2012 05 28 After The Fire

Log Title:
After the fire

The Vision, Rex Gregson

IC Date:

The Waldorf Hotel, NYC

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The Vision visits Rex at her hotel as a follow up to the fire from a day earlier


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Rex Gregson is in her room at the Waldorf hotel. After the incident at the other night, she had sat down, cried, and gotten a check up by police before she went home. Now she had showered and changed, sitting down at the table staring out at the evening skyline of the city, tapping her fingers on thet able. Tap… tap tap… a small tune emerging.

That tapping is joined by a gentle rapping at the door leading into the hotel room. It's a slight, rhymic knock that is done in such a way that one could mishear it as morse code. The tapping at the door does not stop, so perhaps the person on the other side of the door will continue until the door is answered.

Rex Gregson tenses, glancing up and over at the door curiously, staring at it. She stands, making her way over - the hotel had security. It couldnt be anyone TOO bad, could it? She peeks through the peephole "… Who is it? " she asks, hand on the door handle as she tied the long robe shut.

What's seen on the otherside of the peep hole is the ghostly, inhuman face of The Vision. Certainly something someone wouldn't expect to see. A verbal response is given to the inquirey, "I am The Vision of the Avengers. I am here for a brief social visit. Are you available?"

A startled squeak and she pulls away. But after a moment of rustling the door is unlocked and opened. She smiled timidly at him "Hello. Sorry you uh, are a little startling." then a guttural laugh "Here I am startled by people who look strange, and I dress up in ghoulish ways on stage all the time. Go figure. Come in then sir… I guess just Vision?"

The Synthetic Avenger nods, "Vision is an appropriate designation for me." A small upward curl of his lips are made as he tries to provide a reassuring smile. Vision states, "I will not be long, I understand everyone's time is valuable."

Rex Gregson steps out of the way to let him in "Come on in then. You can call me just Rex if you want, or Tyrannosaur if you want to be more formal." she started to relax further, closing and locking the door. "What did you want to talk about? Coffee? Biscuits? " she asks, offering in a hostly way as she moved into the sitting area of the fancy rooms.

The Avenger raises a hand to decline the offer for food or beverages. He shakes his head, "Well, Rex,-" he decides less formal it seems, "-I hope you do not mind that I tracked you down. I noted your presence outside of that burning building, the one I responded to, and you assisted in the rescue of some people."

Rex Gregson smiles at that, nodding as she then guestures to chairs, taking a seat in one "Yes, that was me… I noticed nobody else was helping and well… I admit I'm not entirely a coward, but I'm no braveheart either, but I had to do SOMETHING and well…" she shrugs "I just did it. Or at least tried to. Did everyone make it out okay?"

The Vision first answers her question, "Ah, yes. Everyone seemed to get out with nothing worse than smoke inhalation and minor burns. Thankfully." The Vision stands like a statue only a few feet inside Rex's hotel room. He keeps his arms at his sides as he stands there, giving more of a statuesque appearance. He continues, "Well thank you for doing something. You were not entitled to and you were not expected to. An extraordinary situation came about and no one would have blamed you for staying behind the police lines."

Rex Gregson pauses as he continues to stand, but doesnt comment upon it. She smiled at the compliments, nodding at it "Thank you. I do like to think of myself as a good person. If I thought they had it under control I would have not interfered. Let the experts do the job. THey know it best after all." she chuckles with a smile "Was it uh, caused by any criminals or was it just a fire that occured?"

The Vision nods in agreement, "There are times when someone is a bit to…" he pauses to think of an appropriate word, "… gung-ho? Yes, gung-ho would be adaquate. You were not. When the 'helping' is hindering, than it is a problem. The police and fire department had their hands full, as did I. So I appreciate the assistance." Another pause before a question is posed, "You remain unharmed from your experience, I hope?"

"You are welcome." she glances down, then back up "A few bumps and bruises. I think I inhaled a bit of smoke, but the firemen checked me out after they finally had it under control and I did my police report. I also lost a few sovenirs that fell out of my bag from the museum, but they were cheap trinkets and i can replace them easily. I think it was a pretty good sacrifice for helping people out in a way I dont usually do it."

The Synthetic Avenger nods at what she says, "That is to be expected. You got remarkably close to the fires, but I am sure the individuals that you assisted are also appreciative. I will be visiting them as well, simply to see how they are faring."

Rex Gregson smiles "I'm sure they'll appreciate that. I ahh, am not sure yet if I will visit. But do wish them good recovery from me in case I dont." she explains with a warm smile, now fully at ease with Vision. "If I may ask, do the Avengers regularily do debriefings of people who help them?"

The Vision nods at the request, "I will, of course, give them your regards when I track down their individual locations." The Vision reaches for the ends of his cape and wraps the garment around him as if he were preparing to depart. He is given pause by her question. He shakes his head, "Regularly? No, I do not believe so. However I felt it appropriate to pay a quick visit to give my own regards and thanks."

Rex Gregson stands as she sees this, intending to show him to the door. At least, that's how she expects him to depart. She then smiled warmly "I appreciated it greatly. Its been an eciting first few days back in New York, and I think this has helped a lot."

The Vision does make his way for the door he came in through. He offers a very slight smile to Rex before saying, "Do not take this the wrong way, Rex. However, I hope for everyones' sake that the excitement winds down. I believe this city deserves to be bored and mundane for a little while."

Rex Gregson grins a little bit "Or at least, the excitement goes towards a different style of adrenaline. Like music." she unlocks the door "Honestly in two days I think I've had enough of the other kind of excitement to do me a month! And uhm, you are welcome to stop by and visit again if you want. Any one is." she adds.

"I will make note of that." Vision says to her invitation. He adds, "I do get busy, considering my occupation, but I would like to say hello to you again at some point." He raises a hand and his cape flutters down to his side and back. He offers a very stiff wave, "Good day, Rex. I apologize for any interruption that I may have caused to your day."

"It sounds good." She lifted her hand back to wave once more "No interruptions. IT was a nice break from boredom. TAke care!" she notes, waiting for him to fully depart before closing the door behind him

Rex Gregson closes and lcoks the door behind him, then sighs "… Damn. Should have asked him about Captain America." she mutters as she turns to go make coffee.

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