading Shorts

Leyu Yashida, Richenda Gray, Sybil Dvorak

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05/28/12 16:00

Med Bay, Xavier Sublevels

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Leyu is getting organized. Richenda shows up with injuries in need of treatment. Sybil shows up and helps out. Sort of.


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The doctoring part of Med-bay is quiet today, but behind the transparent partition wall, a lot of noise and a little bit of dust is being kicked up. Leyu Yashida, recently added to the staff here, working with Doctor's McCoy and Nemesis while Professor Xavier is off-planet, has moved in and started re-organizing all of the workspace back there, getting the records ready for an entirely new effort at cataloging and analysis. She's not dressed like a doctor right now, but instead just like a young woman with a lot of lightly physical labor to get through, hefting boxes and shifting files in file cabinets and the like. Her bangs are plastered a bit to her forehead with perspiration.

It's a long time before something breaks the pattern of equipment and record shifting, but a shadow does darken the doorway eventually. A small, slender shadow whose posture suggests obvious pain. "Um, sorry to interrupt…" comes a softened Southwestern accent as Chenda steps stiffly inside, devoid of her usual energy and grace. The causes are all over her elbows, forearms, and high on one knee, where a kneepad has slipped. Perhaps another cause could be deduced from the fact that she's wearing kneepads at all, along with a helmet and no shoes.

When a voice sounds in the lab, the slightly dust-bedecked young Japanese woman looks up, eyes questing to find the source of that voice, out beyond that transparent wall. Then she comes out, stepping around the barriers she has built up in boxes and detrius. "You look a bit the worse for wear. I know I'm not your usual doctor. But perhaps I can be of assistance, since the usual doctors are off-duty?" Leyu offers, as she steps up to slide her shoulder up under Richenda's and help guide her to one of the medbay table-beds. "Want to tell me what happened?"

"Please? I /really/ don't want to try and get into town like this…" Chenda replies, careful not to brush her bleeding elbows against Leyu as she's helped to the table-bed. "Roller-skating… would it help if I said that patch of gravel seemed unusually alert?" she adds, smiling a little weakly. It's an awkward hop from the floor to a sitting position on the table, though at least she manages not to drag her knee against Leyu. It's not very visible, but the edges of the rip in her jeans look a bit redder than jeans usually do. "Thanks…"

"Well, we're going to need to get these things out of the way so that I can properly clean the wounds and then apply disinfectant and seal them. Perhaps you should avoid particular alert gravel patches in the future?" Leyu offers, with gentle humor. It could be entirely true: there could be an earth-powered young mutant playing a game on Richenda, either playfully or meanly, for all she would know. She /is/ new here, after all. "Lay back." the young Japanese woman encourages, as she commands the bed to raise up to around forty-five degrees behind Richenda, creating a reclining platform for her to relax. Then Leyu starts helping to remove pads and such, in preparation for probably shirts and jeans. She did explain what she needs to do, after all.

"I'll put it on my… to-do list…" Chenda promises, unable to help a quickly-muffled gasp as Leyu pulls that pad free from her injured leg. The motion dragged loose denim across the injury. She does lean down to help as much as she can. Which is not laying back, but she can't help much if she's imitating an invalid. "Okay then… cleaning, disinfecting, sealing. Is it too much to hope that this won't hurt?" she asks, feebly, reaching down to unbutton her jeans. She must know what's coming.

Woosh! The door opens. A head peeks inside. "Hmmm." Says Sybil Dvorak. She considers the room for a moment. "This room looks disturbingly like a bad horror movie waiting to happen." Her voice holds the exotic tinge of someone from Eastern Europe. Which matches her features rather well. The woman is dressed in a pair of running shorts and a black tank top artfully placed over a deep purple tank top. Her sneakers are purple. Her hair has been done up into a pony tail.

"I said, lay back, 'Chenda. You laying back and being still is the easiest way for this to hurt as little as possible." 'Doctor' Leyu admonishes, gently but firmly. She gives a rueful smile and looks up at the young student, unable to lie. "Probably so, I'm afraid." But then Sybil appears. Leyu glances around and over her shoulder. "Good afternoon, Sybil. Might I borrow you for a few moments? Your abilities would be very helpful right this moment in assisting me to help my patient with a minimum of discomfort for her." Leyu calls out, trying to entice the exotic Eastern European vixen in closer. "Could you encourage her clothing to get out of the way of these injuries, without running over them and causing her more pain? I would appreciate it."

"But how do I..?" Sighing and cutting herself off, Chenda does lay back. "Okay, I'll do my part, now that I know what it is."

And then someone new comes in. Chenda blinks and looks over the brunette in mild surprise. "You might be more right than you know," she says impishly, just to tease the kindly Leyu. "I heard the name 'Sybil'… I'm Chenda. I'd offer to shake hands, but, well…" She gestures to the bed.

"Mmm. If you insist." Sybil enters the room fully and walks across. "Hello, Chenda. A pleaure. I adore your skin tone." She turns her attention to Richenda's clothing. The cloth around the wound doesn't so much move as it unravels, quickly turning into hundreds of threads that draw apart and away from the wound. "If I had this wound I would simply weave the skin back together. With others it is… not comfortable."

"Thank you, Sybil." Leyu offers, with a warm smile for the lovely and exotic woman. Then she sets to with alcohol swabs, cleaning the wounds carefully, getting all the dirt and debris out, so that she can then work on closing them up. "I think Richenda might prefer to avoid /that/. Thank you for your help." Then the young doctor looks up to her patient. "I'm sorry. I know this stings. But it's necessary."

"Thank you! I'm glad to see somebody else liked the layered tops idea, too," Chenda replies. Then she has to lift her head in surprise, watching her jeans unravel themselves around the injury. "Whoa… that's kinda scary. But very useful." She gives Leyu a sheepish smile. "Um, can I stop laying back long enough to fasten my pants? Since they're not coming off and all?" A white signature waistband and pink fabric show through the unfastened buttons. A second later, she has to bite her lip. But at least she doesn't hiss or yelp!

"No need." Sybil waves her hand, wiggling her fingers. The unweaving continues until the jeans are nothing but a mass of denim threads. She draws them away from Chenda's body over to another table, where they reassemble themselves into jeans - perfectly hole, without any damage. Though distorted blood stains are still present.

And then poor Richenda is sitting on the table without her pants. Oops. But what cute little pink and white panties, right? Leyu lowers her eyes so as not to be seen laughing, even on the inside, at her poor patient's sure distress. "Shhhh. This shouldn't take too much longer, Richenda." she murmurs, as she continues tenderly ministering to the youg woman's injuries. She does glance over her shoulder to smile at Sybil. Hey, the lady helped out very nicely /and/ fixed Richenda's clothes. She deserves some thanks. Right?

Chenda's dark eyes widen as she is suddenly and near-silently un-panted, leaving her in her pink, white-striped high-cut panties in front of the whole room. "Whoa again… could you give a girl a little warning next time?" she asks Sybil with a nervous smile, her uninjured leg shifting in an unconscious squirm. Naturally, she notices Leyu's efforts to hold in laughter; good eye for people she's got! "Oh, laugh if you want, Doc. I don't bite. Much." At least she's not thinking about what the Japanese woman's doing with her injuries, right?

"Warning? What would the fun of that be." Sybil murmurs. She rests her backside against one of the stainless steel medical tables in the room. "And what is your ability, Chenda? What makes you welcome here in the home of Xavier's dream? Mine is obvious. Our gorgeous, Japanese friend is too hot to handle… and you?"

"I'm not laughing at you, Richenda. You must admit, however, the timing was impeccable." And then there's more sting, almost like she planned it that way. Evil woman doctors, they're the worst! Leyu blushes as Sybil teases. Too hot to handle? Really?! "Anyone is welcome here, Sybil. Richenda would not even need to have powers." Though of course, Leyu suspects she does. There's a file with Richenda's name on it in the labs, after all.

"Ow! Like /that/?" Chenda yelps, barely managing not to twist away from the tending. This'll just go on longer if she does!

She glances back at Sybil, perhaps a bit surprised. "My power… nothing too spectacular. I can't match Leyu for supernatural cuteness, or you for wit," she replies, her faint smile growing impish. "But I can do /this/…" And she taps a finger against Sybil's running shorts, and the garment vanishes with a *PLAP*!

Oh, look. Sybil apparently waxes. Which is to say, she's not wearing panties today. Sybil smiles, glancing down. "Hmm. How very interesting. What did you do with them?" She motions to the jeans she just unwove and then reconstructed. The threads from the legs unravel and flow over to Sybil, circling her hips and forming a pair of simple 'Daisy Dukes'.

"Sorry." Leyu offers softly to Richenda, apologizing for the stinging. Thankfully, she's almost done helping with the disinfecting and cleaning. Then just comes the sealing, and they'll be done. But then Richenda demonstrates her powers … and Leyu blushes even more brightly. Brightly enough that her touch grows … overwarm. Not quite scalding, but definitely noticeable. Oh my. Thakfully, Sybil clothes herself again soon enough, even if it is at the expense of Richenda's pants. "I am rather curious about that myself, Richenda. What exactly did you do?"

"You can give those back, Sybil. Your shorts aren't gone," Chenda says with a chuckle, though she's blushing a bit as well. There must be a /lot/ of balm handed out from here for chafing. "Watch." And moments later, when she holds up her hands, the vanished shorts reappear between them with another *PLAP*!

She can't explain, though, because /something/ feels rather hot in the vicinity of her wound. "Huh? OW! Leyu, what are you doing?!" she yelps, pulling her leg away.

Sybil claps her hands together. "Delightful. I think I will keep these, however. I like the way they show off my ass." She glances over her shoulder, as if her backside is rather easy to see. Of course, unlike in comics, real people don't quite bend that way. Real women, anyway."

Leyu blushes even more, but pulls her hands away from Richenda. "I'm sorry. Very sorry." Of course, Leyu can see Sybil's backside just fine. And yes, those jeans shorts look rather fetching. Ahem. "Sometimes I do get too hot, if I lose control." She dissipates the heat, and then starts sealing up Richenda's wounds with bandages and the like. "You two should exchange, I think. I can give you some privacy?"

Chenda winces, glancing down at her leg. "Oh… it's okay. I used to do that," she murmurs, not without some embarrassment of her own. She /did/ used to do that. She does smile a little at the pretty doctor's words. "I don't need it. No pants anyway, remember?"

She returns her attention to Sybil. "I hope not… I kinda liked those jeans. But I guess you don't need these if you do." She rolls up the shorts and slips them behind her back.

"We'll trade another day." Sybil offers with a wicked little smile. "Something to look forward to. I'll go and stop distracting our exotic medic." She winks and then turns, walking to the door and out again. Back into the mansion.

Leyu murmurs a soft goodby, waving to Sybil as the lovely, exotic and befuddling woman departs, taking with her Richenda's reformed jeans cum shorts and a good bit of Leyu's distracted flusterment. "Really sorry, Richenda." she offers, and finishes sealing up the last of the wounds. She even brushes her lips over the knee. "It always made me feel better when someone would kiss my boo-boo. Even if as a doctor I know it doesn't really help."

"Bye, Sybil!" Beat. "Hey Sybil, wait! You're leaving me without any…" But she's already gone. Fudgesicles. Chenda shakes her head. "Panties, meet Leyu. You'll be seeing more of each other today, it seems."

She looks over to the Japanese doctor, now newly focused on healing and working more carefully. "It's okay, Leyu," she replies softly, holding her elbow still for the sealing. "I mean it, too. We all screw up… especially around people we find interesting." Two plus two.

Leyu's blush had been subsiding. But being introduced, even jokingly, to Richenda's underwear seems to get her blushing again. But she is careful not to scald her patient this time. "People we find interesting. Or people who enjoy teasing and torturing us and getting our emotions into a tangled mess." Leyu comments, with a sigh. "Sybil rather enjoys that sort of thing." Like deciding to wander around without underwear, just on the chance she might be able to flash Leyu. Yes, the Japanese doctor is convinced Sybil /planned/ for this. Cursed woman!

Chenda gives Leyu a long, measuring look. Then, slowly standing now that she's not needing to lie down and be still, she gives the Japanese doctor a gentle hug. "Sure seems like it," she replies softly. "I think she's trying to do the same thing to me."

"Why don't I get you a pair of pants." Leyu offers. This seems to be a habit, a phrase she has to keep saying to poor Richenda. The doctor heads back into the back room, gathering up a pair of scrubs pants and bringing them back for the pantsless girl. "These have drawstrings, both at waist and ankles." Yes, it does seem Sybil enjoys teasing others, perhaps both of these young women.

The irony that Leyu had had to do the same thing the day before is not lost on Chenda. At least it's not her fault this time! Chenda releases her hug so Leyu can step out and find her something to wear, and accepts the scrub pants with uncertain hands. "Thanks… again. I hope this doesn't become a habit," the gypsy girl replies ruefully, taking the scrubs and stepping into them, still a bit stiff from her injuries and first aid. White with cutesy, bright-colored triangle print. Obviously, popular designers don't make these things. "Will you be okay?"

"I hope so too." Leyu offers, smiling gnetly. "I'll be fine. Sybil flusters me. She enjoys doing it." That much is apparent, isn't it? Leyu checks Richenda over one more time. "Sorry about your injuries. Be careful, and everything should be fine in a day or so. Nothing was very drastic."

"It just /felt/ drastic," Chenda agrees with a wry smile. "I'll try and not pull anything open." She stretches up and gives Leyu another quick hug. "I don't know if this'll help, but it always helped me. I guess it's like boo-boo kissing for the heart."

Leyu lets out a little bit of real laughter, amused and pleased by Richenda's gentle warmth. "Thank you. And you're right. It is like boo-boo kissing for the heart." Awwww. Isn't it sweet?

"Found a good point: You're sweet," Chenda comments playfully, giving Leyu an extra little squeeze before letting the hug go. "I think I see why Sybil likes flustering you so much. Aside from the cuteness, I mean."

"Oh? And why is that, Richenda?" Leyu queries, stepping back and walking back to the work trays she just used to patch up Richenda, putting pieces in the sterilizer, and re-equipping the trays for another use before packing them away. The best way to be ready for another emergency is never to assume you'll have another chance to get ready.

"Have you ever noticed that the first person to get teased is always the sweetest person around? It's because they're so sincere," Chenda replies, stepping back out of the way. "It's also why I won't do it. Five seconds in, I start feeling guilty about it."

"Honesty? No. I never noticed that." Chances are, Leyu was often the first one getting teased, so of course she never noticed it herself. "That would almost seem awful, turning a person's sincerity into a reason to tease them." So maybe they deserve the guilt? If they have it?

"I thought you probably hadn't," Chenda replies, having reached the same conclusion, her smile more rueful than wry. "And it /is/ awful. S'why I stopped doing it. Mostly." She sits down and ties the drawstrings at her ankles. "I'd better get back upstairs. If I take too much longer, they'll send somebody after me." Being a student really, really sucks sometimes.

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